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Everything posted by twistedhydrgoen

  1. Interesting to think about it, what I would do is just hide, I'm too much of a scaredy-cat to actually fight demons.
  2. twistedhydrgoen

    If DOOM Didn't exist, what would happen?

    Spread some thoughts down below on what if doom never existed or never made.
  3. twistedhydrgoen

    What is your most hated demon in Doom?

    Mine is the Archvile, its very annoying. It resurrects other demons, but hey, at least it doesn't resurrect cyber demons. On the bright side, these suckers are rare. (BTW, it can be from doom 2 aswell.)
  4. twistedhydrgoen

    Link me some companion mods for Doom 2.

    I'm feeling very lonely fighting demons myself, link me some companion mods please. (or just tell me the name of it.)
  5. twistedhydrgoen

    If DOOM Didn't exist, what would happen?

    doesent that already exist? spear of justice
  6. twistedhydrgoen

    Things about Doom you just found out

    The Berserk Pack heals you up to 100% health. (Doom I and II)
  7. twistedhydrgoen

    What's your favourite demon in Doom?

    Oh yeah, its a twist, you might have saw my other post about whats your most hated demon in doom. It exploded and got in the front page! Any who, lets continue Mine is the Cacodemon It's fun to fight him, he has unique animations, and is one of the 3 demons that can fly.
  8. I would like to change it for my wad, I searched on google and I saw no results.
  9. twistedhydrgoen

    My opinion on Brutal Doom

    IMO, these mods are really great, project brutality and brutal doom are pretty good, but I don't really like to play them. I like to play the vanilla doom more than mods, maps aren't included, I don't say that I despise them, they are good wads, really are! but I just don't like that much gore and modernized doom I and II. But, I'm not stopping you from playing them, feel free too! I won't judge you on what doom wad you play, you do you.
  10. twistedhydrgoen

    Cursed Doom Images

    I'm sorry, but you asked for a cursed image so ehhhhhh...
  11. For me, when I hear this, it makes me feel like I lost something that I loved. And being deeply angry about it, but also sad aswell. Let me know what you think. By the way, I'm talking about DooM 1. (Original DooM)
  12. twistedhydrgoen

    Phobos Nexus

    Went UV on this map, challenging, but good too! 4/5
  13. twistedhydrgoen

    Doom 2's "best" demon?

    Cacodemon! It's one of the few demons that can fly and is fun to fight against.
  14. twistedhydrgoen

    What is your most hated demon in Doom?

    The wall demon (Icon of Sin) Isn't really a demon, it's basically a texture on the wall, shooting its exposed brain will kill something that's inside (John Romero's head) But hey, it is just my opinion.
  15. twistedhydrgoen

    What do you guys think about the soundtrack "Signs of Evil"

    It sounds very futuristic to me lol.
  16. twistedhydrgoen

    Best doom game

    Me, reading the arguments in the comments:
  17. twistedhydrgoen

    How do I record a demo?

    How do I record a demo? Need some help ovah' here. Apologies for my lack of knowledge, I'm new to doom so yeh I'm also talking about the og doom's from the '90s (DooM & DooM 2) (by the way, I use GZDooM as my port)
  18. twistedhydrgoen

    How do I record a demo?

    Does it work with ultimate doom aswell?
  19. twistedhydrgoen

    How do I record a demo?

    How do I do that?