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  1. 7Mahonin

    Unpopular Doom Opinions

    I take people’s unpopular doom opinions so personally that I respond to any I don’t agree with with my popular doom opinion.
  2. 7Mahonin

    Unpopular Doom Opinions

    This thread is called unpopular doom opinions not obnoxious doom arguments.
  3. 7Mahonin

    Should i quit modding?

    Even if you made the greatest WAD ever there will still be critiques from at least someone. One person’s trash is another one’s treasure and the reverse is also true. If you cannot take the critical reception for what they are: opinions, then you’re going to have a bad time.
  4. I prefer no commentary generally, but the commentary I do prefer is more structured like a review, and not just talking for the sake of talking. I can’t even begin to count the number of videos that are minutes in stuck at the menu because the YouTuber needs to stroke their ego for 3 minutes before they even get to the gameplay. If it’s developer commentary, I do prefer them to speak their minds, but otherwise… play the map and discuss the map, not random bullshit in an attempt to be funny. You’re either funny or you’re not, and forcing it tends to just not work. I also can’t stand videos that clearly have added in commentary that pretends to be playing “live”, it’s usually very obvious they just added their commentary to a recording after the fact. Closed caption can work, but again, I’ve seen plenty where the author just says a bunch of random shit and it can be distracting from the gameplay.
  5. 7Mahonin

    i want a game engine to make a game.

    Maybe you should learn to mod Doom, Quake, etc. take your pick, and utilize their engines and source as a base to make your own experience.
  6. 7Mahonin

    Early (July 22 1996) Blood Source Code Leaks

    This also has stuff related to some of the blood editing utilities (mapedit, qavedit, seqedit, and qtools), which is where this will come in handy the most. The source code for the game itself is about 8 months before the game released and this does not include any of the files necessary to run the game. You could probably compile a BLOOD.EXE, but without the correct RFF and other related files, it likely would not work as intended using the alpha or beta files.
  7. 7Mahonin

    Gving my take on doom slayer coming to fortnite

    It’s just a skin so it’s not really a big deal. I don’t play Fortnite so with or without Doom “Slayer”, I still wouldn’t be interested. Could it draw doom fans to Fortnite? Could it draw Fortnite fans to doom? Maybe, but I think there’s far more people on both ends that will not be crossing over, with or without this skin. Doomguy being in Quake 3 didn’t need to be explained and lored into oblivion for people to enjoy using the Doomguy as the character they played as. I don’t see why Fortnite would have to either.
  8. 7Mahonin

    Should I get steam?

    Yes you should if you intend on playing games on PC that require Steam. If you don’t like Steam it is still worth having for the sales and titles not available elsewhere. You can play mostly all Steam games without having to navigate Steam whatsoever, so you’ll only need to use Steam specifically for the store, installing your games, and for chat. It took me a while to warm up to steam when it first came out because before then all of my PC gaming experiences had been physical media before PC game discs were just glorified product keys. So at the time I thought why do we need this if we can install from the disc, but at this point it’s been so many years that I’ve just become accustomed to Steam and don’t care anymore.
  9. I hate that episode 4 didn’t have a new set of songs by Robert Prince instead of just shuffling the previous episode’s songs. It really deserved its own unique soundtrack.
  10. 7Mahonin

    Doom 64 prototype leak?

    I like the unused idle hand, it’s more like the PC version.