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  1. NoahRules

    Doomworld has been compromised.

  2. NoahRules

    Is FIREBLU hot or cold?

    another question: can you eat/drink it?
  3. NoahRules

    Your favorite video game character quotes

    a few: "No need to thank me kid, It's on the house." - Beard, Hotline Miami "I'm really gonna bust if I don't take a piss immediately." Postal Dude, Postal ''If God had wanted you to live, he would not have created me!'' - Soldier, TF2 "I'd totally come down there and kick your ass... If it wasn't such a nice day..." - Unnamed creep, LISA Everything that comes out of Travis Touchdowns mouth
  4. i've dipped out of this community once or twice due to lack of interest but yea so far haven't seen anything too bad, good out ways the bad here also i like your avatar
  5. post your favorite video game soundtracks here are some of mine:
  6. NoahRules

    Post your Favorite GIFS

  7. NoahRules

    Another "John Romero is about to make..." thread

    i heard a rumor that this new game is gonna be about a space marine fighting demons on mars, but that sounds ridiculous
  8. NoahRules

    Rub It in other peoples faces

    i beat the gnome run first time i played half life 2 episode 2
  9. NoahRules

    New to Classic DOOM? Read this tutorial for help!

    Thanks for this, finding decent doom tutorials can be hard so I'm sure this will come in handy
  10. NoahRules

    The 2021 Cacowards

    Wake up babe Cacowards 2021 is here
  11. NoahRules

    New to Classic DOOM? Read this tutorial for help!

    hey DoomKid this is a really great thread and I've used it when trying to get my friends into Doom I was wondering if you'd know any good guides on how to make Doom mods/wads I've wanted to make them for awhile now but don't know where to start
  12. NoahRules

    Happy Birthday DOOM 2!

    happy birthday!!! so where's the cake?
  13. NoahRules

    Your opinion on Twitter?

    (i know this thread has been dormant for awhile but I think this is relevant enough) i recently decided to quit twitter and if anyone reading this still uses that site i'd recommend at least taking a break from it for about a week main reason for quitting it for me was the fact twitter is just a waste of time twitter pretty much shuts your brain off and your left scrolling for hours (even though it feels like you've been scrolling for 3 minutes)