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  1. Edward850


    Until recently (relatively speaking), Microsoft didn't make computers.
  2. Edward850

    The DOOM 64 (rerelease) thread

    It's your controller, the sticks don't rest at zero and toggling autorun is exposing it. You may have set the Min Deadzone L too low, or if it's at default your stick is drifting and it will need to be repaired or replaced.
  3. Edward850

    Is there a way to disable hardware acceleration?

    Eternity only has a software renderer. By some chance are you talking about the framebuffer output? Is that causing some kind of undesirable issue? Because generally trying to force using GDI as a frame buffer is going to be 10 times slower on modern hardware, we no longer have direct VGA access.
  4. Edward850

    The DOOM 64 (rerelease) thread

    That's DirectX11, and Steam's problem.
  5. Shoot at the enemies until they die. Though seriously, don't pick UV as the default skill in map sets, its skill curve is much higher than what it used to be.
  6. Edward850


    You say that but the maintenance/benefit ratio for java edition is insanely bad, it's part of the reason why bedrock was held back for so longer because untangling everything was such a massive drag for them. Legit, Microsoft had every reason to just kill it and they didn't. Backlash would have been completely irrelevant.
  7. Edward850


    If minecraft is any indication, absolutely nothing will change. Mojang still support the Java client of all things. They could have dropped that java client like a hot potato the moment Microsoft bought the IP and I would have actually 200% understood.
  8. Not level sets, no. The implication of defining new ones is that they would show up in the list to pick from.
  9. That's less a UDMF thing but rather a ZDoom thing, as ZDoom can define an arbitrary number of skill levels.
  10. Edward850

    MIDI/MUS or OGG/WAV music?

    Since when did MIDI become fake music? :P
  11. Nope (remember this is vanilla, that concept didn't exist until Hexen and Strife) and the code isn't any different. As P41R47 suggested, you'll want to try and reproduce this in detail, it sounds more like you are either mistaken about a detail or missing something crucial, but it's not obvious as to what from your present description.
  12. This is one of the main sticking points of your description. It is impossible not to have a status intermission between two levels, this is an absolute (well aside from using IDCLEV but you'd have to have typed that and it will still give you a screen wipe). Yes, even in the "Unity" port, it's still the same engine no matter how you twist it so all the same rules apply. I'm having troubles understanding the rest of your description as well.
  13. Edward850

    What is Vulkan Rendering for?

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vulkan_(API) As technology advances, we need new graphics APIs to handle the technology. Things may look the same visually but the code is extremely different. Vulkan could be considered a "OpenGL 5" (it's from Khronos Group who also did the OpenGL specifications), but as the API is completely new and shares no compatibility with GL, thus it's ultimately unrelated. GL itself is unlikely to see any further advancements as it functionally can't keep up anymore with new systems.
  14. As a general reminder, this port has the same restrictions on sprite replacements vanilla has, and not following those restrictions to the letter will result in a crash due to the way this data is managed. In general, if you replace a sprite it needs to be in between the markers and you can't just replace some sprites in a PWAD, either all or none of them. This was managed in vanilla using the tool deutex, and Chocolate requires -merge to break the rule itself (essentially acting as deutex). So there's nothing new going on here. Just a fairly rude reminder of how modding worked prior to ports like Boom.
  15. Almost as if physical distribution is expensive or something and perhaps isn't only cost of materials. Also producing Switch carts costs far more than you seem to think it is.