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  1. this seems like more of a learning the program and its features first map rather than something you should publish. The difficulty is kind of all over the place like having a huge huge room with only 3 barons and a ton of rockets isn't hard I was kind of expecting the walls to lower and fill the room with monsters cause like why the massive room for just 3 barons? plenty of room to circle strafe them makes them a joke. Than you have the room with the chaingunners and pinkies which was somewhat difficulty to get through, I died the first time than second I ran to the key and let the monsters fight themselves, speaking of that room theres a few spots where you can just fall in and get stuck and you have to idclip to get out (picture attached) The archvile at the end was kind of predictable and its easy to bait him out of that little room and than run in to beat the level, I thankfully had enough shells to deal with him. When I saw there was only 1 monster left I knew it was going to be either a cyberdemon or archvile at the exit. Also the caco corpses are I think counted as props and not corpses and as such the archvile cannot ressurect them, don't know if you knew that or not. The texturing is very....brown, it took me a good minute to get out of the start room cause the door blends in with the walls I like your bed in that room though also glad there is a lack of startan2 lol. It's more of a nitpick but people would really appreciate if you used any other music than d_running.mid you can change the midi in slade I think most people myself included are sick to death of that track
  2. WolfBlue

    What is the worst map you can create?

    Thanks for giving me a reason to boot up gzdoom builder once again! -startan2 as far as the eye can see -d_running -unfair as shit -blatant rip off of ideas from much greater wads -pyramid from pharaoh except way more shit godawfulonpurpose.rar
  3. WolfBlue

    New WAD created!

    terry wad in the year of our lord 2021 0/10
  4. WolfBlue

    Doom -1: A Doomworld Experiment

    I edited the numbers with a white border (for ammo health, armour etc) cause I found it really hard to see in most environments with 11 screen size which is porblematic in a fast pace game like doom hopefully alot of other people find this edit useful! NEGATIVEONE_v2.52.zip
  5. WolfBlue


    And here is Snake.wad 1.1! now with more interesting textures and deathmatch starts! (Honestly thinking of hosting a zdaemon server with this wad for a hour or 2 and streaming it if anyone else is interested) snake1.1.rar
  6. WolfBlue


    Iwad = Doom 2 Compatibility = Boom This took far too long to make and even longer to "beat", I don't know why anyone would reasonably play this but I thought maybe the doomworld forums would get a kick out of it snake.rar
  7. WolfBlue

    Atomic Bath (First Map Release)

    I liked it alot, it's a great first map! kinda gave me a doom 3 vibe
  8. WolfBlue

    can someone please make this into a midi

    You can't simply convert normal pre-recorded music files into midis Think of Midis as sheet music for the virtual orchestra in your computers soundcard and or soundfont to play in real time, this is why when you play a midi in windows media player and you pause it it does not completely stop it still plays the last note(s) it was playing until they're finished. Where as a digital file is something more akin to a vinyl record where music has been played and pre-recorded, this is also why all the services claiming to convert an mp3 to midi comes out as a jumbled mess and all instruments including vocals turn into pianos. Another way too look at it is demos vs recording a let's play, a demo is a recording of your inputs that's played back in a program where as a let's play is a recording in video form of that play session with voice over. Midis are a recording of the notes or tab for a song to be played back by the soundcard later where as a mp3 is you recording an instrument once If you want to turn a song into a midi file you pretty much have to learn to make music and remake the song into a midi file. I don't know if I'm 100% correct in this but I'm pretty sure that's how it work
  9. WolfBlue

    First Map -- Looking for Feedback

    Welcome to wadding! I did a video playthrough of your map here, it can be quite daunting to release your work to the public and any criticism can be very hurtful so congrats on finding the strength to upload this wad!. -I liked your texture work and set dressing it looked very visually interesting -It's quite abit easy especially on UV where you get a bezerk pack -It is very short if this were a first level to a megawad it might be good to stretch it out twice as big -Sonic adventure music is a very bizzare choice of music for a doom wad -I did like the secrets however one requires looking up and down so maybe it'd be good to state that looking up and down is recommended Overall it's a pretty alright first level keep at it!
  10. WolfBlue

    First map that I've made thats beatable

    Kinda reminds me of one of those maps you'd find in like a "1000 doom levels on 1 disc!" D!zone type things. At least you have different textures and worked out how to make damaging sectors, don't get discouraged keep at it and some day you'll make a great level! You said you made this map to test doors and level exits? maybe it'd be best to keep these kinds of maps to yourself without uploading them until you figure out all the functions of your doom builder, also its good practice to state what commercial iwad your map uses, which map its on and other stuff maybe include a readme in future releases
  11. WolfBlue

    Mansion Controller - my new map!

    I saw your stream, the stair case is so the cyberdemon dosent immediatly get alerted as you open the door, I didnt take into account people who dont mouse look
  12. WolfBlue

    Doom 1-3 on the Switch?!

    People have probably said this before but I thought it was super lame No rest for the wicked wasn't included in switch doom 2, master levels is a nice inclusion though. Also where the heckie is my final doom on switch? is tnt and plutonia now just forgotten games? maybe trouble licensing them from the Casali brothers? cause than we'd have pretty much every single doom on switch from 1 - eternal
  13. This map is pretty cool I like the texture work, I'm assuming you're not allowed to mlook lol anyway heres my demo (Gzdoom) IconOfDataWB.rar
  14. Heres my 2nd go and its probably better than my first attempt but still pretty bad lol - 29 minutes to make not including playtesting - iwad is doom 2 map is 01 - format is doom 2 for simplicity WB30min2.rar