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  1. CrbnBased

    Delta Touch on Android

    All these apps work amazingly on DeX. Galaxy s10e 8GB SD855 runs it amazingly, k/m controls are perfect.
  2. CrbnBased

    GLESZDoom - GZDoom for potatoes

    I'll see what I can get working on mine and try to report back. I have a pi 4 with 8GB, I forget the clock speeds. I'll see what it can do and try to report back.
  3. CrbnBased

    Best controller/input device for Delta Touch

    Please don't throw away repairable electronics. I'm bowing out of this thread now for I have grown quite weary.
  4. CrbnBased

    Best controller/input device for Delta Touch

    I just replace it, like any battery. I've had to replace multiple sets of triggers and batteries in my controllers over the years. Just need a small set of screw drivers and some patience, the battery isn't even glued in on ps4 like it is on the 8bitdo or switch joycons, and you can get bigger batteries for cheap. The xbox controller is built like a beast and the only issues I've had is since they increased the sensitivity of the sticks over the 360 they tend to drift faster. I destroyed 2 dualshocks before I got my current one, and fell in love with the xbone controllers ergonomics so much I bought one without even owning the system, lol. Now I constantly swap the controllers I have depending on what I'm playing. I love the xbox controller for Delta, but it sucks for most 2d games where analog isn't needed. In that case I grab the dualshock with the higher dpad that is more comfortable. Currently my 8bitdo is my Switch gamepad. I haven't had a good connection with my phone without a cable, but works flawlessly on Switch, and is truly a great controller. I'm spoiled and have all 3 and love each of them for different reasons and have no real issue recommending any of them. I'm heavily into emulation as well so it's good to have controllers for each system. Hopefully with Android 11 the dualshock and Switch compatible controllers will get remote gyro functionality, which will give them the edge over anything else. 8bitdo on Switch is amazing for this as I play all the Dooms on that as well, gyro is underrated. Now we just need more developers adding controller support to their games (stares at Genshin Impact angrily).
  5. CrbnBased

    Best controller/input device for Delta Touch

    I love my xbox controller but with my travel kit I already have a usb battery backup. Other controllers you don't have to worry about buying a separate battery pack or anything else, just the controller. It's a big issue for portability and cost, since ps4 and xbox gamepads are the same price, but out of the box you can recharge the dualshock, not the xbox one controller. I actually just got the MOGA power A clip that was xbox licensed. Works great to keep it balanced over the gamepad and not fatigue my wrists. It's made out of durable plastic and hasn't caused me any issues so far.
  6. CrbnBased

    Best controller/input device for Delta Touch

    I've used Xbox One, PS4, MOGA Pro, Keyboard and mouse and an 8bitdo sn30 for a huge amount of gaming on my phone. Here's how I would rate them. Xbox controller uses AA's and is by far the most comfortable for Delta and Quad. The dpad is serviceable but crampy for heavy use in games that analog is not preferred (dead cells). It's also the most compatible as of Android 9, most apps even have button prompts for an xbox controller. The PS4 is great for the addition of the touchpad and better dpad. The stiffer sticks lead to hand strain faster, and the triggers set at an angle that leads to trigger finger. The touchpad makes it so easy for navigating the menus from the couch though and the dpad is much better for longer use. Hopefully they support more features with newer Android versions, but there's still some issues with Android 9 and lag, so I'd say get this if you have 10. 8bitdo SN30Pro, I was so excited for this controller but performance is intermittent. If you get a good one it's great! You can use it corded, it's small, it has a ton of compatibility. Dpad is excellent, but clicky, and same goes for the buttons. The sticks have an ok placement but get close together like the old dualshock 3 sticks, my thumbs touch. MOGA Pro, this is an old HID compatible controller with issues with diagonals and axis lock. Not recommended. I've tested all these with gamepad tester on Android and as far as analog sticks go the xbox has the most accurate PS4 second and 8bitdo last. Funny thing is all my ps4 controllers seemed to have a smaller outer deadzone setting by default, making them seem slower. Hope this helps.
  7. CrbnBased

    The Varginha Incident Remake? (ON HOLD)

    Start small, don't worry about levels yet, just try getting sprites and textures and put them in basic Doom levels. That can be done with a mac. And looking at the design in the game it doesn't have to be a 1:1 conversion. With just the sprites and textures and changes to enemy behavior I think a possible homage can be made. I saw a vid of this recently and it's story was unique and interesting. It would be cool to see this remade in Doom.
  8. CrbnBased

    OpenGL or Vulkan?

    I just want it implemented for Delta Touch on Android. Opengl isn't going anywhere on the platform anymore past 3.2, Vulkan support is really needed for mobile. Doom 2016 and Eternal use Vulkan on a 5 year old mobile chipset (Nintendo Switch) and get 30fps solid. If anyone knows how to integrate it into the port it could be a pretty cool feature to test, I love pushing these little handheld computers AKA phones.
  9. CrbnBased

    How do I run Beautiful doom with gzdoom.exe?

    I ran into this a bunch, took me a bit of digging to find out. Just rezip it or change the file extension of the zip you downloaded to pk3. Moddb won't allow pk3 uploads, just zips. Hope that helps.
  10. CrbnBased

    Delta Touch on Android

    I am also interested in this. I already play on my TV with Delta, either through my phone's usbc to HDMI, or my Chromebook. I've also sideloaded the app onto a fire TV ages ago and it all works perfect with controller and mouse. I don't know much about Android TV just yet but I'd assume it's just a TV friendly app marketplace, Quad and Delta belong there if they aren't already. Edit: Just saw Beloko's response, yeah it's kinda complicated, way easier with a touchscreen to setup than with controller only. I wonder if it's possible to have an automapper like Retroarch.
  11. CrbnBased

    Delta Touch on Android

    I have very little experience with modern Doom multiplayer, I still do it the old fashioned way, and mostly local coop with choc or Gzdoom. So please, if I'm wrong about something, let me know. It seems Doomseeker is cross platform, it supports Linux which is essentially the base of Android. Is it possible to make an app of it? What are the hurdles (Android OS limitations, cross app compatibility, licensing). Also the design of the app, might be a nightmare. Doomseeker has a ton of options, but all that may not transfer well to a touch screen that's 5-6 inches.
  12. CrbnBased

    any "GZdoom" for quake ?

    Fellow poor here, my option was to forgo the computer entirely, it was just a struggle and I didn't use it much as my phone took over most of my daily tasks. There's an app for Android phones, called Quad Touch, that runs the full PC copies of Quake 1-3 using some of the above source ports. It's an Android launcher for these and it's great! Works with mouse and keyboard, controllers and touchscreen. If you have a phone with HDMI out capability you can play just like on PC. There's also one for Doom called Delta Touch, has a ton of source ports for mod and was compatibility and it's about to add Doom 3 to the list. Just an option if you're like me and no longer use a PC from the last decade.
  13. CrbnBased

    Delta Touch on Android

    Here is the link to PBR textures. I also found a file called plastic shaders ages ago on moddb. It seems to be similar to the PBR, but higher res and extra shiny. https://www.moddb.com/games/doom/addons/plastic-shaders These are only active with dynamic lights enabled, as well as light shadowmaps in options. The static lights won't have any effect on the textures. I put together a few mods and linked them in a youtube video if you want to try something different. Your device would get a better frame rate than the s7 it was recorded on, but the description has links. I use this on classic texture wads after I've played them a bit. I thought the mix was neat and offered a different challenge than usual.
  14. CrbnBased

    Delta Touch on Android

    Nice! You need to look into PBR textures, those will test the 865. And it is confirmed, Doom 1, 2 and 3 in Delta Touch Beta right now. A few vids are on YouTube already from beta testers, and it looks great. I can't wait to see what we can do to it with mods and such. Have fun and experiment, I'm always surprised at what I can get running and would love to hear from others.
  15. CrbnBased

    Delta Touch on Android

    You won't need it soon it seems! I saw recently that Delta will be adding Doom 3 support. I'm currently kicking myself as I bought every Doom, AGAIN, during the sale. This time on the switch, playing through them all again, then it seems back to Delta for the original Doom 3, lol. I feel like all I do is slaughter demons, and play Dead Cells.