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  1. Not really. Usual: Doomguy has to go on a moon (motm) via a secret military base with a rocket ship (tttm) and, once on moon, he realises that the source is elsewhere, on the purple saturn planet (man from the moon, aka part 3 which is wip).
  2. Oh nice, could you send it via pm so that i can take a look? I have one currently but, i would love to see how it looks still.
  3. Thank you for the kind words :) I believe i am using one of your skies in this actually (assuming you are the same plums that did the skytravaganza pack?)?
  4. Thank you all for your playghroughs and demos. I have yet to watch the demos but, i will do. Pleased to see that so far, the reception has been good. @Bobby "J Don't worry about it, you had alot of stuff to take care about :) I will start working on skill settings etc...sometime this week.
  5. Oh yay, already a video to watch haha. Will watch when i get back home. Thx everyone also for the reception.
  6. VILLA DE LA MUERTE Hello everyone, This is a map I had made for a vaguely spain/syringe inspired project but, decided after some time to release on its own. The map has been sitting on my hard drive for months now and well, I decided to pick it up again yesterday. The map was done in roughly 3 days, which is the shortest I've ever mapped for a serious map. Thank you to @Bobby "J for instigating the project in question (and sorry that I decided to take it out), thank you to my playtesters too :D Map should take you about 5-10 minutes to complete. It's a little hard but, should be manageable. No skill settings are implemented yet though. I'll take any suggestions :) Have fun. LINK: https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/604q6o7cmz8nv25mwn04g/Vilamuerte_v1.wad?rlkey=9p2iv7ra1v7n1sxsuiurhtwhr&dl=1 Play info: DOOM 2, Map 01, CL2 Tested with dsda, eternity
  7. Yugiboy85

    Plasma gun's purpose when having a BFG

    It's a good panic weapon if you are pinned down.
  8. Cool writups. However, plutonia 2 in 2018? It came out in 2008 iirc
  9. Little oversight (probably?) in gold star: One of the side of the blue kard pedestal has a donut s1 action on it. Meaning that you can bypass the switch sequence entirely.
  10. Yugiboy85

    Endless Random /idgames WAD Adventures #064

    Oh wow, that was a surprise lol Glad you enjoyed this haha Trivia: this is a map i had submitted to the dwmp 2016 but, eventually decided to re-release on its own with bug fixes and a few new stuff in the mix. Amongst those is the rather well recieved "black bfg" edit i made. Which i believe was reused in ocula?
  11. Yugiboy85


    Pretty sure this is cl9 at least so, probably not playable in crispy? May be wrong though since it doesn't specify
  12. Yugiboy85

    Spookiest Map on Episode 1 ( may contain spoilers )

    E1m6. Be it for the little maze section. Something about that section made it feel pretty unsettling. Like walking through a series of liminal spaces.
  13. Yugiboy85

    Favorite 'Hell Revealed' Map?

  14. Yugiboy85

    Another ridiculous post about the future of Doom

    Dang it, i guess no more btsx, kdikdizd, etc... :(