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  1. Snark

    Favorite Adult Beverage

    I consider gin and tonic to be the great equalizer. As an expatriated Brit, I try to spread its corruption everywhere As for Chartreuse, yep, be wary. I once, in the same night, got drunk on Chartreuse AND stung by a scorpion in a party in a squat in the south of France. Woke up 15 kilometers away from the party the next morning sleeping on a matress that came from god knows where on a construction site. Actually thinking a Doom wad called "Chartreuse" could be cool, a sort of weird intoxicated adventure in black in green...
  2. Snark

    DBP47: Dreamcatcher Apparatus

    Have to get this, just for the name of map 04
  3. Snark

    Elon Musk buys Twitter

    Makes flamethrowers Wants to send humans to Mars Now controls a major social media Birth of UAC?
  4. I like Chubzdoomer's tutorial build videos. Mostky because he sounds like the old cowboy in the big lebowski, and I can't help but imagining that character explaining to me how to make a rising staircase.
  5. Snark

    At Doom's Gate, but 100% bathroom sounds!

    It sounds exactly like what it is. Still better than bjork
  6. One of the coolest things to do is have you "return" to a level you previously visited but where something drastic has happened, like 1000 years have passed or the place has been corrupted by hell, and have a variation of the midi previously used.
  7. The absolute worst subtitle has to be "Requiem". It's an instant NO I AM NOT WATCHING/PLAYING THIS if it's ever used.
  8. Snark

    Accidental Plagiarism

    Happened to me a few times, and
  9. Snark

    Ideal WAD Length? - Poll

    Variety is the spice of life Doom. I'll go for 10 to 15 maps, all completable under 15 mn, with a great change in tone, atmosphere and gameplay every 3 to 5 maps. And for some reason I find it essential for a wad to have THAT bad map, usually in the middle of the wad, like concerts where there's that track no one really cares about so you can go refuel your beers without missing anything, and makes the second part of the set sound better.
  10. Yes, but on the other hand you need to eat something if you wanna crap something out. I'd go for a 50%/50% of playing and mapping.
  11. Snark

    Elysium's Curse Episode 1 (MBF21 wad)

    That was awesome You bastard Now my life will be ruined by constantly waiting for the next episode(s?). I personnaly like wads to be on the gentler side, as I found it on HMP, I'd rather you didn't change your direction in difficulty. I absolutely loved the "intro" part of the Lost Village", I found the mood rather unique, which is perhaps my most sought for quality in a wad. Found no bugs or softlocks, nothing bad to say that I noticed. I kinda got OTEX fatigue but liked the way it was used here. Thanks a million.
  12. Snark

    Doom3 structures in Doom

    That is awesome. You just made a really crappy sunday way better
  13. Snark

    Member Appreciation Thread

    I am secretly in love with Esselfortium. But I wont tell anyone.
  14. Snark

    Doom 1 or 2?

    Doom 2 is the better game, Doom 1 is the better story. There was a sort of "logical" progression towards hell in 1 I didn't get in 2, where the levels felt more like videogame levels than actual places. And Halls of the Damned was the first time I felt actual terror in a video game (that fake end was genius at the time).
  15. Snark

    Dear Cinephiles, Looking for Disturbing Asian Films

    I have nothing to add to the previous lists, as far as asian movies go. However, if you wish to expand to the european , I highly suggest a film called "Grave" (in french), "RAW" (in english). Gritty societal cronenbergian feel with a touch of very dark, and bloody, humor.