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  1. Snark

    Alex Jones has a video game.

    So we're not, apparently, living in a simulation, but in a simpsons episode. Personnaly, I find this hilarious.
  2. Snark


    Well...That was something. After a blind run and another one after with the "guides" and clues and stuff you just couldn't figure out yourself, this is still the most inspired and insane wad I've ever played. I am, however, afraid of this "style" becoming a trend. Considering how popular this wad has become, including to non doomers, specifically following high quality youtube videos discussing it thoroughly, I fear an age where it is emulated to a point where it loses its appeal as countless "copywads" drive it's uniqueness into the ground. This should be a magnicient, personal and standalone thing, and left to age gracefully in it's wonderful patina of cryptic intricasy, to be rediscoved by future generations, who would learn about it's very existence by the elder ones whispering legends around a campfire at midnight. Let's go back to blasting demons in cool places, still waiting for btsx3...
  3. Only way this could be good was if it was seven 50mn episodes, short and concise, AND was done by the same team that did the "Ash vs evil dead" series. Gore, action, respecting the original material, and humor. Otherwise it's dead in the water. (I just wanted a "good", fun 1h30 movie in 90's style...)
  4. Snark

    The Lost Magic - A Boom Mapset

    5 maps in and ...yeah. This is cool. Thanks man.
  5. Snark

    How do you celebrate Halloween?

    This year I'm rewatching all of these. So should you.
  6. Snark

    Worst job you've done?

    Flower picking... Sounds nice doesn't it? And easy, right? It's 42 degrees celsius, no shade wherever, you're alone in field that just stretches on past the frontiers of infinity trying to concentrate really hard to properly harvest one of the 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 flowers you have to pick that day, surrounded by a tyranid legion of bees and bumblebees that don't take kindly to being interrupted in their business, for less money than you get flipping burgers. 12 hours and 18 bee stings later, I gave up and left without pay.
  7. "Man, I HATE running backwards..." Serious Sam
  8. Snark

    Worst movie remakes you seen

  9. Scythe 1, map 30. Especially the "fire" section, I'd just never seen anything like it before
  10. Snark

    John Wick and Doom

    So I'm drunk and bored and rewatched John Wick for the second time. I hadn't noticed that when he receives the dog at the beginning he looks at her dog tag and says :"Daisy... Of course..." Not wanting to brag but I have a rather large cinematographical culture and cannot think of ANY reference to explain this, apart from our favorite game. Anyway, someone had to pay for her death...
  11. Snark

    If DOOM Didn't exist, what would happen?

    This post wouldn't exist, neither would this answer
  12. Snark

    Favorite Beavis and butthead moment?

    -"Dude, everything on this TV sucks" -"Yeah! uhu... Let's go buy another one" That actually blew my mind
  13. Snark

    computer machines for the elderly?

    My granny, may she rest in peace, was very happy with a gameboy and tetris.
  14. Snark

    What are the worst kinds of Metal fans?

    I'm always, for some reason, wary of metalheads who wear the t-shirts of a band to the same bands concerts, and have often been right. That said, as someone who organises concerts and works in a (small) concert room, I still have to say that metalheads are the best audience you can get, we don't even hire security for metal concerts anymore