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  1. At work I use chainsaw. On Doom, I use chainsaw.


  2. Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year to all the fellow Doomers out there!

  3. Hypnotik

    What difficulty do you play Doom on?

    UV, always. ;)
  4. If It wasn't for Doom, and the community that stands behind it, I don't believe I would be the person that I am today.
  5. Hypnotik

    Modern gaming isn't fun

  6. Hypnotik

    Shadows of Darkness

    The only thing I didn't like about this wad, was the fact that you get ambushed as soon as you leave the spawn. I died quite a few times trying to escape. Other than that, once you get out of the spawn trap, Its a descent looking, relaxing, challenging, and fun wad. Reminded me of E1M4. Worked great on Crispy Doom. Recommended.
  7. Hypnotik

    React to the Username above you

    Old Olney in Fallout 3, and Quarry Junction in Fallout New Vegas. That was some scary shit. Didn't want to be anywhere near those places at a low level, lemme tell ya.
  8. Hypnotik

    What is your favorite monster & gun?

    To be honest, for a favorite weapon, I'm gonna have to go with the Chaingun. (and you'll probably ask, why???) It just feels really satisfying to lay down the fire on hordes of enemies. The Chaingun has saved my butt quite a few times in situations that I wouldn't expect it to. My favorite monster is the Spiderdemon. I don't know why. The way they look is so cool and gnarly. Also deadly and frightening at times. Haha.
  9. Hypnotik

    What was the lowest point in your mapping career?

    Lowest point? Archvile in front of spawn, exit switch in front of Arch. No room to move or dodge. And the Floor damages you. Can't get any worse than that I'm afraid, at least from my end. lmao. It was never meant to be taken serious. I still ask myself why would I create such an abomination??
  10. Hypnotik

    Which sourceport do you use the most and why?

    I to use ZDoom and GZDoom. But the ports I've been using are Crispy and Woof!. Occasionally Chocolate. But recently been using Crispy Doom for the most part. Why do I use Crispy Doom the most? Because... Its crispy. It has everything I want in a doom port. high resolution, removes limits. entirely config file, save, demo compatible, etc. with the original. (aka: Vanilla-ish.) And that's what I want in a port. Just personal preference. I have respect for all ports. They all have their differences but are all here for the same purpose. Playing Doom. Something we all love and cherish.
  11. Hypnotik

    How much of a DOOM purist are you?

    Pretty much around 8-10. I spend most of my time using Crispy Doom these days.
  12. Hypnotik

    Sean Connery Has Died

    This saddens me. Rest in peace. At least he lived till 90. And had a successful life. His image and his legacy will live on for generations.
  13. Hypnotik

    What are you listening to?

    I don't usually listen to any rap, I'm a Metalhead by heart. And I dont usually listen to the popular music, but my friends in real life listen to all kinds of stuff, and a couple of my friends mentioned Juice Wrld. He is a influential artist for my Generation. And it's very unfortunate of his passing. I never listened to him before but I can relate to his lyrics, and so can my friends because of the struggle...