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  1. Stabbey

    Map Building Techniques

    Okay, so it's general building techniques you want. One that I recommend is after you get the basic architecture of your rooms done, test them with monsters. It doesn't do much good to make a phenomenally detailed and fantastic room with unsatisfying combat. You can get away with less detail if the combat is good, but if the combat is not good, excellent detail won't save the map. I usually build levels a room or two at a time and get the combat feeling good, then I can add a little polish and move on to the next room.
  2. Stabbey

    Map Building Techniques

    Do you mean techniques for mapping in general, or for making a megawad specifically? If you're making a megawad, I imagine that you've already made several levels, right?
  3. For the record that's not the best way to merge two sectors into one. You want to use the Merge Sectors function (Shift + J). Also whenever I do that, I also make sure to set both sectors to the same settings (textures, floor and ceiling height) so that the merged sector will have the settings I want. It sounds to me like you might want to skim over the basic tutorial section first: You don't need to actually DO the tutorials, but you might want to read the lessons.
  4. That I didn't understand until recently either. Okay, each sector is given a number. Each linedef, when you look at its properties, has something called a "Sector Index". Sector index means what sector the linedef is pointing into. Normally, two-sided linedefs have a front side and a back side. Front, in this case, is the direction the little notch is pointing. So if you have a sector X with all its linedefs pointing outward into sector Y, the Front Sidedef's Sector Index would be Y, and the Back Sidedef's Sector Index would be X because the back side is "pointing into" sector X. Check the linedefs of your bad sector and see if the editor thinks they are single-sided or not, and then check to see that the sector indexes match what they should be. Err, pardon? Are you drawing single lines and then hitting enter? That's not a proper way to create a sector. A sector needs to be a closed box of at least three lines. Anything else will not be a legal sector. That could be a problem. Always close your sectors, and never overlap lines without connecting them with vertices.
  5. Yes, that did it! Instead of the two commas in a row, though, the empty line has to be "", but other than that, it works perfectly. Thanks a bunch.
  6. SOLVED That was the first thing I tried after the text went off the screen, and I knew it wouldn't work because the next line goes to gray instead of the proper red." I tried it again and it says, as expected that there's an unterminated string constant. Searching took me to a thread which says that \n is supposed to create a new line. It doesn't for me (and to be sure I tried with both directions of slashes)? For that matter I don't know the format to get quote marks to appear in a text screen. \" didn't work. EDIT: Just using two single quotes in a row works fine.
  7. SOLVED Why does this text in MAPINFO go off the screen instead of word-wrapping? How can I get it to word-wrap properly?
  8. Stabbey

    Making the mastermind a better monster

    I played Confinement 256, and I think Map 12 or something had a neat gimmick. Map11 ended with a "reduce player to under 10% HP and exit" trap, and Map 12 placed you into a small crate fort with some rockets and a launcher, and you had to kill the spider without taking any damage, because you start out on death's door. It was a pretty neat idea.
  9. I had it mostly right, then, although I didn't know it affected changing-floor actions. Luckily this isn't a case of that, I'm only using actions 18 and 23. Oh, brilliant, that worked wonderfully, I hadn't thought of that. Thanks, very helpful.
  10. Stabbey

    12 Levels only?

    Or, as I discovered after my first attempt with a MAPINFO, leaving out the "next = z" line entirely also ends the game and kicks you to the cast list.
  11. Yeah, the complete lack of capitalization and punctuation screams "troll" to me, although why someone would troll here instead of a community for a more recent game with a larger membership is strange.
  12. 1. I'm trying to make a series of nested octogons. Using the ellipse tool, I got the first one to be within 1 mu symetrically on all sides. In GZ Doombuilder, is there some way to resize a sector proportionally? I can't seem to find it, all I can do is resize one axis at a time and that's just not working right. 2. Also in GZ Doombuilder, when I add a sector with a different floor/ceiling height to an adjoining area, is there some setting so I can tell it to just keep the wall texture which was on the old one-sided wall for the upper/lower textures so I only have to adjust it, instead of reapplying it AND adjusting it? It makes adding little switch nooks a hassle. I found an option somewhere "don't clear sidedefs", but experimentally trying that out didn't work. 3. The player has just killed a "Hanging Keen" which had a "0" on the floor in front of it. What do you think the message in this screenshot is trying to tell the player? (Also, note that most of the letters and numbers, do not produce lighted sectors on the ceiling.) 4. ANSWERED - The old vanilla limit of "30 moving sectors" only counts for perpetual movers - crushers and lifts, right? I want to make a 48 sector staircase which rises, without using self-raising stairs because I need the entire room tagged with the same tag so I can lower it all at once. EDIT: Gez has answered. I'm using line types 23 and 18, so I'm good. 5. Design-wise, what are people's thoughts on maps which use sectors tagged with "Reduce player to 1% health and exit map" as an exit? Does your opinion change if there's also a second, regular exit available, but more difficult to open?
  13. ...Argh, that might have been what I messed up this time. I did have one of those on my first attempt at the railing, but I reverted to an older version because I made a mistake ( I failed to renumber the sector reference of the back sidedef of the inner sector). I didn't know what I did wrong at the time, so I just reverted to an older version. On the recent attempt, I first used -nomonsters to see that it was looking right, and didn't discover the glitch with the monsters until the entire thing was built. Oh, I guess I'm mixing up terminology, then. Yeah, any other eyes on the level would be a good help, because I'm not that experienced with editing. I started the level using Doom Builder, then switched to GZ Doom Builder, and I ran it through ZokumBSP. That fixed a reject error with a cyberdemon, but I think that came back again after I changed some architecture. There are no scripts on the level. It's very simple in comparison to probably most of the levels built by people here. Here's the map. https://drive.google.com/open?id=11uMufWop5pNq5d3AFr0TV89Qt0hvQhza It's MAP11 for Doom 2. It's playable from a pistol start on UV. The map is essentially complete, other planned changes would be to add other buildings out in the yard largely for decoration, and maybe put in a Line Horizon effect along the outer edge. I'm open to any feedback on the map, but anything other than actual problems seems outside of the scope of this thread.
  14. While I'm preparing to rebuild my invisible railing, there's another problem which has been bothering me for a while. In-game, I can see the entire inner area on the automap (the inner area is the green part) from the outer ring, the grey part, even though vision should be blocked by a floor raised completely to the ceiling (the red ring). And yes, the sliver of green ring between the outer grey ring and the red ring is its own sector. Even setting "show as one sided on map" flags didn't stop the game from revealing the inner arena. Running the map through ZokumBSP didn't fix it. It's starting to look like I'll need to take drastic measures. Is there some kind of specialized reject editor I could use to manually prevent the outer ring and inner arena sectors from being visible to each other for both players and monsters?
  15. So self-referencing sectors are glitchy in modern ports, that's the reason? I checked all the lines and verified that they were all tagged properly, and I used ZokumBSP which fixed a reject error, and seemed to reduce - but not entirely fix - the floating sectors. Time for me to go back to and old version and learn how to use the fake floor/ceiling thing to make an invisible railing for my set of 64 self-raising stairs. (The railing doesn't need to be self-raising.) It'll be a pain to make all those sectors again, but I guess I don't really have any better options. Thanks for the help.