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  1. Player T

    What is the "nukage"?

    While I can't really give a good answer for Doom, I can give you my idea of what it is. In the Machinima I make called Spring Time in Hell, the nukage is actually the waste product of the explosive barrels, as they are created with this sludge. However, only a portion of the sludge created is actually explosive. The rest is just flammable. Which would be pretty cool in Doom tbh.
  2. Player T

    Send me your weapon ideas!

    A demonic grenade launcher that drains enemy health and gives it to the player, similar to the grenade from Doom 2016
  3. So by using modern tools, how much of Quake 1 could be recreated in GZDoom?
  4. There were some Musket sprites sent to the Share Your Sprites thread, but I do see the problem with making that sort of mod :\
  5. Have there been any serious mods or assets that are related to the American Civil War? I know there was that one joke wad, but that aside, has there been anything? I mean there have been a number of Western themed wads in the past and even present, so why no Civil War mods?
  6. Player T

    Is it possible to have 3rd party monsters?

    Well, damn. Oh well, thanks for the help!
  7. Player T

    Is it possible to have 3rd party monsters?

    I know, I should've mentioned that in the post, however I'm talking about making a 3rd party monster that doesn't use the Thing_Hate special.
  8. So, I'm currently working on a Grey Alien, and I would like to know if it is possible to make the monster hostile to demons and players alike. Here is the unfinished version I used for this screenshot Xinian Imp Replacement.zip
  9. Player T

    What's the Translation string for blue?

    It worked. Thanks
  10. I've been trying to create a translation string with this shade of blue. Nothing has worked so far.
  11. Player T

    Does anyone have colored Marine sprite sheets?

    I figured that out too, very helpful.
  12. Player T

    Share Your Sprites!

    Some gore sprites for my show Spring Time in Hell
  13. Player T

    Does anyone have colored Marine sprite sheets?

    Hey, thanks. BIG Life saver. I needed to turn this into a Red Marine for the first fight scene of the episode. Thanks