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  1. Vic Vos

    I called it.

    The mental gymnastics of some people (mostly on Reddit and Discord) both amuse and horrify me: As to Hugo breaking his promise, regardless if it's due to powers beyond his control or not - if he has any integrity on this matter, all he should do is come out and admit his mistake. If all this shebang was out of his control, people would gladly understand and move on. We all can screw up and say things we shouldn't have said for some publicity points.
  2. Vic Vos

    I called it.

    The next id Software release will most likely have a full-on in-game store with currency and shit. Only this time they'd be selling actual playable content on top of skins.
  3. Vic Vos

    I called it.

    Well, it's a Bethesda-published release, so...
  4. Vic Vos

    I called it.

    So giving different content than what you paid for is now "just a prank bro"? I mean, I've seen other people actually defend this, but this is just stretching it.
  5. Vic Vos

    I called it.

    So, Hugo is a confirmed liar. Not surprised.
  6. Vic Vos


    I wonder how full-dive VR Classic Doom would be like.
  7. Vic Vos

    What do you want id to do next after Eternal?

    Doom 2025, but drop almost everything from 2016/Eternal, have Doomguy get out of his coffin and start a new misadventure.
  8. Vic Vos

    "Why they die" - DOOM2 map [Update]

    Pretty nice, she should try making a map.
  9. Vic Vos

    "Why they die" - DOOM2 map [Update]

    Found it during my playthrough - when you approach the Megaarmor, a pathway opens up behing you near the lava.
  10. Vic Vos

    Monkey Thread

    reject modernity return to monke
  11. On MAP22 so far - had a lot of fun playing these, will gladly try out the previous megawads later. Seems to work fine on GZDoom.
  12. Vic Vos

    Short maps

    Not bad at all - short and sweet. Though, the maps could use some more secrets and have more texture variety.
  13. Vic Vos

    Most recent movie you saw

    The new one.
  14. Vic Vos

    What if Classic DOOM gets forgotten..?

    Not if I have anything to say about it, and I do! Prepare for my Classic Doom beam!
  15. Vic Vos

    "Why they die" - DOOM2 map [Update]

    i dunno Great map, I like the dynamic combat due to good enemy placement.