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  1. https://github.com/kidGodzilla/Python/blob/master/wireframe-cube.py
  2. Well again this was about legacy maps, not new ones, so that's largely irrelevant. However if it can't be done then that's all I needed to know, thanks.
  3. It's not only for the purpose of editing, it's also for the purpose of previewing. The feature actually fairly dated by this point and is already used for several maps (and thus how it works is not really open for discussion, the boat has long since sailed :P); this is really more for the purpose of having a clear way to correlate it for existing maps and quick edits. Nobody would disagree with you on the UDMF front, but that's not really why I'm asking.
  4. @anotak Can you add support for modifying a mapthings flags directly as an integer in at least Eternity-Doom mode? Eternity uses the flags as the identifier for mapthing record numbers in ExtraData, and the only modern way of doing it at the moment is via manual editing of the things table in Slade3:
  5. If what you want is PRBoom+ but with controller support, Eternity might be what you want. It has full gamepad support for anything that works under SDL2, and has full uncompromised vanilla/Boom compatibility with an authentic renderer.
  6. Edward850

    How should I contribute to the Doom community?

    Why don't you just send them that link? It's already public. I feel like you have greatly misunderstood how /idgames works and what it even is. You can already download the mod.
  7. Edward850

    How should I contribute to the Doom community?

    That's just a frontend. It updates on cycle independent of the FTP.
  8. Edward850

    How should I contribute to the Doom community?

    It's already there ftp://gamers.org/pub/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/a-c/bldgesc.zip
  9. Edward850

    How should I contribute to the Doom community?

    Check the LAST.* files for your files true destination, or REJECTS if it was rejected. ftp://gamers.org/pub/idgames/
  10. Edward850

    Cant get smod (super mod) to work...

    There is no such thing. Unless you pirated the game, which isn't appropriate to mention around here (and isn't appropriate to ask for support for on any forum).
  11. Edward850

    Doom Rendering Pixels Taller than Wide

    No, and PrBoom+ doesn't even support MAPINFO. Changing the pixel ratio is exclusive to GZDoom.
  12. Try changing your markers to F_START/F_END then reload the wad.
  13. Edward850

    does quake 4 have any software rendering?

    HAH No. Very much no. No to the Nth degree.