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  1. DagothKronk

    you canĀ“t just shoot a hole into the surface of mars

    I love YTP humor so much
  2. DagothKronk

    What are the biggest misconceptions regarding DOOM?

    Damn someone should go back in time and tell that to John Romero to stop him from putting keys and switches in levels, searching for those to progress definitely detracts from the action-oriented feel of the original, which was perfect in every way. Big /s obviously. I'm tired of the "it's not Doom" conversation. You don't have to intellectualize or rationalize about how Doom and Doomy Ternal are "not Doom," you're allowed to just not like the games, and you're also allowed to not interject about how much you don't like them in every thread on the site. Encouraged, even.
  3. DagothKronk

    What are the biggest misconceptions regarding DOOM?

    For real, a lot of so-called "metal heads" online haven't listened to anything harder or more progressive than Metallica and it shows. I think he means that it's not a "murder simulator" in that Doom doesn't incite actual violence the way a lot of boomer newscasters and politicians insisted it did.
  4. DagothKronk

    Any hope to have a Crispy Heretic/Hexen updated?

    fabian has expressed that he's not interested in working on hexen/heretic/strife support for crispy. I can't knock that, it's his port, but it does really suck that hexen and heretic are left by the wayside with regards to source ports. Unless someone with programming know-how feels like forking crispy themself, the prospects seem kind of bleak aside from just sticking to GZdoom.
  5. DagothKronk

    Chocolate Doom

    I didn't see this reply. I'll look into this as well, thank you. EDIT: To answer your question @plums SDL_SOUNDFONTS returns nothing when I echo it. However chocolate doom in terminal still looks for fluidr3mono_gm .sf3 for some reason unless fluidsynth is explicitly disabled. weird stuff.
  6. DagothKronk

    Chocolate Doom

    This worked, bless up and much thanks
  7. DagothKronk

    Differences between Crispy Doom and PrBoom. Gameplay-Wise.

    Honestly there's no use deliberating over it, either way you're going to have a faithful experience. Try both and stick to the one you feel comfortable with. If you're happy with prboom already, you might not even really need to switch.
  8. DagothKronk

    Noob Jump question

    if you sell tom nook's nephews like 60 tarantulas they'll give you enough bells to buy some jump boots, yw.
  9. DagothKronk

    Differences between Crispy Doom and PrBoom. Gameplay-Wise.

    Crispy doom, being a fork of choco, is more conservative than prboom. Basically it just takes less setup for crispy to behave closer to vanilla vs. prboom. I think that's about it. I prefer crispy because the options menus in prboom and gzdoom fill me with dread every time i realize i have to scroll through them to fix something, lmao.
  10. DagothKronk

    Chocolate Doom

    I'm at my absolute wit's end. I'm running chocolate doom on ubuntu 18.04, and no matter what I do, I can't seem to get choco to use built-in timidity (gus emulation included) whatsoever. The engine falls back on fluidsynth support despite setting up eawpat's timidity .cfg, pointing the chocolate-doom .cfg at the timidity .cfg or freepats .cfg in /etc/timidity, trying the gus patches available on idgames, you name it. It's possible I'm missing something super obvious but chocolate doom simply refuses to use built in timidity support for whatever reason. It's kind of a longshot seeing as how vague the issue is but I thought I'd shoot a message at thread just in case.
  11. DagothKronk

    Caco or Pain Elemental, which is the more adorable monster?

    Pain Elementals literally say "Ow" when shot. No question, cutest monster.
  12. DagothKronk

    Does anyone actually play the easier difficulties?

    You know, recently I played through Quake and it seemed to me that much of the game was built around the Normal difficulty, with Hard being somewhat above the baseline by adding a ridiculous (for Quake) number of tough enemies in earlier levels. For example, Shamblers, the spongiest enemy, appear as kind of a mini-boss in E1M6 and the secret level on Normal, but on Hard will appear as early as E1M3. Quake has a lot of interesting differences from Doom with regards to formula, much of which is down to the rushed development and haphazard balancing of weapons, but I think that the ideology of working from the middle difficulty as the baseline (Quake) vs. the hardest difficulty as a baseline (Doom) is an interesting idea. It would essentially mean the barrier for entry would be lower, but the skill ceiling would be higher - many Doomers can sleep-walk through KDITD on UV at this point specifically because id probably built the game around UV first and foremost. Plus most difficulty adjustments in PWADs/IWADs are, like HAK said, monster-related. I think that Sandy Petersen had a good idea with how his levels are more conservative with ammo generally vs. Romero's levels. Like HNTR could do with more monsters AND more health and ammo, while UV would benefit from just being a little more difficult all-around, with HMP being the perfect middle by virtue of being the base from which HNTR and UV would add or subtract. Basically, not many people outright prefer Doom's lower difficulties because the scale of Doom's difficulty is designed to feel less rewarding on lower difficulties, essentially. I'd love to see more level designers experiment with placing keys in different locations depending on difficulty. Like, earlier difficulties even going so far as to have areas that can be entirely bypassed on lower difficulties perhaps?
  13. DagothKronk

    alternate death mechanics?

    Randy Pitchford is an overrated hack and Borderlands sucks deep wang, this coming from someone with like 100 hours in BLands 2. Borderlands makes me feel like my cells are dividing and dying at twice the normal rate while i hurtle inexorably towards the end of the human miracle of my existence. OP is right, don't support Gearbox. Back to the topic at hand, The problem with constant and continued game saving is that it sucks out a lot of friction and challenge from the level. Inevitably, savescumming intensifies the feeling of grind that can occur when the player is low on health or ammo because they didn't do so well on the map so far, or botched a particular encounter. This is obviously subjective, but i often find even on larger and more challenging maps that saving less often can be beneficial because you can uncover new strategies through areas and fights you've been through before. At this point, when i replay the Doom/Heretic iwads or Quake, i don't save at all during a level, because being forced to go back to the start of the level for dying feels right to me, and hightens the sense of stake. But that's just, like, my opinion, man. Do as thou wilst.
  14. DagothKronk

    What is your favourite Heretic episode 1 level?

    E1M6 Cathedral. Can't beat the layout, clever secret exit, and the kickass music track.