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  1. LutzIsAce

    Jojo's Bizarre Doom Adventures 1.0.1

    yare yare, really this is the best thing i have found today
  2. I forgot I was part of Doomworld... sooo uhhh yeah, whats up

  3. LutzIsAce

    New category ideas

    UV Protein Powder: Only fist/berserk!
  4. LutzIsAce

    DOOM speedrunning discord server

    Hi what is the DOOM speedrunning discord sever. ~~Hollow Skeleton
  5. Okay, so my loading time in GZdoom. When ever i load a new map, it take like 30-40 seconds. Please help this never happened on my old pc
  6. LutzIsAce

    Whelp I'm Hear Again

    lol sorry, i cant spell today.
  7. LutzIsAce

    Got a new pc. Where can i get the wad files. Thanks

    @Edward850 thank ya mate
  8. Hi, I just got a new PC, i forgot how to get the .WAD files. if you can tell me, thank ya much. talk to you guys later.
  9. LutzIsAce

    Whelp I'm Hear Again

    hello im back, have not posted in a while
  10. LutzIsAce

    How Do I Start

    Hello i'm hollow and i'm new to WAD making what program is easy for me to start with ~11HOLLOW11
  11. LutzIsAce

    This Forum Still active

    ok thx
  12. LutzIsAce

    This Forum Still active

    just asking, i want to talk to other doom fans