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Christian Means

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  1. Christian Means

    Neighborhood Mafia [DooM Inspired]

    Hello, I'm currently developing a top shooter fighting style game with over 26 playable characters and 3 bosses. I plan to make at least 31 levels in the game, I hope you guys enjoy and any feedback would be great, thanks! :) Gameplay
  2. Christian Means

    Anyone create music?

    Also here's my project If anyone is interested in checking it out? Neighborhood Mafia
  3. Christian Means

    Anyone create music?

    Awesome, thank you so much!!!! :D
  4. Christian Means

    Anyone create music?

    Awesome, any kind of music will be good for the game! :) Do you have a link to the files of your music please?
  5. Christian Means

    Anyone create music?

    Hello, I'm new to this Forum and not sure If I'm posting this in the correct thread.. But I'm looking to see if anyone creates MIDI'S, mp3 or Wavs of custom music I may use for my game project? Credit will be used. Thanks!!