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  1. Edward850

    Microsoft Windows 11 confirmed exclusive to 64-bit CPUs.

    I have never once paid for Visual Studio. And not due to any grey market keys or anything. Like legit I don't think you've ever actually used Visual Studio.
  2. Edward850

    Switches and Doors not working?`

    For the door tagged 1: You have the heights inverted and are currently set to 128. Remember doors raise the ceiling (they move up), so the floor and ceiling need to be 0. Remember to apply the upper textures when you change this. Tag 2: You have used action 18 "Floor Raise to Next Higher Floor". As you want the platform to lower, you'll want to use action an action that lowers, for example action 23 "Floor Lower to Lowest Floor". I've included a wad with the indicated changes. SH_TestMap02_edited.zip
  3. Edward850

    Switches and Doors not working?`

    Given you've already been following a tutorial, the best course of action would be to post an level of what you have done, so that what you may have missed in your process can be diagnosed.
  4. Edward850

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Seemingly not the case, of the two hardware renderers that account for software clipping. If Strife: Veteran Edition on the Nintendo Switch is any indication, the extra draw pass to render the overdraw is of no impactful cost at all, and that's with a cheap GL 1.5 renderer with its Nvidia driver basically emulating the pipeline at this point (OpenGL is really quite slow on the Switch, comparatively speaking). Doom64's renderer is faster still, managing to be the only one of maybe two games tops being 1440P on the Xbox One S, though the trick there is we didn't use a zbuffer for sprites at all, instead relying on the original clipping algorithm from the N64 code (which yes came with the same inaccuracies, but we made no attempt to fix those, the levels didn't really demand fixing them).
  5. Edward850

    How long should a video game be?

    What is length supposed to mean, exactly? Like, how long is Minecraft? Is Minecraft's length infinite, and is that too long or too short? How long is Doom? You can "complete" Doom in a couple of hours but I've probably got a year or so of playtime on it. This strikes me as an arbitrary metric.
  6. Edward850

    Patch The Doom 64 Re-releases Petition

    Steams public stats are extremely inaccurate for singleplayer games, given how profile permissions work. This isn't correct.
  7. Edward850

    Quake Remastered

    Yes, but it's which map and where is the detail I need. The data wasn't important, it's testing it that's relevant.
  8. Edward850

    Quake Remastered

    Would you be able to give directions as to where we could find this exactly?
  9. And who is going to pay for it? Especially in the latter situation.
  10. So after some inspection, GFWL isn't actually shut down. The client, if you can wrangle your way around installing it, still functions (on Windows 10!), signs in, and keys for the service still register. My copy of Halo 2 still functions, and multiplayer looks like even still works (not dedicated servers or matchmaking, but IIRC invites to custom games function fine). This is to be expected, as GFWL is actually just an Xbox 360 live service client, and the Xbox 360 is still online. All the games are still visible, it even knows I'm playing on GFWL on my Xbox Series. This, however, has two caveats: The installers are no longer provided, and don't work on Windows 10 by default. There seems to be some service providers that are additionally missing, however one sketch as fuck YouTube video later (I should have just checked pcgamingwiki), I had the installer working and the client would start up. The sign in process took a long time for some curious reason, and the update required me to reboot my PC without telling me, but after all that, Halo 2 launched and even registered fine. The marketplace itself is specifically offline. So while the client and all the services work and everything signs in, you can't redownload any old purchases (if they only came from said marketplace). So what happened? Best that I can think of, the marketplace component was some weird stapled on system and not part of Xbox Live itself (unlike everything on the 360 which is all one in the same system), and at some point it just... stopped working. But what's more, not a single person said anything. After all, why would anybody say anything? Nobody is using it anymore. Even their most prominent game, Halo 2, no longer serves any functional purpose given there is already a vastly superior version on PC. It's just kind of got deprecated into obscurity. The installers are much the same, nobody ever noticed they stopped working, because honestly, whose checking?
  11. Edward850

    Implementing support for modern maps in a DOOM utility

    If you are writing a new tool from scratch, there basically isn't, there is no shortcuts. Hexen you can kind of work around because the only thing actually different about it is the THINGS and LINEDEFS formats, UDMF however couldn't be any more different and requires an entirely different approach to read.
  12. Edward850

    Implementing support for modern maps in a DOOM utility

    That's a map format, not a WAD format. There is 3 map formats, 4 if you consider Boom to be one as well. Doom1&2 and Final Doom all share identical specifications for that. Strife and Heretic use the Doom format but with extra/different definitions (they are otherwise binary compatible). Hexen's is actually different with the inclusion of ACS. Then you have extensions such as Boom, which is otherwise binary compatible but requires some extra elbow grease to understand its generalised format, and UDMF, a text format which you linked to. More info here: https://doomwiki.org/wiki/Map_format
  13. Edward850

    Implementing support for modern maps in a DOOM utility

    I think you might be confusing terminologies, there is only a single WAD format for all of classic Doom, Heretic, Hexen, and Strife. Here are the specs: https://doomwiki.org/wiki/WAD Jaguar Doom and derived (including Doom64) has a modification of the specs to use Big Endian for the integers and support compression, and Quake 1 has a WAD2 format.
  14. There was also games just getting to big for DVDs, and the complete lack of adoption of bluray drives on PC that made physical distribution utterly pointless. Though it's hard to say if the lack of bluray adoption was the cause or effect.
  15. It's not even a "unity port" thing, the actual library started life with the Original Xbox version that came with Doom3, and has been used that way since. The XBLA version was the same, though with a dedicated core process rather than Doom 3 or Unity. There was a fan made source port that stuck Doom inside of Doom 3 via the UI module instead. However there hasn't been anything made in quite the scope of the official library version, which is quite unique in that it had all the globals changed into a singular class that could be duplicated, which is how it does splitscreen.