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  1. Well, while it is cl2, we recommend playing 8 in cl9.
  2. This project is limit removing though. I would, of course, had done that had it been CL9 but considering scroling floors (unless there's some way I'm unaware of) are impossible in CL2, I had to make do with that :D
  3. Right, I guess It's my turn to give the DW a go haha (implying there are any turns lol). Anyhow, sorry I'm late but, here are my thoughts on TN (for the maps I've played so far). I will be skipping map 05 for very obvious reasons although, I may give some insights on it I guess. Map 01 This map imediately sets the mood of the wad with the nice orange rocks and textures. It is fairly simple of course but, that is to be expected from a map 01 I guess haha. I guess the main trap will be the two revenants that come out once you grab the green key because in this map, you are pretty much stuck with the shotgun and chaingun heh. The only armor is within a secret, a secret I actually found quite late when playing myself but it was a cool secret nonetheless :D As many have pointed out, I also did not really like those platform near the end but, that's not a very big deal imo. It might be a pain for speedrunners and all but heh, that's not me lol. I also loved the ending where you fall into a dark hole. Connecting to the next map :D Having played a really old version of this map, I can tell that alot of work has been put in by franck to make it look really cool and imo, he suceeded in that aspect :D Map 02 Let me start by saying that I love that track. First time I heard it was in bloodstain and only recently have I found out that it is actually a track from goldeneye 64. This map is really nice too imo. It loops arround itself as you go through it and, while being quite linear in terms of progression, actually makes it feel like there are more paths to chose from if that makes any sense. This, like the previous map (and the following map) was a map originaly made by datacore (who was the previous leader of the project) and I think wilou did a fine job in enhancing it. Not saying that the original map was bad in any way, just saying that the touches that were added in by wilou made the map much more memorable imo. This map introduces the first damaging flat of the wad and, while it may look like your standard lava at first glance, it is actually some sort of orange liquid with souls in it and, I think it looks really cool so yet again, GG franck. Gameplay on this map is fairly standard as far as doom maps go. This map also introduces the supershotgun which actually can be grabbed quite quickly and imo, that isn't a bad thing to me. You can also grab an RL later on that will come in handy :D I liked most of the traps in this and especially the rounded corridor with the hell knights and the vile on the other end (on UV), that was quite clever. The endind trap did take me by surprise too but, I think the two revenants at the top of the stairs (in corners) were a bit too much here. Anyhow, I really enjoyed that one. Found most (if not all) secrets. Map 03 Again, this one kicks in with a really nice track. The map itself is also really nice looking and I believe this is the final map made originally by datacore. I believe this map actually isn't that linear as you have the choice to go to some places before others and vice/versa. The hardest trap for me was probably the one where you fight a few imps/revs and then two viles are released and a hellknight teleports in front of the door. This one took me quite some time to get out of hehe I don't really have much more to say about this map other than I really loved the final area (with the arachnotrons and hellknights). There's just something about this area that made me say "WOW" but, then again, i expect nothing less from wilou (and franck too I believe). Map 04 At first, I did not really like this map. It looked cool and all but, there was something about the revenants that made me think that this map was gonna be quite boring. I was wrong. Incidently, this map is actually my favorite of the first four. It is more open, has a cool void sky and well, the track is quite fitting imo. The map has a nice flow to it and franck has really made this map shine. This map was originally made by jambon and well, franck took over. While the initial area can be quite offputting, the map itself is actually pretty cool in terms of gameplay. It has quite the amount of rockets and the traps are not so hard to beat. The one that might be considered hard is the one with the mancubus on a platform, a few revs and yet again, an archvile (the one where you have to shoot a switch to get out of). The secrets are quite cool to find too (I liked the berserk one) and also, I really liked the optional "labyrinth" that leads you to a soulsphere, that was a really cool touch imo. There, not much else to say either about this map tbh. Map 05 Hah, it's that map heh. As stated above, I'm not gonna review this map per say as I'm obviously biased towards it xD (I made it) but, I think I might give you a bit of insight on how this map came to FRUITion (forgive the bad pun here...). I actually joined TN quite late, in 2017. The project was ongoing since 2015 I think (or maybe before). It went through a drastic change at some point (franck took over) and it had some kickass new textures made for it. This is what triggered my interest in joining and thus, this map was made. This map was started not very long after my big map was released (travmoon) and thus, I kinda wanted a little breather from it (hence why it is quite small compared to what I usually make i guess). I honestly didn't really have any set ideas so, I just went with the flow and as I made rooms and stuff, the map kinda shaped itself. I also kinda always wanted to make a map with some fortress like structure (even though, it's not a big fortress) in the middle of rocky foundations. Gameplay wise, I didn't really want to make something that complex so, I just made a few main traps that came out of my head and well, i thought they ended up beeing quite cool i guess. YES, I fail at the red skull trap also but, that mainly is because I suck at doom so yeah, I admit it haha... I also wanted to make a map that kinda loops arround itself and btw, the way the exit is revealed was always the plan from the start ;) I'm aware that the cyberdemon is completely useless but, my guess was that people would fall down and fight him with the PG heh. Oh well, I'll be more "careful" next time :p The name of the map obviously comes from the liquid used. This, while being the standard doom 2 lava flat, is used here as ,well, orange juice. And, this map is also the main reason (well one of them) as to why the standard lava in the rest of the wad is non damaging. Franck was nice enough to make an aditional animated flat for that purpose after this map was made :D The music was originally the one from valliant's map 03 but, I thought it didn't really fit the theme very well so I changed it to "astral dreadnought" later on in development. This map took about 3 to 5 months to complete I think. I didn't really keep track but, I know it took less time than travmoon for sure :D So yeah, sorry for the long wall of text but here you have it :D I'll write about the next maps later on, I need to get going.
  4. Hey, that kinda looks like some of your excuviae maps :D Gold excuviae maybe? :D Dat dbrain though...
  5. From the top of my head: -Valiant's map 27. That track is even my alarm clock haha -Most of the ancient aliens tracks. Especially the jazz like ones that are in the second episode. Map 06 and 07 also have awesome tracks -Jenesis's map 15. I absolutely loved that track to the point that I ended up using it myself. -Mutiny: Maps 1,2 and 8 come to mind
  6. Well, i mean, that is the theme of the wad afterall :/ What would someone expect from a wad called "tangerine" nightmare? Haha
  7. My first full fledged experience with doom was with doom 2 heh. One of my mom's friend gave us an old computer and on it, was DOOM II. I had played the shareware episode of doom 1 before then but, no music really put a "chill down my spine" in that one. I remember one map in D2 in particular though that really freaked me out when I was a kid. I think you know the one I'm talking about but yeah, it is indeed "the spirit world". The music just really put a sense of dread and fear in me haha. Then, I actually got my hands on UDOOM and I must say that most of the tracks in episode 2 fit that description. E2M6 the most, then E2M2 and E2M4. For me that is :D
  8. All maps should be pistol start friendly. They have been thoroughly tested :D Map 10 is just hard is all and, I believe it was designed with the old TN rules in mind from what I know. Like, there were some weapons you could not use or something. I don't really remember them that correctly considering I joined in rather late in development :D There should be more info in the tn-info.txt (or the readme) :D
  9. Hello, After about a month of hard work, here is the RC2 Release for Tangerine Nightmare. I'm not gonna detail all the changes considering the fact that there are quite a lot. However, here are the notable fixes/updates: -Modified palete /colormap -Various fixes to maps (mostly coop and gameplay tweaks) -tninfo.txt added -Last lumps added (GFX, Enddoom, etc...) Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/t53ly85eweb4qc1/Tn_rc2.zip?dl=1 This version is pretty much the final release, do not hesitate to point out the last few bugs you may find so that we can be ready for the idgames release. Enjoy ! PS: Franck gave me permission to post this of course :D
  10. Heh. That is very nice impie :D
  11. Something might get resurected from the dead very soon ;) 

    Very soon indeed. 







  12. https://zdoom.org/wiki/ScoreDoom A quick google search gave me this. Try and ask him i suppose.
  13. Just cause a thread of yours went unnoticed doesn't mean you can go around and make the same thread again heh On to the topic itself, i suppose you can provided you have permission from the original authors and such. Then again, i dont really see how it would be useful to share something like that though
  14. I did not know kate, be it irl or even online BUT, it is still saddening to lose someone from this wonderful community :( This is beautiful jimmy, stay strong and remember that we will always be there for you. I will play this later, i dont think ill be able to write up a review or something but, i will still play through it ;) May kate rest in piece.