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  1. How is that possible when you can pick both in the same save file?
  2. Do you not understand it's a portable console? How long do you want the battery to last? Keeping in mind the battery already takes up one third of the units volume, you then don't have much room left for cooling, which you also especially want to keep down to conserve the battery that's there. And then even if you did increase these things, you have to start increasing the possible size of the unit, as well as the cost of the hardware itself, but one of the key reasons why Nintendo consoles remain competitive is their affordability. There is no way in hell the Switch would be even remotely successful if it cost, say $800. Your complaint is complete nonsense.
  3. I'm not sure what more you expected. The Switch undocked only has its GPU downclocked to 200Mhz. There's only so much you can do with so little.
  4. They arguably aren't even the same genre of game.
  5. Because it's not the 7th generation anymore, and Nintendo no longer manufacture the Wii. Duh. If what you wanted to ask was what the sales numbers are of the Wii vs the 360 and PS3 counterparts, let's take a look at some numbers: The Wii sold 101.63 million world wide as of the end of 2014, Sony gave a vague number of "80 Million" back in 2013, and the Xbox360 did 84 Million mentioned back at E3 2014. That's not last in any list.
  6. The Wii basically destroyed the 7th generation consoles while the 3DS dominated the handheld market, even managing to stay relevant with the surge of mobile apps. Irrelevant is kind of a falsehood, there. And the Switch is already released, and its only real "gimmick" is that it's both a home and portable console. Welcome to 2017, glad you could finally join us.
  7. This joke would be funny if not for the fact that one (two, technically) of the Switch's main inputs is a full twin stick gamepad. Wrong console, basically (and then even the Wii had gamepads, even supported the GameCube ones).
  8. wut No it isn't. 64bit Windows can run 32bit programs, no matter what system you have.
  9. This couldn't be further from the truth; Nintendo have been unusually lax about online content, to the point where they are even letting Microsoft use Xbox Live infrastructure on the Switch for Minecraft crossplay, including the logins for all the paid content. It's actually Sony who have been ultra restrictive this generation.
  10. You haven't quite explained what's going on. The way it works is this; Due to cart size/price ratio limits, the physical version contains just the campaign on the cartridge, and the multiplayer portion as a (apparently optional) download. Buying it from the digital store will download the complete game.
  11. This would imply that there is such as thing as infinite FPS (and this would be physically impossible). Every PC must have a framerate cap (within your context of the word cap).
  12. Who's arguing? All I asked for was evidence/conformation (extraordinary claims requires extraordinary evidence, etc etc). That demo seems to be it.
  13. It appears to be something with the way the form elements are snapped, because if you resize it, this happens: