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  1. DavidN

    yfrbtm - a techy map for GZDoom

    Absolutely incredible for a second released map - I love the aesthetics of it, the bright green cutting through the techbase. It makes it so much more than just another generic techbase map, it really has its own style. I definitely felt the lack of ammunition as well - I'm not really sure of a solution if you want the player to rely on Berserk more, as it can be very difficult to telegraph to a player what you want them to do if it's non-standard. For the freelook/jumping - I would say that disallowing jump/crouch is fine because allowing them to be optional means the player can sequence-break very easily... but freelook seems benign enough to have as an option to me, unless there are any places where you absolutely need the player not to shoot a switch, for example, from above or below.
  2. DavidN

    Ascent of Titan (A NaNoWADMo 2020 project)

    Thank you for all the great videos - I'm sorry for any that I haven't acknowledged yet! I'm currently making a final version to go out on to idgames, which will address a couple of the annoyances. I've started a commentary playthrough of my own, as well!
  3. DavidN

    The DWIronman League dies to: Sawdust

    Aaaagh! A tragic death on MAP02 where I thought I was doing really well and then was absolutely annihilated by a rocket in the back. Category Standard 1 MAP02 death with 52 kills http://files.teamouse.net/doom/demos/dxndwi54.lmp
  4. DavidN

    Your thoughts on horror mods?

    I don't usually like horror mods because I have chronic anxiety and am too wimpy to play them! But they can be done really effectively - Cabin by @UndeadRyker was one recently that I enjoyed. In a game like Doom where you have a lot of weaponry at your disposal, though, you'd want to severely limit what's available to the player - nothing's frightening if you're skulking around the woods with a Brutal Doom minigun in hand.
  5. DavidN

    Hell's Farthest Shore - The Command Center - UPDATED

    All right, this is absolutely ridiculous - how is this your first map?! What an ambitious and incredible project - I love how... overdone everything is (even secrets which could reasonably have been little closets have clever tricks to them that make them wind around into previously seen portions of the map). The map's take on "base being corrupted by hell" is great, it feels much more organically entwined like Doom Eternal does instead of just being a base with some hell textures in it. Here is my experience!
  6. DavidN

    Kuro's sky textures!

    These look great, thanks for making them available!
  7. DavidN

    The UnMaking: a 33-map nightmare for Doom 64

    All right, let's take stock of where I am with this :) I started episode 3 tonight and am about a third of the way through it - and just like I said for the first two episodes, you continue your amazing talent for using the building blocks of the game in new and unexpected ways! I'm completely unfamiliar with how any of Doom 64 works so even the normal stuff sometimes comes as a surprise to me. Amazing work as always
  8. If you spend your time playing people’s stuff and enjoying it (and telling them that!) then you are one of the most valuable members of the community :)
  9. I gave it a play - thanks for being so patient after your message! This is a nice set of beginner maps - you definitely experiment as you go through, with different encounter setups. I think the first few maps are the strongest - a couple of the later ones tend to be quite familiar after a while in having large piles of monsters where you're given an Invulnerability sphere and just have to go through and take care of them. I found one softlock where you can fall behind a console, and it's quite easy to get stuck on MAP07 if you've left a Mancubus or Arachnotron behind at any point in the map - you can't get back through the door once you're in the red key room. Nevertheless, it's great that you put this together :)
  10. DavidN

    The Scared Thread

    I was terrified of the Ouch face when I first saw it (I think it was in the Toxin Refinery demo in shareware Doom) - a sudden new terrified expression that I'd never seen Doomguy make before! And I still get a bit of a jump when it appears in gameplay, even in source ports where the code is fixed and it appears much more predictably.
  11. DavidN

    He Came From Beyond

    This looks incredible, I’m surprised by how well the sepia drawn look works in 3D without it just looking like the map itself is made of origami!
  12. Thanks for your ideas! It’s not a massive problem but I’ll give them both a try.
  13. Thanks for your and everyone’s work in putting this together - I played through over a couple of weeks and it was nice to experience a bit of Doom-engine history that I’d overlooked before. (Reflecting on the game itself, I’d describe it as an interesting but not particularly good Hexen-Doom hybrid, but that’s not your fault :) ) One thing I noticed was that the game would very consistently crash if it was running while the Switch went to sleep and was left for a while - it would reopen with the music still going but with the display and controls frozen. Quitting to the Switch menu and closing the software from there would cause it to wait for a while and then declare “The game had to close due to an error”. It’s been good to explore it, though. I liked the touch that you can line up your shots more precisely with the tilt controls, and yet it never felt they got in the way when I wasn’t deliberately trying to tilt the handheld around.
  14. DavidN

    Are you an active DoomWorld Playtester?

    This is a nice idea! I’d love to do something on top of the forum or maybe the idgames database as well, to list WADs that have playtests or videos requested and let people pick them up... I’m definitely available whenever!
  15. I think I noticed that the pentagrams were monster teleport locations while playing? (Either that or you told me.) The face switches match up with the face textures to mark which door or platform a switch is going to affect! I have this down as a note for a future Doom video as a way of solving uncertainty around what a switch did :)