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  1. Stabbey

    Adding unique tags to multiple sectors at once.

    Oh that is so helpful to know, it would have saved me some time on some other things to know about it earlier.
  2. Stabbey

    Pointers for a new mapper

    I could link John Romero's Design guidelines, but judging from the screenshots, I think you get those. So the biggest things I can point out are that the lighting is pretty high in almost all of them, when it should be mixed up more, and that some of them are a little bland and could use more decorative tweaks to architecture (the first screenshot in particular stands out for how uniformly brown it is). The real test of maps, though, is how they play, and for that you'll need people to test them.
  3. If there's only void behind the wall, and you aren't doing any fancy decorative things with other indents you could put an thin small sector indented on a wall and insert your texture there. EDIT: Kappes Burr gave a demonstration of what I'm talking about. The only possible caveat with his example is that he put the "inserted" texture on the mid-texture. That'll work fine - unless you need to adjust the texture offset of your "inserted" texture, because changing the offset will change it for all parts of the same line. In that case, you leave the mid-texture as "-" and put your texture on the back wall of the indent and you can adjust it freely.
  4. Stabbey

    Room over Room Seamless

    The original Serious Sam engine could do that, the Prey engine (not the Talos station one) could do that. I don't know of other engines which could do that. The fact that very few engines seem to make much use of variable gravity strikes me as a big warning sign of the complexity involved. I'm sure that technically it might be possible to do, but it would likely require rebuilding so much of the engine that it would effectively be a new engine, so you'd have to ask yourself if it's really, really, really, really worth it? In my opinion, the answer is "probably not." Not all ideas are worth the cost it takes to pursue them.
  5. Stabbey

    ACS Teleport isn't working

    What if the teleport command is itself inside a script which checks a global variable that only gets set after the thing you want is done? The script will run every time you cross the line, but with an if statement checking if the flag is active, it will only go into the relevant code at the appropriate time?
  6. Stabbey

    How To Team

    You asked a similar question a month ago, and at the time I did caution against having an extremely ambitious project as your very first foray into Doom modding for this reason. It's a lot of work and it will take a lot of time. If you want to recruit people, then perhaps make a post in the "WAD Releases and Development" forum to announce the project and to show off some of what you've done on it so far.
  7. Stabbey

    ACS Teleport isn't working

    I did something similar to that on my "More Tricks and Traps than you Require" map. On that one, I had a section which were the lines were not visible on the map, and after the player did something, it slightly shifted some things so that the way they came had raised up and another section had lowered, so they crossed over a different teleporter line and ended up in a similar-looking place. None of the playtesters noticed that the path they came in on was slightly different. HOWEVER, there were no enemies along that path so no bodies or blood/bullet decals to give it away. Perhaps a similar trick could work here, where something shifts just slightly and the path you leave is not quite the same as how you entered.
  8. Stabbey

    how do i build a stair

    Here's part of the tutorials on this forum which deal with self-raising stairs: In addition, this: Key things to remember: 1) Only the starting sector of the stairs should be tagged. The tag indicates the start of a sequence. This could be useful to raise multiple sets of stairs at once. 2) The stairs only work properly with the lines facing the right direction. Sectors you want to be part of the stairs need to have a line pointing into the previous step. The opposite for sectors you don't want to move. 3) Stairs will stop raising after they reach a sector with all the lines facing outwards (that final sector will raise). They'll also ignore any sector which has a different floor texture than the rest of the stairs. In addition, any sector which is already part of the stair raising action will be ignored, as well as any sector which for whatever other reason is locked out of floor height changes.
  9. Stabbey

    need some help

    You copied this directly, and it's complaining about not finding OSKY04? "map MAP01 "MOUNTAIN PASS" { sky1 = "OSKY04", 0.0 NEXT = "MAP02" // ... }" Kappes Burr said that the sky was an example of something to add into map info. If you don't want a custom skybox, then don't include the line referencing the custom sky. This is why it's important to not just copy things, but understand what they are. If I recall correctly, your MAPINFO will have to include the NEXT line, though, to tell the game what map to go to next. Also "military" is spelled "military," not "milatairy." NO. If you want to do something, like Doom editing, you have to put in time and effort to learn it, the same as me and everyone else here. If there's something you don't understand, people can help you to understand, and if there is something truly complicated then someone might provide an answer. However, we have lives of our own to lead, our own things to do, and we aren't going to spoon-feed you answers if you're not willing to meet effort with effort. What you're asking for is pretty simple. I'm sure you're quite capable of learning how to do it with a little more focus and effort. Whenever I see anyone who is new to editing I always I recommend to them that they read or at least skim through the basic tutorials:
  10. Stabbey

    How Can I Do This?

    Player-controlled cameras might be a little trickier, but a fixed camera is certainly doable.
  11. Stabbey

    Noob mapper needs help with teleporting monster

    Welcome. Since you're new to mapping, it's a good idea to read or at least skim through the tutorials to get a solid foundational grasp on the basics:
  12. Stabbey


    What do you mean by "paste the texture?" You don't paste a sky texture onto the ceiling, you use the flat F_SKY1, which is a special flat which calls a function to draw the sky. You simply just change what texture that function uses for the sky. Sky textures are just wall textures, and you make them into sky by having a UMAPINFO file and defining skytexture = "texturename". You will of course have to add the sky texture to your WAD, but that's usually no harder than adding any additional texture to the map. See here and the video below.
  13. Stabbey


    The blockmap has nothing to do with that at all. The blockmap is for collision detection.
  14. Stabbey

    Your Level Start Designs

    I dislike hot starts and prefer to give the player a few moments to get their bearings. I like the first thing the player sees to be significant. More Tricks and Traps than You Desire: A lit up "Exit" pattern on the floor, pointing in two directions, one high and one low to two places barricaded with bars for all three keys. Nukage Treatment Pools: It shows the exit building across a moat of nukage, a broken bridge to the left, crates floating below in the pool, and "OVERFLOW POOL" written on the ground. Dead in Five Minutes: This is an exception to the "no hot start rule," as the player starts out pressed up against a wall of barrels seeing three chaingunners facing them before them. This is to make the player immediately start moving and thus crossing over some important triggers. Control Tower: Looking out the window of an elevator, high above the ground. Moving a little will start the elevator moving, and looking out the window, the building in front is revealed to have the top wrecked. Water, Fire, and Blood: The player is in a stone building, facing out into the open and the three temples - and the keys they need are visible from the starting position.
  15. Stabbey

    UDB Noob Question (Exiting a level)

    As a note, that action is not "exit the level and go to the next map," but "completely end the game and go to the cast roll sequence."