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  1. Hardly weird at all. The average consumer CRT was designed to be 4:3, regardless of input resolution, so video resolutions usually implied pixel ratios rather than aspect ratios. Fixed pixel ratios didn't really happen until LCDs became mainstream.
  2. Will Id Tech 5 ever be released under GNU?

    Doom3BFG, which was released, has parts of idTech5. It has all its multi-threading code at the very least.
  3. Will Id Tech 5 ever be released under GNU?

    You assuming they even can. Id Tech 6 started using Wwise, Id Tech 5 is known for using a specific image compression format, and both of them could very will be using other 3rd party libraries. If they are and they are too deeply ingrained to the engine, there's no source code release. Period.
  4. Absolutely nothing. Well, it does mean that Slade doesn't know what it is, but that matters not.
  5. 2GB. There is a lump limit of ~4000 with vanilla Doom (in DOS specifically), however it sounds like you're using ZDoom which means "more lumps than you could humanly provide".
  6. @Quasar and I have the build, however there's some work involved in releasing it. When we have news we'll be sure to inform.
  7. Programs for pictures.

    No, @Arctangent is confused because Microsoft don't own or develop paint.net, and thus can't deprecate it. What you said thus doesn't align with any reality.
  8. What Romero and Sandy use to create levels

    https://doomwiki.org/wiki/DoomEd: Who knows, probably.
  9. Why is the radiation suit a timed powerup?

    Because it's a video game.
  10. None, really. The closest is GZDoom but it only supports the level definitions, it didn't use any of the actual code and relied on its own implementation and rendering. And SRB2 didn't so much as take them from Legacy, rather it is Legacy (warts and all).
  11. Soundproofing

    There's something you aren't getting (what you said had nothing to do with what I said), but I'm honestly not sure how else to explain it. Edit: Consider this scenario: The two connecting lines of the lift block sound. If the player is in either room when they attack, only that room will awaken. However if the player is on the lift when they attack, both rooms will awaken. This design is intentional for some encounter setups, like the MAP01 hallway as mentioned, and the programming for the behavior is very much explicit. It eliminates a key limitation that would exist if it blocked on the first line: Where do you put them without giving the player sight of enemies that can't be alerted because of the line. If it needs two lines, you can put them around a corner and still give the player no angle in which to abuse line of sight.
  12. Soundproofing

    It's quite intentional. It's used so sound blocking can be situational based on position. Doom2 Map01 is a good example of this, it has various lines down the hallway that block sound, so different groups of monsters can wake up depending on how far down the hallway you are.
  13. doom 3 demo not working

    The demo executable does not work on versions of Windows post XP. It's the full version or bust.
  14. Soundproofing

    There isn't an actor state for this. They are either asleep or they are moving.