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  1. Because you made it one. Specifically, it hasn't become a map marker, but rather SLADE3 is detecting it as one (the contents are unchanged, type detection is mostly just context aware identification) because you put it where a map marker should be, before the TEXTMAP entry. You seem to have destroyed the original map marker and put something unrelated in its place, so now SLADE3 is detecting a map called WAND4. Put WAND4 back where it's supposed to be, remake the original map marker for that TEXTMAP (MAP02 perhaps?) and reload SLADE3, and it will detect the lumps as what they should be again. Specific lumps in WADs are very order depdent, and what they do and how Doom works with them is dependent on what's around them. TEXTMAP is part of the UDMF map structure, and said map structure is identified from ENDMAP to TEXTMAP and labeled with the map marker above. Other lumps such as sprites are expected to be contained in S_START/S_END marker lumps, as another example. Further reading: https://doomwiki.org/wiki/WAD#Lump_order
  2. The budget problem is easily solved, we just stop you from posting.
  3. Huh? Turok2 always had multiplayer, two different versions in fact. N64 had 4 player splitscreen with unique weapons, the original PC version had 16 player online using a remix of the singleplayer sandbox. EX has a remix of both existing assets with dedicated and listen server support. Heck, multiplayer was one of the key selling points of the N64 version, and is what resulted in RageWars. "Why was multiplayer added to a game that has multiplayer" is a bit of a weird statement, so I'm kind of hoping you've simply got your games confused here.
  4. While you're right to pick the safest answer, you could actually make this smart. Write-test the IWAD directory first when/if unconfigured, and if that fails, then default to wherever it currently does. Edit: Wait you can't do that either, due to the virtual storage redirection. Perhaps maybe bringing up a dialogue to choose the write location for the first thing downloaded if the setting is unconfigured? My answer would have been Kex is related to the Doom community. :P
  5. Can @Kaiser be nominated to be a moderator of said forum? (Do individual forums still have independent moderators like the old software?)
  6. No maybe about it. Doom'16 is very obviously pressed for resources on the Switch, it's hardly surprising that snapmap would have been too much.
  7. Really? I could have sworn items was a requirement. Come to think of it, now I'm not really sure why, because it wouldn't make for good speedrunning. Then yeah, in that case it'll just be because changing the category would be changing the meaning of the existing results, which means you still might as well call it something other than UV-Max anyway.
  8. Because that's exactly what the name says. Max, as in max stats, so 100% kills, 100% items and 100% secrets (where possible, there are exceptions for broken maps). Not needing 100% secrets would mean it wouldn't be UV-Max anymore, because that would no longer be the max of all things. You've effectively asked "Why are circles round?", the very thing defines what it is. To simplify greatly (and ignoring the part that for vanilla doom to remain competitive it has to still be vanilla doom), there is actually part of the reason why Vanilla Doom is specifically the competitive one, in that Doom's PRNG is not only imperfect, but so are its results. It is actually impossible to get perfect or snake-eyes results out of the SSG damage rolls due to the linear order of actions that must take place between each trace, and just the way Doom's PRNG table is constructed. This means that even with the PRNG table in place, you can always safely assume specific results out of the random damage collection. It's also obviously not as much of a problem with the more competitive runners, who make do on picking the more reliable or "worst-average" (using the lowest outcome as the benchmark) starts to get better results. This also works into deathmatch; nobody playing deathmatch seriously actually cares about the PRNG results in that way, they account for "worst-average" as the expectation and treat anything higher as a bonus or the "best-average" as a reason not to approach opponents in specific ways.
  9. Not really: All you are doing is updating the resource wad. You aren't actually updating the binary with any of its changes.
  10. It's the vanilla map format with some additional features/generalized actions implemented in the remaining unused space. As such, it's the easiest to implement as you don't need a new map parser or data containers, and thus one of the more universal additional feature sets among source ports.
  11. Probably depends on how far your definition on 'advanced' goes, but Eternity can record/play back Vanilla demos. Mind you it is pretty much the key exception.
  12. Except both features are source port features, not UDMF features. While they can certainly be enabled by UDMF being a dynamic format, if you added UDMF to, say, BOOM, that wont give BOOM either of these things.
  13. Voodoo dolls disappearing is a Zandronum bug, then. Vanilla behavior is to spawn each one for every player connected. I take it you reported it to them? Edit: Actually the problem might be because Zandro has no failsafe for it. Namely, if you start a map with no players or specific player numbers are missing.
  14. Are you somehow suggesting that voodoo dolls are included in monster counts? Because if so I've got news for you and it's all bad.
  15. Nobody has mentioned it because that word is not specific to Quake enough to be a reference. A Necropolis is a cemetery, typically a large one belonging to a city. It's almost too obvious a name for a Doom map. :P