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  1. DavidN

    Have you guys ever had these moments?

    Does she play games otherwise? The weirdest thing to me about the comparison to escape rooms is that they came from much more puzzle-focused games before they existed in real life :) An escape room is a mini puzzle solving adventure game brought to life... I can only imagine someone comparing Doom to an escape room if they were unfamiliar with other games that are much more like escape rooms than Doom is! Something I find interesting is that my daughter Penny thinks of Doom as a game about building things, sort of like she does with Minecraft. And the way I and many of us use it, it sort of is - I spend far more time with it making new things than doing the actual demon-slaughtering.
  2. DavidN

    THEME-GAWAD: A Doom II Megawad

    Well done for getting this to the finish line :)
  3. What a nice thread :) Thanks to everyone who submitted maps to this year’s RAMP, who thought that my opinions on their maps were worth anything and that just enjoyed making something in Doom this year!
  4. DavidN

    I feel too old

    For someone born in 2022 your keyboard skills are very advanced! :)
  5. I can’t really remember - I think it was something to do with not being able to say where all the assets came from and if they were copyrighted
  6. Yes - also worth mentioning is that the 17th Feb 1994 release also introduced the ability to play Doom on an IPX network without obliterating the whole rest of your network :) https://doomwiki.org/wiki/Broadcast_packet_meltdown
  7. My server had a hiccup and I've had non-covid pneumonia so I haven't had the energy to track down why D: I'll get it working again soon - thanks for sharing the WAD around in the meantime :)
  8. Where you've got plain walls just now, add zig-zags to make them look like natural outdoor crags, put a sector behind them and pull the floor upwards to make nooks where you can put monsters that throw fireballs at you from afar... the room at the end looks good, experimenting more with angles!
  9. DavidN

    Are you an active DoomWorld Playtester?

    Here you go! Thanks for maintaining this list, it’s great for new and old mappers alike :) Active/Partial Playtester: Active Preferred difficulty: Easy to mildly stressful Number of maps in a set (Max/Min): No map limit but I try to play about an hour maximum per video Genres don't like: None Preferred souce ports: GZDoom Refused source ports: None Demos|written comments| youtube| Twitch: http://youtube.com/@DavidXNewton Contact (Personal forum thread/ Private message): Submit requests at https://doom.teamouse.net/request Notes: Am a rabbit
  10. DavidN

    Doom map → image → Doom map

    As there are so many possible colours (256^3) compared to the number of flats/textures you would realistically have in a Doom WAD, maybe each of the R, G and B values could correspond to something different - like a normalmap Edit: On closer examination of the reply to my first post, this is already exactly what it's doing!
  11. Hi, sorry for missing this the first time! If you have the time and the inclination then I'd be very glad for you to go for it :)
  12. DavidN

    Doom map → image → Doom map

    This looks like it could lead to some interesting things :) I'm interested in how it works! Is the PNG just the image we see, or is there more encoded into the metadata as well (like which colours correspond to which textures)?
  13. You're right, my server wasn't forwarding HTTP correctly - use https://files.teamouse.net/doom/wads/phobianodysseydemo2.pk3 !
  14. DavidN

    Weird Mandela affect

    I was certain the area with the nukage and cross-shaped bridges in E1M6 was open to the sky as well, but it’s entirely indoors! It’s hard to remember that details weren’t all that clear on the screen the first time around in 1993…
  15. Thanks! I'll have another try at making TEXTUREx, PNAMES, etc lumps for Cleanout... it looks like combining the ones from Doom 1, OTEX and the custom ones from Cleanout will be a bit more involved, but I'm pretty sure I can write something to do it.