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  1. m0l0t0v

    copying patches from Doom1

    NOTE to self: The future m0l0t0vs will have to be designed to be smarter than the original :-)
  2. m0l0t0v

    copying patches from Doom1

    Thanks, that worked! I sorta overlooked the texture menu :-/ This thread can be distroyed now...
  3. m0l0t0v

    copying patches from Doom1

    Hey, I have a question: I want to use some textures from Doom1 in my pwad for Doom2. But these textures are made up a different patches. I can copy the loose patches but how do I get them to combine into the wanted texture? Thanks in advance.
  4. m0l0t0v

    Some Movie Set Visits

    The last pictues looks like a mutated form of the 'wheelchair guy'. So people are being mutated under the effect of some mysterious portal? Maybe Hell has found a way to manifest itself on our plain by expressing the redundent DNA in our cells, thereby mutating humans into monsters... Maybe the movie isn't going to suck after all.
  5. m0l0t0v

    Automatic texture changing tools?

    hmmm.... You could replace the textures by exporting them and then importing them back under a different name (with XWE for example). For example: extract 'texture A' and import it under the name of 'texture B'. That way all textures B in your wad will look like texture A. OK it's a bit far-fetched, but it should work and it's not much work.
  6. m0l0t0v

    Deadliest Creature

    One of the episodes in Star Trek called "Arena" deals with such a 'fair' battle between captain Kirk and a human sized lizard. The lizard resorts to brute force whereas Kirk manages to create explosives from the chemicals he gathers from the planets surfaces. Humans vs Lizards: 1-0 Humans are a resourceful species, a quality that should not be underestimated. That's heresy! Didn't Frank Zappa write a song on that?! :-P
  7. m0l0t0v

    Gold or Adamantium?

    The site only seems to work in MS Internet Explorer (not Mozilla) and ah... "Site Temporarily Unavailable - Daily Bandwidth Limit Reached"
  8. m0l0t0v

    Deadliest Creature

    OK, it doesn't fit the description completely, but it's deadly none the less... You only need to watch old scifi movies to find out how scary giant monsters are... giant crab monsters giant ants giant mantis (4th article from the top) giant worm giant ape etc...
  9. m0l0t0v

    Plutonia 2 ???

    Anyone remember this project? Last time I heard it was almost done... but that was well over a year ago. I know Doomers can be slow, but the official site hasn't been updated in 1.5 years and no-one ever mentions Plutonia2 on the forums. Did I miss anything? Is it dead?
  10. m0l0t0v

    Looking for phobiaexodus.zip

    Is this what you're talking about? If not, good luck.
  11. m0l0t0v


    [edit2] ok I found it with google: http://www.geocities.com/b4doomgl/ Indeed the download on the site doesn't work. I've been reading the site and came to the conclusion that the author is planning on selling this mod once it is finished. Yeah.. like that's gonna happen... The screens look good and I hope it will get finished soon, but I don't think it's a good idea to try and sell doom mods. One thing that puzzles me is this: I've never heard of such a thing...
  12. m0l0t0v

    Need inspiration

    Stop complaining and start mapping! :-P
  13. m0l0t0v

    he invades quake2 now

    That looks sweet. I tried to model for Quake II once... but I couldn't find a user friendly editor. What program did you use?
  14. m0l0t0v

    new maps!

    You can always upload your wad to the Doom archive.
  15. m0l0t0v

    new maps!

    that's nice