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  1. DavidN

    Continuous integration of any desired Doom mod

    I’ve played with continuous integration-like arrangements with Doom mods before, but there’s no central place as yet that supports versioning and automatic updates. Continuous integration during development is what I’ve been working on, with this Rampart system to collect together people’s submissions for community projects and produce a continuously updated complete project from them.
  2. DavidN

    2023 Cacowards

    Thanks for all the work that you put in to celebrate the incredible creations made by this community! The number of notable things this year was amazing - Myhouse alone was a landmark for exposing our little community to the wider internet, but to also have everything else that happened this year and to finish it off with Sigil 2 and Eviternity 2 on the same day... it's a good year to mark the 30th anniversary :) And a special thank you for the attention paid to the many, MANY newcomers who tried out Doom mapping and submitted maps to RAMP this year - I was completely unprepared for how large the project grew, and I hope many of them stay around for more :)
  3. DavidN

    What are your creative crutches?

    Wall looking a bit blank? Stick a recessed computer in there!
  4. I suppose it would have to be a surface/line whose “texture” was continuously updated to display the output from the MAME emulator code, which would have to be allowed to tick as part of GZDoom’s usual tick cycle. Good luck
  5. DavidN

    Make Your Own Doom Cheat Code

    This fixes a huge oversight :)
  6. DavidN

    Qommander Ceen Kwestion (and bonus question!!)

    It’s odd that they made the boss specials only apply to certain levels, now you mention it - checking the level number is an extra step in the code, so it isn’t like it was quicker only to implement the specials on a couple of maps. They might have restricted them to prevent unexpected clashes happening in other level slots, but that doesn’t make much sense to me either - tags numbered 666 and 667 are memorable enough to remember something happens when you use them, and wouldn’t clash with the natural numerical order of tags until a level’s size was well beyond the original Doom engine’s capabilities. I’d probably put it down to just that the levels for Doom and Doom 2 were mostly made in an enormous rush, and that it seemed easier to hard-code some specifics like when special actions are available and where secret level exits point to, instead of thinking ahead about how they might be made more generally useful.
  7. DavidN

    Slime maps are a vibe

    Slime can be used well :) Of course it gives me Episode 1 nostalgia, which is my elemental weakness
  8. Do you have some sort of alias/console command to restart levels using the “map” command or something similar? This resets your game
  9. DavidN

    Was Doom Meant to be Harder?

    It’s so nice not to have thought about how rubbish they were for so many years! I can’t believe we put up with them for that long - scraping the stripes of wrapped-around fluff off the rollers and still having little dead zones that the cursor rolled over when the ball didn’t quite contact them correctly
  10. Yes! I’d like to take some time to pick up Phobian Odyssey again and use some of the stuff I implemented but never used :)
  11. DavidN


    All right, one more time :) I ventured back into the House to add some observations, especially on the version differences I mentioned several pages ago, and to answer questions that had come up on the other videos! I was very surprised to learn another use of slopes and portals that I’d overlooked before, but that’s so clever for something a player might not even notice! The Machinations of myhouse.wad (How it works) - Part 4
  12. DavidN

    How can I make a custom titlescreen?

    Sending no links will be tricky because Doom uses its own graphics format! Can you see this? https://doomwiki.org/wiki/Picture_format You'll need to include the graphic as a lump called TITLEPIC in your WAD. If you want to write a WAD for the original Doom or a source port closely based on it, you need to use this picture format and use the limited palette. The WAD editing tool SLADE3 can do the conversion for you from various other graphics formats, and palettize the graphic. If you're targeting a port like GZDoom, then you don't need to worry about the Doom graphics format - it can accept and display the TITLEPIC lump as a PNG, JPG, etc and has no palette limitations.
  13. I loved PC Zone, it was fascinatingly strange in its sense of humour - the precursor to irreverent game critic personalities like Yahtzee and so on :) What a great find!