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  1. TawmDee

    Lost and forgotten wads.

    Yo yeah, fair enough, though I do think this thread contextually speaking is more about "what memories do you have of that wad you played when you were 9 years old", where other people can say "oh haha yeah i remember that no way i wonder what happened to it" rather than "help me find this wad pls, thank u for finding this wad". Saying that the thread is still useful and to be honest I didn't actually notice it before I posted this thread - so apologies for that. Maybe this thread can include wads that are still downloadable but everyone has completely forgotten about but were once a big thing back in the year 2000 or whatever? Like the sequel to Twilight Warrior TC - Covert Ops (for EDGE) Yes, you can still download it here! http://www.doomworld.com/icarusweb/w_covert.html Incredible. EDIT: also, remember that Mario "TC" that replaced all the flats, textures and enemies with Mario characters? That was mindblowing back when I started playing Doom. Mindblowing.
  2. TawmDee

    Lost and forgotten wads.

    Hi gang. So I was just thinking about this wad. You may have heard of it. ..... Don's Challenge ..... You know the one I mean. The one for EDGE with the modified E1 maps and non-linear level progression through means of an exit elevator. All those cool weapons and neat effects, it was great. But do you remember the sequel that was released before the EDGE version? The one designed for early versions of ZDoom? You could play as 2 characters, it had 11 maps (or so) and new weapons and probably more. In all fairness, I don't remember much else. I vaguely remember an ending that was set in Don's house and that's about it. I was about 11 years old when I played it after all. Well from the looks of it - it's now near impossible to play these wads again. There's info about the Don's Challenge trilogy listed here on the Immoral Conduct site (http://www.doomworld.com/immoralconduct/dc3.htm) including details of the once-released DC3 demo which I never got a chance to play... But that's it. No working links. Cory Whittle did intend on remaking all the DC wads, but he seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth completely. Though it'd be cool if someone did actually have the wads - what I'm more interested in is that there are probably more "lost" wads or projects out there. Wads that had a limited release other than idgames... And then suddenly ended up lost in the mists of internet time. So what I'm asking is - what wads do you remember that you simply cannot find anymore?
  3. TawmDee

    Action Doom 3 rumours

    I thought it was real to be honest but ok
  4. TawmDee

    The Metal / Rock Music Fans

    How has this not been posted yet
  5. TawmDee

    Action Doom 3 rumours

    wow really is action doom 3 going to happen!??!
  6. TawmDee

    20 Year Cacowards [where are they?]

    it really saddens me to see that cacowards is delayed on the 20th anniversary probably the most important year for a doom birthday... and i don't think it's going to top the 10year extravaganza either... poor show... :(
  7. TawmDee

    The Metal / Rock Music Fans

    lol who remembers mushroomhead. so many nu clich├ęs.
  8. TawmDee

    Greenday (1991-1994)

    the vandals and guttermouth. also something something ska punk
  9. TawmDee

    Greenday (1991-1994)

    argggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh having opinions about music is dumb
  10. TawmDee

    Greenday (1991-1994)

    oh no i see this thread is filled with greatly uninformed opinions from metalheads I'll somewhat agree with TheEndOfUs in his separation of GC& later182 w/ early Offspring & Green Day, at least in terms of mainstream breakthroughs (GC&182 belonging to 2nd wave, Offspring&GD belong to the 1st wave). However, even then the 4 bands are strikingly different in content - that's almost like saying the big 4 of thrash sound exactly the same (here's a hint: they don't). However, I'm gonna disagree on the idea of what 'real' pop punk is, since 'alternative rock' is such a broad description in itself, plus the genre has evolved so much since it's inception (will explain later). Allegedly you could say Buzzcocks and other 70s bands were also 'true pop punk' but let's not get into that, I think 70s punk was extremely versatile in itself (look at The Clash for instance).. kinda like the whole alternative rock label... hmmm... Either way I'll go with the idea that GC&182 are on the poppier side of pop punk, Offspring & Greenday are more 'punk rock' influenced. Though really, 182 and Offspring probably have more musical similarity due to their skate punk type background in the early days, whilst Good Charlotte have always been poppy as hell and even went all mall-emo a bit later. Strangely, Green Day's early stuff I actually find the most awesome due to the awesome Husker Du type influence, though I'm still pretty damn fond of Dookie, Insomniac and Nimrod. Still, I'm surprised no one mentioned New Found Glory? They, along with Blink, seem to be the major influence for a new breed of 21st century pop punk bands - which can be split up into two factions - easycore (pop punk + hardcore/metal breakdown chuggs ie Four Year Strong, Set Your Goals) & tr00 pop punk (which is pop punk but with more meaningful/deep guitar work/lyrics - no fun allowed! ie Real Friends, The Wonder Years). With both these sub-sub-genres in existence it's no doubt that we currently live in a post-modern age, and such an evolution means that a) pop punk does exist as a defined genre, and b) pop punk will never die! (as the fans would say) anyway, now that i've cemented myself as a pop punk fan (and don't go telling me that REAL TR00 POP PUNK is descendants or jawbreaker etc. etc. i know that ok) time to go into the misconceptions of hardcore. now hell yeah, terror (even though they're pretty similar to hatebreed but less moshtastic) & gorilla biscuits (even though they were like melodic NYHC but w/e) are awesome. and yeah, 80s hardcore punk is apparently when it was last credible until it turned to shit but you've got it all wrong. trust me as a metalhead myself i used to think Discharge and Dead Kennedys etc were the only hardcore punk bands that existed but nah. i mean obviously we've got the late 80s NYHC stuff like Agnostic Front, Sick Of It All etc. that was pretty cool, but don't forget the early 90s metalcore stuff like Integrity, Ringworm, Earth Crisis, Merauder, Strife etc. that shit was badass and I'm surprised they don't get enough props today from any modern music listener, they seem like a complete product of the past - and even then I don't think anyone gave a shit about them either. if you wanna listen to 'real hardcore' that's acceptable for metal ears, what about the neocrust stuff coming out recently? or that swedish d-beat stuff? or that band, Nails, who are meant to be pretty awesome stuff, and sound kinda like Entombed if they were really really really fast. Still, i'm going to say that heavy as fuck breakdowns are fucking awesome and also a product of post-modern music evolution. sadly, outsider views of trendy metalcore aesthetics always seem to be outdated. i mean, hardly any of the bands nowadays rip off At The Gates (not sure where you got that E-Town Concrete comparison from), that's a total '04 As I Lay Dying type trend that doesn't fly right anymore. In this era of middle-class suburban hardcore it's all about bringing the Hatebreed style mosh combined with a high variation of soul-gripping chords and serious life-affirming lyrics. basically it's the scumbag hardcore of the mid 90s but now it's dressed up with nice melodies for kids from decent backgrounds. pretty cool, huh, i really do recommend checking out The Ghost Inside and It Prevails. srsly good shit. (also djent. had to throw that one in there somewhere in this long-ass post. what do you guys think of djent???) but it's funny how you should say that it's a parody of metal when really, isn't metal kinda parodying itself with it's absurd seriousness and rigidity to stay within it's boundaries? i mean don't get me wrong it's fun music and all (i am still a massive fan of Sodom, Helloween, Bathory and so on) but i haven't seen much evolutions in 21st century metal (aside from all that post-black metal blackgaze stuff which is damn cool) when the 'core' bands are experimenting with synthesizers and autotuned vocals and tuning their guitars to like DROP F or something stupid like that on their 8-string guitars. seriously that's far beyond the "imitation-black metal/clean vocal" stereotype, how can you forget the trance interludes and r&b/metal splicing of artistic pioneers like Attack Attack! or Abandon All Ships? (though i have to say when you say 'shades of emo' you should probably do your research on what real midwestern emo is all about cause it's totally unrelated to the mall-emo bastardisation of this common era, that along with screamo aka SKRAMZ which also has nothing to do with scenecore shit, apparently. (yah i know a lot about music dude.....)) i dunno maybe i'm just fucking crazy but i feel like sometimes i'm the only person in the world who totally digs both oldschool dinosaur metal and the current core trends as regularly awesome in their fields of 'HEAVY AS FUCK' music, and don't really get why these two factions seem to actively have a lack of respect for each other. cause that's what i'm going for when i wanna listen to heavy guitar orientated music - the heaviness, not some fashion aesthetic, geez. and that's riffs, breakdowns, guitar solos, vinyl scratchin (yeah nu-metal was fucking rad as well), don't give a shit. if bring me the horizon was a bunch of beardo metalheads i think they'd get a helluva lot more respect, but if Gojira were a bunch of pretty boy scenekids they'd get a whole lot of flack for just 'ripping off pantera & morbid angel fuckin core faggots' i mean, catchiness is good too. we're talking about pop punk right? so, uh, green day, pretty good band, yeah.
  11. TawmDee

    Musicians, post some links to mp3s or youtube vids of you playing

    https://soundcloud.com/tdoccc random (mostly incomplete) bits and bobs
  12. TawmDee

    The Metal / Rock Music Fans

    [QUOTE]Kontra Kommando said: The Beastie Boys were originally a hardcore punk band in the early days. They got the idea for their name from hanging out with Rastaifarians; Beastie Boy is some kind of Jamaican phrase. They were also fans of the Bad Brains, which is why they chose to share the B.B. initials. A lot of those NYC bands from the 80s, especially Brooklyn, all know each other. A lot of the thrash metal, punk, and rap grew out of the same underground community of peers there. The guy from the video you posted is from NYC, and is part of that community as well. [/QUOTE music is serious fucking business
  13. TawmDee

    The Metal / Rock Music Fans

    hey whoa now mr musical expert sir maybe i should have been more clear, cause when i'm talkin' about 'rap metal', i'm talkin' about the sub-sub-genre contextual cultural offshoot that involves supreme amounts of ignorant wiggerism on display like limp bizkit and vanilla ice themselves have demonstrated (though vanilla ice only embraced such a trend in 1999 - the year of the woodstock riots baby woooo!! summer of love!!)... and such wiggeristic tendencies have been an influence in this post-modern age for plenty of artists out there even today but if we're name-dropping bands like body count (who are totally more influential for being 'that hardcore/metal band with the rapper' rather than 'true rap metal'), then i better throw your attention to this. way before the run dmc/AEROsmith (spell it right, sucka!) crossovers, way before the anthrax goof-off rap songs and collaborations, hell even before beastie boys were ripping off metal riffs to use in their hip hop songs... we had... this...
  14. TawmDee

    leileitracker tracking compo #4

    i apologise for the bump and i know it's a extraordinarily slim chance that anyone has this pack but if someone can re-upload that would be incredible. also let's have another modtracking competition sometime maybe.
  15. TawmDee

    The Metal / Rock Music Fans

    no but i'm all for rap and metal combined, limp bizkit were pioneers of that style along with vanilla ice