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  1. DavidN

    How We Saw '95 Revival Thread [CLOSED]

    Hi! I'm still in if this is still going - I saw the thread was marked [CLOSED] and thought it was cancelled!
  2. DavidN

    Exodus- Single-map!

    A nice map to finish off the year, it definitely had a great atmosphere :) I just noted a couple of places where it seemed undetailed compared to the high level throughout the rest of the map!
  3. DavidN

    The Failed Experiment (T.F.E.) - My New Wad

    It's twenty days after you messaged me but here you go :) I noticed the weird blocking lines as well, but I love the style of it, both in the techbase and hell scenarios!
  4. DavidN

    Ozonia Boom Megawad [RC3 Out!]

    Incredible stuff, really glad to see this completed!
  5. DavidN

    Ozonia Boom Megawad [RC3 Out!]

    I love this :) The "structures on an island" level design has a great character to it, and I appreciate that the levels are perfectly "Doom-playing dad" sized to keep a sense of accomplishment going. Good luck with the impending release!
  6. DavidN

    [GZDoom][In Development-Remake] Shenanigans Base v1_8

    Hi! Thanks for contacting me - here's a video. You've got the basics working, the trap up the stairs from the starting room worked great and I think the series of rooms leading to the exit was the best part, gradually revealing more and more problems for the player. Things that would improve the map: Most areas are VERY small and cramped - this lets monsters attack you in single file, and makes them easy to pick off (or alternatively, if the player runs out of ammunition, makes the player trapped without a way of escaping). I would double the size of most of these rooms to free up some space for gameplay. And placing so many different monsters together in the room upstairs from the start, combined with the way the group of monsters only have one avenue to the player, lends itself to a lot of infighting - one fireball in the wrong place can spark a room-wide war that happens without the player's involvement. Again, giving the monsters more space to move around would curtail the infighting, and making the entrance less tight would stop the player running away so effectively. I'm not sure what's going on with the dormant Lost Souls in that room, either - and there are some odd/misleading texture choices which I go through in the video.
  7. Pulling this up with a new video on request :) This is a nice map set with variation in the levels and some nice scenery - and once again something that is far too good being made by someone new ;)
  8. If you're using a UDMF format (GZDoom, etc) you can set up different properties on a line for whether it blocks players, missiles, etc. Unfortunately I don't think vanilla/Boom maps offer that kind of granularity, if you're sticking with that... you could possibly make the sector behind the wall a 32-unit step up so that the player couldn't cross it from floor level?
  9. That's something I noticed in a gameplay video that Thingie! sent me - it takes over two seconds for it to fade in! And the line that does it is actually consistent with that: if (dialogOpacity < 1.0) dialogOpacity += 0.01; So looking at that, it would take 100 tics, or just under 3 seconds. So why does it appear so much faster on my end - some GZDoom setup obscurity? I recorded some of my own gameplay at https://youtu.be/v6EXP89mSkk. Nevertheless, I've updated and reuploaded it now - you can patch it yourself by changing zscript/ui.zs line 176 to add 0.05 or whatever suits.
  10. DavidN

    Softlock in MAP31: Cyberden?

    It probably isn't - it sounds like the kind of thing that could be caused by performing two actions that raise those stairs too close together, so one of the actions gets ignored. You can do something very similar on Doom2 MAP21 Nirvana, with the four switches on the triangular wooden plinth thing.
  11. For NaNoWADMo this year, I wanted to do something a bit different and experiment to see if I could get a dungeon crawler style movement engine working in GZDoom. Then it snowballed until I'd accidentally written a whole JRPG style game in it. So venture through the caves, tunnels and labs underneath Tharotia as you try to eradicate the demons! This copy has five and a half levels of dungeons, and lets you try out the cycle of the game, fighting monsters in FPS battles and scavenging materials and treasures. As the name suggests, it's heavily inspired by Etrian Odyssey, the series of W/JRPG hybrids that managed to revive first person dungeon crawling without it being coma-inducingly boring. I'd love to work this up into a full game some day because I wrote a ton of stuff that I didn't even use, like being able to apply special effects and elements to weapons - perhaps I will revisit it if enough people enjoy it! http://files.teamouse.net/doom/wads/phobianodysseydemo2.pk3 Runs on GZDoom with DOOM2.WAD or equivalent, and I recommend Xaser's DamNums to complete the JRPG mood :) https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?t=55048 Thanks to Scwiba/Ryath for NaNoWADMo Ezo, Ginji, LikoClave and Boomer Spacely for the use of their characters Temiree, LikoClave, Jan, Licographics and OhMyRichard for the portrait artwork Ukiro for OTEX James Paddock as usual for the music JPBreton for the amazing Mr Friendly, from which I borrowed a significant amount of code Everyone on the GZDoom Discord for their guidance as I found my way in ZScript!
  12. DavidN

    Sandy's granddaughter plays Doom

    I can’t wait for John Romero to comment with “Hi Sandy, hope you’re doing well, actually you don’t have a granddaughter”
  13. DavidN

    EZDec - Create DOOM mods with ease!

    This is nice! I could imagine it being good for experience modders to scaffold something out without remembering the entire list of required states, etc
  14. DavidN

    Tweet2Doom: Play Doom on Twitter

    This is… absolutely, absurdly ridiculous. Well done :) Like you said above, I’m really interested to see TAS-style competition between people, not to complete the levels quickly but in the fewest characters…
  15. All right, I've settled on my goal - not necessarily a full game this year, but to produce at least an engine prototype for a Doom dungeon crawler! So far I have the grid movement working in a test level, a ton of behind-the-scenes coding done to fetch data from a Google sheet and write the game data files instead of doing it myself, and a system for defining how encounters behave - how often the player gets into them and what parties of monsters can appear. Next, I'd like to work out a way of managing the player's inventory, allowing them to take along their own choice of weapons, ammunition and healing items to help them survive the sci-fi dungeon :)