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  1. KickAss

    Favorite doom gameplay mod

    Hallo, I tok a first look at Brutal DooM and im realy impressed of the weapon power, Brutal DooM v21 Gold was the only useful file I found. So atm i'm more into vanilla gameplay and got stuck with beautiful DooM and a fistfull of wads. Rip and tear! Btw DooMMetalVol5 realy rocks! MfG
  2. KickAss

    Is E4 in Ultimate Doom optional?

    Hallo, as mentioned before if you want to complete ultimate DooM you have to beat all 4 episodes. If you want to beat DooM you have to play DooM, not ultimate Doom. After all ultimate DooM isn't DooM. There are more differences then episode 4. MfG
  3. KickAss

    Plasma rifle, or plasma gun?

    Hallo, the game calls it the plasma gun so its the plasma gun. MfG
  4. KickAss

    What is your favorite Doom weapon

    Hallo, The Combat Shotgun. Suits almost every needs 😜. Mfg
  5. KickAss

    Least favourite weapon and why?

    Hallo, The least weapon is at last the pistol 😕. Mfg
  6. KickAss

    Does anyone actually play the easier difficulties?

    Hallo, Yes! I play the other difficulties. When you are new to a map/level and wants to get a better know of it the different skill levels help to get into it. Mfg
  7. KickAss

    Whats your favorite Doom game and why?

    Hallo everybody, The "Original" DOOM had only three episodes. 1. First : Knee deep in the dead 2. Second : The shores of hell 3. Third : Inferno This is also mentioned in the shareware versions of DOOM flowing around. The most popular DOOM in this days is that what many people call ultimate DOOM or final DOOM, it includes the episodes counted above + the 4. Fourth episode 'They flesh consumed'. This version is still on sale on different platforms. Never heard about a final DOOM half Plutonia and half TNT, must be some self made, homegrown, whatever 🤔. Mfg
  8. KickAss

    WAD Progression for Skill Improvement

    Hallo, I agree, nice thread, lots of content. So many levels I haven't played yet, I remember some names of some wad files listed above. The walk-through-videos are fun to watch. I'll need some proper hardware to get my hands on this stuff. No idea how this will work on my Nintendo Switch. If anybody having problems getting the files listed above too, Google will help you out. Mfg
  9. KickAss

    Doom Eternal on the Nintendo Switch

    Hallo, DOOM - Eternal will be available for Nintendo Switch. More information there https://slayersclub.bethesda.net/de Mfg
  10. KickAss

    Is switch doom 2016 just as good as ps4 doom 2016?

    Great game! Absolut worth the money. Played it a lot, nice graphics and the controls are smooth and accurate up to 100%. Mfg
  11. KickAss

    Classic Doom's Controls on the Switch

    Hallo, The Switch Pro controller and the "normal" hand-held mode with default settings works fine. Much better than the old keyboards used in the earlier days. Mfg
  12. KickAss

    Doom 1-3 on the Switch?!

    Hallo, There's nothing wrong with the switch ports IMHO. On my Switch they are doing just fine and it's still fun playing this old games played long time ago 😎. It's DOOM - Ultimate, DOOM ] [ - Hell on earth, with the Master levels and of course the DOOM 3 BFG Edition. Mfg