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  1. Edward850

    Chocolate Doom

    Of course not.
  2. Edward850

    Would it be worth playing through doom 3?

    If you don't play Doom3, @Quasar will never think you are cool.
  3. Edward850

    Chocolate Doom

    I believe you are mistaken. Chocolate Doom doesn't sync anything like that at all, there's out right no code for that. You may have accidentally copied a config over yourself.
  4. Edward850

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Shareware Doom 1.666 had a multiplayer demo. However the reason why they didn't originally was because demos didn't actually work for multiplayer, that was actually added in 1.4. Also the setup program clearly indicated multiplayer, which most people needed to run to even get sound working as Doom didn't automatically configure that. And multiplayer was available to anybody who could connect two computers together, as it supported modem/serial connections as well. While the same can't be said for modems or IPX compatible NICs, you can guarantee everyone had a serial port.
  5. You're most likely going to need to post your wad for someone to diagnose the problem. The error itself is being caused by a issue that's already occurred, namely the heap is already corrupted, the issue likely lies in the graphics but the error itself can't be used to diagnose if it is and why.
  6. Edward850

    "Block sound" not working?

    That's pretty much exactly what it's for. Doom2 MAP01 is a demonstration of this as it has sound-blocking lines down the hallway, where you are in the hallway changes which group of monsters wake up further down, without making the propagation effect abrupt.
  7. Edward850

    Issue With Doors Not Working

    You need to delete the sectors which you used for adding the lights. The door is trying to raise to the lowest neighbouring sector, which are those 0 height sectors. Deleting them won't remove the lights, they are just lines and the sectors aren't needed.
  8. Edward850

    Not even sure what to call this derail

    Well here you go. Dosbox set to 50000 cycles (might actually be a smidge slow for Doom2 but the recording has no effect on that). Here is the demo file: https://puu.sh/Er58h/e6ddd10125.zip And here is the video of me recording the demo file: Also note the reason why everyone uses PRBoom+/Choco/Crispy/Competition Doom to record demos: I had to claw-fist the controls because the available bindings in Vanilla Doom are shit. There's additionally no point to using dosbox because PRBoom+/Crisp/Choco/Comp will produce 100% vanilla compatible demos anyway, it's demonstrably the exact same game.
  9. Edit: Oh wow, the thread was split. Ignore this. :V
  10. Edward850

    Not even sure what to call this derail

    So let me get this straight, you want me to record a video of myself running DOSBox with doom recording a demo file? That's not being sarcastic or anything, I just want to make sure I've got your exact rules and expectations correct.
  11. Edward850

    Not even sure what to call this derail

    Seeing as recording demos in Doom is entirely a process of storing player inputs in RAM, and has been a function that has existed unimpeded since 1993 and could be done on somebodies cheap 80486, this is absolute bullshit you've just typed there. At least come up with a believable excuse if you can't put up.
  12. Edward850

    Not even sure what to call this derail

    MaxRideWizardLord sure talks big in regards to high level nightmare play. Does he have any complevel2 or 9 demos recorded that we can watch?
  13. Edward850

    Doom Eternal Delayed(March 2020)

    So you feel its more professional to release a rushed and potentially broken game? Because that's literally what you would be asking for here. For a person who calls themselves "massive fan of Doom", you sure don't seem to care much for the people who actually make the games.
  14. Edward850

    Slade 3 Website Not Working

    The website is already working again.