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  1. I've just uploaded the last part of my playthrough, and this was exceptional the whole way through. It uses the vanilla engine so creatively, making it feel like a new experience that stands apart from normal vanilla megawads. And it does it while being very... understated? By which I mean it isn't full of tiny sector detailing that stretch the visplane limit to breaking point - in fact, it has a relatively plain classic WAD look, while still managing to make its own identity just through its gameplay. I honestly think - and hope - that this is going to become one of the classics :) Thank you!
  2. DavidN

    Looking to see my band music used in WAD's...

    Here's something I put together in a spare half hour tonight :) This is a pretty straight conversion of the first minute or so - it might work even better in MIDI with some more ambient instruments... http://www.teamouse.net/games/doom/music/robesofpurpleandgold.mid
  3. Thanks :) I'm recording them now and have switched to v1.4 as of part 3 (starting at MAP12).
  4. Ah, thank you so much :D I'd started this WAD without videoing it, but it's good enough that I want to spread it to a wider audience and it's exactly the right difficulty for it not to be a chore for me - so I'm starting a complete playthrough here!
  5. DavidN

    doom shareware content

    That’s right - no monsters from episodes 2 and 3, and also missing the plasma gun and BFG!
  6. DavidN

    Knitting Doom

    I have no idea where this is going but I'm curious to find out :) Are you interested in the binary of the EXE, the IWAD or something else? Here's a rendering of the EXE for Ultimate Doom v1.9. Note that it's a 6.9MB file already - the same rendering for the accompanying WAD is a 106MB text file. You might want to plan to knit a scarf for a giraffe, or something :) http://teamouse.net/games/doom/doomexebytes.txt This is my attempt at a translator, for anyone who wants to check my coding: <?php $filename = "e:\\games\\retro\\doom\\ultimate\\doom.exe"; $handle = fopen($filename, "r"); for ($i = 0; $i < filesize($filename); $i++) { $byte = fread($handle, 1); $int = ord($byte); echo(substr("00000000" . decbin($int), -8) . " "); } fclose($handle); ?>
  7. DavidN

    "David Develops Doom" tutorials

    DEHACKED + STRINGS - Going into editing beyond WAD files, using Dehacked or the LANGUAGE lump to change the text in the game.
  8. DavidN

    "David Develops Doom" tutorials

    HOW WADS WORK - Looking more into the structure of a WAD and how you affect the base game by loading a PWAD on top of it.
  9. I've got up to three Doom editing tutorial videos on Youtube, which makes it a series! :) I just wanted to start posting them here as a thread as well. EDITING BASICS - Downloading and setting up the programs you need to start editing for Doom, and walking through the creation of a small level.
  10. DavidN

    is it easy to make custom assets?

    There are some great tutorials on the SLADE3 site - this one goes over importing some custom graphics. http://slade.mancubus.net/index.php?page=wiki&amp;wikipage=How-to-Copy-and-Convert-Graphics
  11. DavidN

    is it easy to make custom assets?

    That is definitely the place to get the latest GZDoomBuilder :) It's just a map editor, though, and is a great starting point but won't help with adding new graphics content. For that, you'll want a WAD editor like SLADE3 - or if you're targeting only modern source ports like GZDoom, to learn a bit about the PK3 format. With both of these, replacing graphics for existing enemies is very straightforward - you add images to your WAD or PK3 with the same names as those in the base WAD that comes with Doom, then load them up together and your custom content will be patched over the standard ones. Adding new content is a whole other story, but it's much easier if you're using a modern source port!
  12. DavidN


    Welcome :) To explain the difference, you need to know a bit about what a WAD contains - I made a video that might help explain it. The WAD, which is the file you create to make a Doom mod, can contain graphics, maps, sounds, and so on. SLADE3 can create and edit the whole contents of WADs, so you use it to organize all the data in them. Doom Builder (or GZDoomBuilderBugFix as the latest edition is unwieldily called) is exclusively a map editor, for creating level in the Doom engine. SLADE also has a map editor in it and some people prefer it over the DoomBuilder family - SLADE's own map editor would also be your choice if you're on a Mac or Linux, as GZDBBF is only available for Windows just now.
  13. I've been playing through this gradually and it's a great set of maps - very true stylistically to Doom 2 while being a unique set of challenges on its own :) I love the Choose Your Own Adventure parts where getting one key will block off others, along with the other techniques you've used to make it possible to take multiple routes through a map. Hurt Me Plenty seems to be exactly my preferred difficulty level. Are you meant to be able to get out of MAP13 Tease with just one key, or have I discovered an ingenious speedrunning strategy for the first time in my life?
  14. DavidN

    wads for potatos?

    The Top 100 Wads list at https://doomwiki.org/wiki/Top_100_WADs_of_All_Time is a great starting point, and the very early ones will certainly be old hardware-friendly :)
  15. DavidN

    Looking to see my band music used in WAD's...

    I could imagine music with some of these riffs going well in Doom :) Does any MIDI data for the songs exist already or is it all recorded guitars/drums?