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  1. asøkldjnfsxdlkjhnfb xdkljs

    mega wad suggestions?

    hey. im looking for some wads with at least 10(+150 monsters) maps.i dont want any of that slaughter crap! :) i loved waterlab(single map)!i like atmospheric wads,no gameplay changes.im ok with custom monsters if its done well.i know i seem picky but i really need something good!oh,and iv played most of the well-known ones. im sure u guys will let me on to some hidden goodies! thanks for ur time.
  2. asøkldjnfsxdlkjhnfb xdkljs

    issues with key bindings on gzdoom 450

    the weapon next/prev works but map zoom is this not cooperating. thanks.
  3. asøkldjnfsxdlkjhnfb xdkljs

    issues with key bindings on gzdoom 450

    im sorry,but i dont have anything called "presets" anywhere in gzdoom keybind settings.
  4. asøkldjnfsxdlkjhnfb xdkljs

    issues with key bindings on gzdoom 450

    how do i choose a preset? after messing around a bit i found that this is only an issue with the torment.pk3. thanks.
  5. asøkldjnfsxdlkjhnfb xdkljs

    issues with key bindings on gzdoom 450

    hey. im haveing a lot of issues with binding keys to map controls and weapon next/prev. is there something obvious im missing?i went back to both 433 and 442 and suddenly i have issues there,too!there were no issues last time i launched both. thanks for all help.
  6. asøkldjnfsxdlkjhnfb xdkljs

    First attempt at a non-linear map! MAP - Impenitent Malice

    fantastic!not much else say.really good.
  7. asøkldjnfsxdlkjhnfb xdkljs

    WIP Limit-Removing Megawad Crossbearer (Hiatus)

    im playing thru gzdoom,loaded with zdl,and after finishing map 4 i started in the default map 05. also,how on earth do i get to the mega armor secret in map 4???couldnt even find it with noclip...
  8. asøkldjnfsxdlkjhnfb xdkljs

    WIP Limit-Removing Megawad Crossbearer (Hiatus)

    i really loved 3,too!il do all of the maps in order.probably be done in a few days.so far i really like it.its pretty much how i like maps so far. thanks for sharing,man.
  9. asøkldjnfsxdlkjhnfb xdkljs

    WIP Limit-Removing Megawad Crossbearer (Hiatus)

    played 2 first,liked the first,loved the second!in the first one theres a secret that lowers a wall,when i found it id already been there and there were no items,just one enemy(i think).that was the part i liked the leased in that map.very clean and simple(in a good way) map. the second was really nice,with those snirkling paths!very cool map!secret counts was nice in both.i love looking for secrets. theres not much else to say about those two.played 10 secs of the third,its a completely different type!seemed quite engaging.not really my type(subjectively)but i do enjoy some maps like that if theyre not too "crowded".i hate slaughter maps!!! will play more when i have the resolve for it.
  10. hey.

    loved djinn,with all its problems.just watched a video on happy,by henry korver.id love to play it but cant find it.is it not yet released to the public?



    1. Zolgia108


      Hello m8 long time no see! The wad is still in beta and it has some problems here and there, but this time i will make an official release on idgames for sure. If you want to play it i really need playtesters, its missing the real map 31, the rest is there. You can download the beta here. *let me know what you think! 


    2. asøkldjnfsxdlkjhnfb xdkljs
  11. asøkldjnfsxdlkjhnfb xdkljs

    no sound in solace dreams.help!

    please,someone,help me!
  12. asøkldjnfsxdlkjhnfb xdkljs

    no sound in solace dreams.help!

    hey. iv tried a few times to run solace dreams but theres no sound at all,nothing!i asked on the moddb page but didnt get much help.i think the author actually deleted my comment,for some reason. it looks very nice and i want to try it! i have no idea what info i should post here,let me know and il post it. thanks.
  13. asøkldjnfsxdlkjhnfb xdkljs

    Black blocks when shooting monsters

    Hi. I get the same graphical glitch in brutal djinn.Im playing through GZDoom 3.5.1(from git hub) and bd21RC3,both with and without Tekish mod(ammoinfo/crosshairHP). It seems to ba related to blood splash/flies/fire,that sort of stuff.
  14. asøkldjnfsxdlkjhnfb xdkljs

    issue with weapon change from revolver with scroller

    Hi. I just encountered an issue with changing weapon from revolver to any other weapon.Either by number keys or scroll wheel. Im playing doom2/perditions gate/project brutality 3.0(test) through gzdoom 3.6.0.I also tried with 3.5.1. I dont know alot about these things,the solution is prob obvious. I want to add how much i respect the doom-modding community and what y guys have done to gaming in 2019.Its truely amazing that a game from early 90s is still VERY relevant and continues to feel fresh. (i hope this is the correct place for this question) Thanks in advance.
  15. asøkldjnfsxdlkjhnfb xdkljs

    complex doom/clusterf#ck with gzdoom in zdl???

    Hi. I hope this is the right place for this question. Im trying to launch ComplexDoom Clusterf#ck in ZDL but i get this fatal error.I get the same error in both GZDoom 3.5.1 and the newest- 3.6.0. I checker the loadorder several times and it matches the readme exactly. I also tryed with both Doom 1 and 2. PLEASE HELP!!! Thanks in advance.