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  1. Hiiammike

    Completing Doom without losing any health

    Go for it it's your choice! But it wouldn't be easy.
  2. Hiiammike

    The worst part of editing in Vanilla

    Mostly the ability to not make maps you know that time in wad maker's life where he just can't continue making wads or maps for his wads because there's something in real life fucking with him preventing him from continuing to make maps. This happening to me right now and i am sick of it zoom it is not my first wad but when i was making wads it was really hard to continue and think about real life things or other matters but i asure if this ever comes to you you will be able to get over it.
  3. Hiiammike

    How do i make custom intermission text

    Alright fine i'll look into it this time.
  4. Where do i go from there?
  5. Hiiammike

    How do i make custom level names

    Well it works so i don't know what you're talking about?
  6. Hiiammike

    How do i make custom level names

    Why not?
  7. Hiiammike

    How do i make custom level names

    Simple do this thing pass me.
  8. Like for example next up blah blah and then when you go on the minimap it says map03 or whatever and then the name how do i do that? SOLVED!
  9. Hiiammike

    Zoom progress report

    Well i got some game play of the wad.
  10. Hiiammike

    Zoom progress report

    Good idea!
  11. Hiiammike

    Zoom progress report

  12. Hiiammike

    Zoom progress report

    I made my first wad and my first map but however it's not ready. I still want to make 4 more maps. It's called ZOOM! progress report December 25 I've added in map 2 and a custom doomguy face but i am still working on doomguy's face. Progress report December 26 I've starting to work on map 3 custom title screen and credit and stuff Working on level names also done with that done with doomguy's face but sometimes it glitches I've learned how to do 3D in map 2 there is even a swimming pool. Custom midi angel of death in the level Library aka map 3. Qna time Is there a story to this wad yes! Basically doomguy is really old and shit earth has been fucked up the human population is 8 million because of doom 2 this takes place after doom 2 and the uac is trying to regain earth from a terraformed Phobos and Deimos that's where most humans live because humans have gotten other planets as well but they have very small populations and guess what hell is back and uac accidentally summoned a portal to hell again! Now doomguy must fight demons to get to hell again and shut down the portal! Progress report December 27th I've finished map03. December 29 Working on map04 December 30th Taking a brake December 31 https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/1KPRdEUufuTgCwe7IgASDy8xLU3UmVd0J I just warned because i made a second post where i posted a download link but that's ok anyways you can download zoom from here along with a read me file put together by the id games archive txt generator. 1/3/2019 Working on map map04 1/92019 Still working on map4