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  1. She was a serial killer and preyed on nazis for almost a decade. The journal she reads you is about her self and not her "cousin" as she implies at first. She admits this with the last entry and a few of the later ones hint to this as well. She has been the one taking care of BJ, so was her "cousin" as she put it. My question is how does this effect the so called "Id timeline." Remember Billy Blaze is suppose to be BJ and Anya's grand child. If I recall the doom and quake guys are suppose to also be descendants. All out the window as it stands. Maybe this is Id's way of killing off Commander Keen for good, he was never born. The game was fun, but not what I expected plot wise. All I can say is lay off the Spirit Science videos developers, we don't need "space jews" to be a thing. Spirit Science is a crazy youtube animator that claims Atlantis was founded by Martians and space Jews, among many other crazy ramblings. I was expecting a time travel story from the first trailer I saw, not what we got. Still I enjoyed it and would like to see what happens next. We have a new villain anyways. We have Frau Mangle. Did the old guy in the game call BJ "chim-chim" like a chimp? That's some funny shit. I was calling him Bruce because I felt I was playing a movie played by Bruce Willis, BJ gets beat up like a standard Bruce Willis character. This didn't feel like a Wolfenstein game to me. I felt the 2009 one was a little more to the original.
  2. Sephiroth

    Doom ammo cans

    3 are the smaller black one is a savage64, a cheap .22 rifle. The first 2 are M9130s. One being a Tula 1943 and the other being a Izhevsk also made in 43, but much rougher and with some incomplete machine working. Still both will last a life time and have good bores, shoot great. The last is an m44, the carbine version with a fixed folding bayonet. The other 2 have bayonets, but they are in the closet. A M9130 with bayonet is about 5'6" tall, it's a big gun. No sissy assault rifle here, this is a battle rifle. 5 shot, bolt action. Similar to a .303 or .308, rifles, all are about the same size. ...oh and the ammo, like most military surplus it is corrosive. Meaning you got to wash the bore, bolt and gas tube(semi/auto). Then clean and oil the gun EVERY time you shoot. You do that anyways, right? Else salts from the primers attract moister and cause rust. Cleaning is actually very easy to do. Takes 5 minutes to take apart and put back together, including bolts. Being soviet ALL the tools are built into the gun...Just look it up. more pictures of the M9130, warning full sized pics. Taken apart for cleaning, bolt apart and the whole gun.
  3. Sephiroth

    Doom ammo cans

    When I started getting back into firearms I started buying lots of ammo when it is available. The cheapest to buy far is 9mm and bulk 7.62x54r. If that means nothing to you it's a very solid high powered round and has a long service history. It's also cheap and sadly for a time it was cheaper to shoot that even .22lr. The doomy thing about it is I can see were doom's ammo boxes got their inspiration. Here is how ammo comes and is typically stored in an arsenal. This ammo is Soviet surplus made in the cold war, Bulgaria 1986. The can on the right is a surplus Ammo can of unknown size and is the typical can people think of when it comes to ammo. This reminds me of the pistol/chaingun ammo. However not very easy to use in battle as the sealed cans need a can opener and come in little paper packs. This would actually make sense in the game as these bulk ammo cans are likely among the 1st things abandoned due to weight. This is also part of the reason why the USSR chose to make ammunition out of spec with NATO. It could be ditched, not used against them and reused if recaptured. These Bulgarian boxes ran me $80, the Russian stuff ran me about $100. Last year shops were selling .22lr for $100 for a box of 500. I could spend the same or slightly less and get 440 rounds of high powered Soviet glory. Here is the gun, well one of them, that uses this stuff. Their resting place. With proper literature to make rifles feel at home. [
  4. Sephiroth

    Morphic resonance

    Got to love new age BS claims. As a member of the amateur radio community I love hearing people butcher terms like resonance, radiation, energy and Tesla. What would a conscious inanimate object even be capable of? What useful properties or abilities would this give a user? Tesla's real contributions are nothing short of near magic, but fools want there to be more and crazy. Cause the radio in nearly everything they touch and the AC current flowing within feet at all times is just too damn boring. Likewise much of this technology ends up being feared. Morons suddenly think a massive antenna array is a weather control device or controls their thoughts. Science is a process that builds on success and proven results. It tries its best to ignore cultural bias. Science and proper engineering are what give us the life we so enjoy, not hokey woo from snake oil sales men. The only way to keep the ball rolling is proper education, training and interaction. Keeping our selves in walled gardens that echo our beliefs can feel good, but is very dangerous. An open mind is good, but reason should always apply. Like a good vaccine exposure can be a good thing. If it is too good to be true, too vague or involves money, iceberg ahead.
  5. Sephiroth

    The Walmart Game

    Cans of Bosnian baked beans (there is a brand of 9mm ammo that comes in baked bean sized cans, made in Bosnia and Herzegovina.) bag of lime machete. As teens we would dare people to take a hamster tube and personal lube to the pet section of Meijers(a chain of stores in the midwest) and request a gerbil/hamster. The strangest real non dare purchase was a huge bag of bird seed, pressure cooker and mason jars. If you know you already have an idea what activities involve cookers and mason jars.
  6. Wait till you get to your 30's, you get accessories called kids, fun stuff I tell you. My niece loves the Berenstain bears. I ordered her a bunch through my work and amazon. Spell check recognizes neither spelling. Same with Doctor Dr. Seuss, another one people swear is spelled differently. Thankfully NONE of the kids are into that show. Adventure Time, something about a gumball and a few others I can't recall tend to be what they fallow.
  7. I actually recall this issue from the 2nd grade. Many people called them the Berenstein Bears, but that hasn't ever been correct. I have a vivid memory of my 2nd grade teacher going over this issue. Plus I firmly recall years of google, and other search engines, giving me the stink eye over the spelling as well. Google goes with what is searched, not spelled correctly. Next the internet will tell me we have time travelers because people have videos of "cell phone users" that are clearly other objects (a big one being hearing aids) To be fair I was watching an old black and white movie where a kid drops a cigarette case/tin. My eyes momentarily saw it as a smart phone. An idiot would claim he saw a time traveler and ignore the plot line about said case. Amusingly the price of the case in the movie wouldn't be out of question today. $100 for a fancy cig case, i've seen some at $1000 or more. My favorite line from Futurama sums this up. Time makes fools of us all.
  8. Crazy ammo is a side effect of all this cold war rehash stuff. A good example is the 7.62x54r, among other stuff, that might be cut off from Russia in time. Factory 188 still makes it and it's good shit. Good thing I stocked up, also good thing other countries have huge stockpiles of the stuff. If you enjoy boom, get some. Instead of spending $500 on not so legal fireworks I can spend it on much more legal ammo and legal exploding targets. "Oddly" lots of Bulgarian, Romanian and other old comm bloc stock from the late cold war has been on the market. As if those countries are selling it to a huge market in exchange for something. Factor in the recent strong dollar and fuck yea..... I have scored Bulgarian tins from the 1980's for as low as $50! That is $50 for a big ass tin of ammo! $130 for a crate of 2 cans. Prices like that haven't been seen for over a decade. You HAVE to talk directly to importers and you HAVE to wait, but it's worth it. Average internet prices trickle up to $75-$115 a tin to your door, still worth it. The guns are another issue. I hope more surplus trickles in. If you don't own a M91/30 or any version of the mosin-nagant rifle, get one. Still plenty around. Is it the perfect gun? No, but you really can't beat what it has to offer. After all, it was good enough for the best snipers in the world and a huge chunk of the Russian army in WW II. You never know what will come in on import. Another cool fact, each sealed ammo tin is a time capsule and each gun is history that you can hold. On the commercial side I have noticed a lot of ammo coming from eastern and central European countries. Good stuff if you know what to look for, crap if you aren't aware of a few things.
  9. Sephiroth

    Jurassic World

    My degree was in evolutionary biology... Dinosaurs aren't extinct, the surviving ones we call birds. It may be one narrow part of a once great family, but birds are still the most dominate land vertebrate. Birds have nearly 10,000 species. Compared to about 5,500 for mammals, 7000 for amphibians and 8,800 for reptiles. So dinosaurs are technically still the dominate form of life on land, they just no longer command any mega fauna niches (outside emu/ostrich). The 1st movie may have had terrible plot holes, like the embryos and the size of the raptors. However dinosaur movies up till then involved horrible looking puppets, costumes and or animatronics. CGI was coming into its own and thus provided the 1st dinosaur movie that wasn't painful to watch due to terrible dinosaurs. The animals moved like animals, not slow rubber suits or puppets. The best you could hope for prior to the early 90's was a small animatronic that wasn't jerky. Sadly they could have done better because we know the damn things are covered in feathers! We didn't have to put up with bad rubber! I did laugh at the idea of pterosaurs snatching people up. Just like red tail hawks and puppies...(most puppies weight more than any hawk...birds have hollow bones and air sacks) Many pterosaurs are believed to have eaten fish.
  10. I like the one with the sick red neck. It says some bull about 250 million infected. It then tries to sell you some diet or supplement. Ads seem to have gotten a little wiser, but it's all some scam at the end of the day. Still you have to admit some leave you with a laugh and a WTF? The real crazy stuff is on the shortwave broadcast bands.
  11. Sephiroth

    Doomers That Disappeared

    For some odd reason I had a hankering to come back and check on the old doomworld. Lot's changed, but it's good to see it is still doomworld. I realized my account was made in 2000, and 2006 was the last time I posted on here. I was surprised I was able to log in. Life and such happens. I honestly figured my account would have been disabled and deleted by now. Long story short I ran across some doom videos on youtube and it got me thinking. Man I missed out on the troll wads and everything too. It's nice to come back here, kind of like home.
  12. Sephiroth

    How valuable is this? (D-1000 level disc)

    Easy way to check if it works is to run DOSbox or a virtual machine set up with DOS. Many of those bulk wads on a disc were little more than bootleg products. I got a few that even look like they were made in MS paint from the doom sprites. In fact most were illegal. They either violated the terms of Id, the wad maker's terms and and from what I recall mods were not to be sold for profit. Also many of these discs also used a good amount of deceptive advertising on features and mods. I remember one disc even implying that it was adding features to the doom engine like slopes and "VR quality" graphics. Some of the text files included with wads even stated not to be shipped on a CD and sold. Still it was a small time operation during the infancy of a massive game market and there wasn't much that could be done or that was worth doing. The current BS around copyrights wasn't in games at the time. DRM, who knew? D!zone was one of the better ones I recall. The maps it came with were mostly terrible. Some didn't work, others looked like learning/test maps, others were first time projects, buggy and terrible. What made it nice was the front end launcher for doom. You could change the wad directory to include better wads and thus making D! even better. Once I had a good internet connection I did that. The tools and options in the launcher made it a worthy tool even if it came with crap wads. Still there were many such discs. Unless there is a know reason I wouldn't pay more than $5 for one.
  13. Sephiroth

    AMD close to buying ATI

    i have never really had an issue with ATI, other than linux/BSD compatibility issues. this has got me curious about the things we will be seeing in the future from both ATI and AMD. last i heard it did happen
  14. Sephiroth

    Lawsuits over MMORPG in-game crime

    honestly i dont know why ebay allows it, i wouldn't not worth the risk. its just a game, sorry if you wasted 200 hours getting that sowrd, but in the end its a fucking game. issues like that are best left to server admins and such. the courts should ignore and toss these people out on their asses.
  15. Sephiroth

    for the gear heads

    attention car people, have a question for you. MY car has a break problem the front passenger side brakes are constantly pulsing and grabbing the rotor. if not stopped i will burn up another set of pads and another rotor. last time i replaced the entire brake system in that area. the calipler, brake pads, pins, rotor and line. however it still does it. i belive this is a problem with the ABS system. I don't know much about cars so i want to know if anyone has any ideas.