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  1. Jerry.C

    GRAVE Megawad

    That statement makes absolutely no sense. It's not the format but the bit rate that matters. I haven't checked the mod yet but if the MP3s are 128 kbit/s you won't gain much by using Ogg without sacrificing quality. Also, what is it with Doomworld and this phobia of megabyte sized files? Are you all on such pathetic internet connections? We live in 2018, not in 2000, so this should be no problem.
  2. Jerry.C

    Doom lost popularity?

    True. While I occasionally like to play those maps, the main attraction for me has always been the custom content. If it wasn't for that I'd never have come back to the game after it got replaced by more modern ones. Say what you want but the IWAD maps - especially Doom 2 - aren't really that great and were surpassed in quality by user maps even in the earliest years.
  3. Jerry.C

    Doom lost popularity?

    Where's the irony here? It's a proven fact that BD is extremely badly coded and full of bugs due to that. Just have a look at the mess of code it contains! But that doesn't change the fact that overall it is a very creative product with a large impact.
  4. Jerry.C

    Best Memories of Classic Doom

    My favorite memories of Doom Year one: - beating E2M8 for the first time - finding the secret level in E2M5 - playing the first user-made level and realizing that there's a lot more to see than just the IWAD levels.
  5. Jerry.C

    Doom lost popularity?

    @CrazyDoomguy I have no clue where you get the idea that Doom's popularity is falling. For once, the mere fact that they made Doom 2016 tells us that the brand name still means a lot. And despite all the negativity toward it, a mod like Brutal Doom will certainly ensure that new players will come in - but in all honesty - if they were to post on an internet forum I'd rather expect them to join one that's a bit less conservative than Doomworld. All that said, I agree with anyone saying that classic Doom is a niche, but it's hard to put an approximation of the amount of users on it because we have no numbers on most download offers. My guess is in the low 100.000's. I'm not really that surprised. If the Doomworld wrapper around the archive is counting the downloads it is only counting those actually using that wrapper, but not those who use an ftp client, the old Doomworld interface or some direct link to one of the mirrors, e.g. for regularly downloading /newstuff.
  6. Jerry.C

    [GZDoom] Can't get sector portals to work

    Check the console for a very informative error message. To summarize: If you want a portal to be passable, both sides need to be in different unconnected sections of the map. Your two sectors are direct neighbours.
  7. Jerry.C

    Something doesn't seem right...

    Actually, no, I don't remember them. That must have been before they sold out to Google.
  8. Jerry.C

    Something doesn't seem right...

    This is the problem with search engines: They think they are smarter than their user and produce dumb results.
  9. Jerry.C

    Doom 64 lighting and gzdoom?

    It looks like you have old graphics hardware. Like glowing flats, the gradient effect only works on hardware that supports OpenGL 3.x and can use shaders.
  10. Jerry.C

    Gzdoom black textures

    I'd like to help you, but without the map it's hard to check.
  11. Jerry.C

    PNAMES/TEXTURE1/2 sucks.

    I'd say that this wasn't addressed by most ports because it's a very complex thing to get right. Just have some fun and check out the change history of this code in ZDoom since its inception long ago in version 2.0.48. It required an endless amount of fixes, workarounds and reorganizations to get right. Don't forget that you got two or three lumps here that need to be matched properly so that the engine doesn't throw up. How much easier is it to just leave everything the way it is and not think about it from a port author's perspective? ;)
  12. That's even different. Binding a paying customer to your product does not hurt anyone. But this is different. It does not try to bind the customers but the third party suppliers. This can work in an environment where one has a strong position. The main problem, of course, is, that Apple's position isn't that strong, especially on Macs. They are a minority platform that heavily skews to businesses. And ironically that's where OpenGL is needed most, with lots of custom software that cannot be easily rewritten. So I truly wonder what they expect here? Everybody rewriting their software for Metal and forfeiting any cross-platform options? If that is the case they must be truly nuts.
  13. Jerry.C

    PNAMES/TEXTURE1/2 sucks.

    Wouldn't it make more sense then to implement something saner, like maybe a subset of ZDoom's TEXTURES? I'd guess that many engines would have problems tearing down and recreating the entire texture data for each level. If I remember correctly texture setup is by far the biggest chunk of engine startup time.
  14. Jerry.C

    Eureka 1.21 Released

    ZDoom does not support type 9 for secrets in Hexen/UDMF format, regardless of what the Hexen source or Doomwiki say. Nothing to be seen here: https://zdoom.org/wiki/Sector_specials and neither in the source code.
  15. Jerry.C

    Edit EndGameC?

    There's no need to rewrite all of it. On zdoom.org's download page you will still find that old converter Graf wrote when the new format was introduced. Here's a direct link: https://zdoom.org/files/utils/mapinfoconv.zip