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  1. Someone dares to say it. You're my hero! Probably the most boring thing I ever tried to watch (emphasis on 'tried'.) Another one I have to mention is "The Big Lebowski". When it was out the reviewers were virtually drooling all over it but it was so weird that I never could connect to anything that happened. Blade Runner? Actually that one's also high on my list of overrated films. Regarding Star Wars, I cannot say I'm a big fan of the franchise, but I can respect the original trilogy for its groundbreaking influcence on film making. Surely, looking at those films from a distance shows rather thin and predictable plots, just like most other blockbusters. The prequels were quite bad, though, and my interest for the new films is not really there anymore. By now it just has degenerated into another Disney money-making machine without any soul left, just like Marvel.
  2. Jerry.C

    Zandronum Opengl Problems

    What graphics card?
  3. Jerry.C

    Zandronum Opengl Problems

    You still should post your specs and a startup log. It may be that there's a problem with the driver and its support for older OpenGL. But for that we need to know what you have first.
  4. Jerry.C

    GZDoom auto updater?

    You mean every month? The zdoom.org news page lists four releases this year: 3.2.5, 3.3.0, 3.3.1 and 3.3.2.
  5. Jerry.C

    Realm667 Virus???

    Does it link to another domain, maybe? Whitelisting has always helped me in these situations.
  6. Jerry.C

    Realm667 Virus???

    Sometimes antivirus software is doing such stuff, even blocking legitimate download sites. Normally the only remedy is to whitelist those sites in your AV software.
  7. Jerry.C

    Gzdoom OpenGl lag , need help

    Since you list both your main and integrated graphics hardware, have you made sure that it actually uses the main one? Aside from that, both your GPUs should support OpenGL 4.6 (NVidia) or 4.5 (Intel), so are you really using the latest driver? I'd recomment to first check the console for which GPU it reports in use and what OpenGL version is actually being used.
  8. Jerry.C

    Low FPS in GZDoom

    The energy settings are definitely the first place to look. Every time I suffered from bad performance it was a throttled down system thanks to Windows not realizing what I did. It's really shocking how badly this stuff is implemented. Any sane convention should tell that if the display goes fullscreen with some hardware acceleration being active it's a clear sign of "I want full power!" Apparently Windows does not agree.
  9. Jerry.C

    What MIDIs can I use?

    ... as long as its creator allows reuse, of course. Some do not.
  10. Jerry.C

    Why game makers like EA are nowadays evil?

    It's not that they are out of ideas. What's really going on is that far too many people only want more of the same, the less variation, the better. This is why everywhere where large amounts of money are at stake, they play it safe and release what's guaranteed to make money. If they take risks with new ideas they also risk to lose money, and that's a big no-no in big business.
  11. Jerry.C

    GZoom features

    This isn't just the story of Doom, it's the story of humanity. There will always be those who stick to one specific solution and declare all deviating options heresy. The main problem with polarizing subjects is really that those with the most narrow-minded look on things also tend to be the loudest to complain so what you hear will be disproportionately biased. While at the same time the quiet majority will just enjoy a good map for what it is. All that said, revisiting some of this childish squabbling from 15 or so years ago certainly gave me some chuckles, it's certainly not like that anymore. Looking back, engine options were apparently a bit more diverse but also far more immature. My memories of ZDoom 1.23 are not really that much better than for Doom Legacy, I mostly avoided it as it was a rather buggy engine that only became really popular a few years later after it matured a bit and got most bugs fixed.
  12. Jerry.C

    Zdoom Friendly mods, Something that is dead?

    Replace 'is' with 'was' and you are correct. More than a year ago all of it was merged into GZDoom. And in case you are interested in user share of old hardware, there's some interesting info to be found on the ZDoom news page. It looks like this old hardware only has some minor residual market share left and it's only a matter of time until it will become so inconsequential that support for it will be dropped. Lack of feature support aside, modern mid-range graphics cards have 100x the performance of these old integrated clunker chips and judging from what kinds of features got added to the engine over the last two years, you can expect that GZDoom will probably fully embrace these powers and shed off the low end instead. So how would you expect mappers to treat such a situation, especially those which have an interest in modern features? Why should they target an engine that ceased development more than two years ago, if all they gain is maybe 1-2% of users? It's a trade-off that doesn't work out.
  13. Jerry.C

    GZoom features

    So this isn't a recent phenomenon? Don't worry. I'd recommend to do what YOU want. Don't let others tell you what can and what cannot be done. If the map turns out good, people will play it. The handful of naysayers that will inevitably show up shouldn't dissuade you. No matter what you do - some of those will always show up so the best course of action is to just ignore them. BTW, I fondly remember your old ZDoom maps and still occasionally play through them. They were one of my first contacts with some more advanced mapping features. To be blunt, those who complained back then must have been idiots. :P
  14. Jerry.C

    Why game makers like EA are nowadays evil?

    Wait - what? There's really people out there who liked it? I once had to use a WP device as a temporary replacement and I hated every minute of the stupid user interface. The battery of my 8 year old HTC Desire lasts for 5-6 days without recharging. There's no chance I replace that phone unless it truly breaks. Are you surprised? It's bad enough that every software has to be written twice for two totally incompatible platforms, add a third one into the mix that also needs everything rewritten again and the financial resources will inevitably dry up.
  15. Jerry.C

    Why game makers like EA are nowadays evil?

    That reminds me of Microsoft and their failure in mobile. They thought they were too big to fail, and many analysts thought the same, declaring Windows Phone the victor by default before launch. And look how that ended up. In the process they irreparably harmed their main product and the only thing that saved their ass is that the Linux camp is still not capable of providing a desktop experience that is good enough for the common public and Apple doesn't want to compete. Or of Nokia as a smartphone maker. They also considered themselves invincible and totally missed the touchscreen revolution. When they were finally able to react it was too late, they rushed into a bad deal with Microsoft that made things even worse, and ultimately they ended up being sold to Microsoft (who in turn made even more losses out of the mess they got.) Bottom line: There's no such thing as "too big to fail."