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  1. iDoT

    maps you find too hard/unfair to revisit

    yeah I also do remember this map, I believe it was made by roofi and it was a tight slaughter, yeah that map wasn't easy. It took me amount of attempts to beat
  2. iDoT

    maps you find too hard/unfair to revisit

    Whitemare 2 map 20 was an absolute mess I don't know how I beat this map saveless, it really took me alot of attempts it's really one of the hardest maps I have ever played, this map has strange and confusing progression I really want people to check this map to know what I'm talkin about Doomed By Hour 2 map 31 you would think it's beatable in the first place.. Until you reach the final fight, it's really really really tough, the final fight of this one is really tough Scythe 2 map 23 even after practicing this map, it took me alot of attempts to beat it and this map made me hold scythe 2 for another time Community Chest 1 Map 6 that map was so bad and tough and unbalanced at all, you don't know where you suppose to do in this map. this map actually made me not finishing community chest 1
  3. No problem. I'm the one who thankful for this WAD. I guess you can of course But 31 is really really tough It took me alot of attempts I just wonder who made that final fight I guess that chess fight is made by finnks13 and plasma fight made by you But that final fight. also thanks for checking the demos :D
  4. No problem bro. The WAD is actually that good The demos are not meant to be fast but I just wanted to prove that I beat the maps without saves I guess these are the hardest maps in my opinion:- these are my favorite maps per episodes:- I may replay this WAD another time Hope to see you guys in the next NaNoWADmo :D
  5. GG I finished the WAD I really liked the WAD I guess it deserve a Cacoward or Runner Up not a 24 for 2024 :D I just want to send this 3 demos of the final 3 maps map 28 and 29 and 30 it's in RC3 Doomed by hour 2 I will rank maps from least favorite to favorite Doomed By Hour 2 Final Maps demos.zip
  6. Hey ! how you doin guys ? I just wanted to send another demo for a map that caused me problems, not as much as map 31 and episode 5 of course But the problem is, I'm not used into platforming at all, and I was scared of cyberdemo's 2 tap section but I liked the map I was playing D30 and Bleedthrough megawads that what made me not finish the wad yet Here the successful run:- Map 27.zip and this are the failed runs If you guys are interested MAP27 Doomed.zip I hope that map 31 would be the hardest map :D
  7. Thanks ! the map was fun, but I will finish the wad and tell from favorite to least favorite maps but I'm really having fun with this wad.
  8. YOOOOO FINALLY I BEAT MAP 31 SAVELESS here is the demo. BYHOUR2DOT-00243.zip bro It took me alot of attempts to beat this map this demo is for RC3 here the failed runs if you want to check it. FAILS.zip Also Congrats in idgames release :D Also maybe I paused a little in the demo but it wasn't in tough fights I just did it because I doin something
  9. I having fun with this WAD :D I didn't finish it yet I play it saveless without practice until map 31.. final fight is really really tough I practice it and I really can't finish the last fight till this time I actually find out that this map is hardest than anything I played in speed of doom saveless
  10. Hey Vostyok how you doin ? any news for the project ?!
  11. iDoT

    Mappers you wish to see make a comeback

    I really want to Trevor Primmett & khrous & Pavera & solo map from tarnsman in BTSX episode 3 Also I want to see Z86 the hell bound author
  12. My favorite port for doom is Crispy Doom with 35 FPS and 320x200 resolution - if the wad is limit removing or vanilla for boom and MBF I use DSDA
  13. Interesting thread. Tarnsman Projectile Hell - Tarnsman Map e1m9 - e3m1 - e3m5 - e4m8 - e2m7 (yeah actually TPH has alot of memeroable maps) Arrival - Pavera Map 1 - Map 5 - Map 8 Heartland - Skillsaw Map 1 - Map 6 Ultimate Doom In Name Only - led by Cannonball various e3m6 by Nine Inch Heels - e3m7 by Cannonball - e1m7 by Dobu Gabu Maru (I didn't finish the megawad yet because of e3m8) Tetanus - Various Map 05 by AD 79 MyHouse.wad - Veddge Back To Saturn X Episode 3 demo - esselfortium & Back To Saturn X Team TNT 2:Devilution - Marcaek and Various Map 20 by Kassman & Xaser & Alter & Alfonzo & RD - Map 14 By Xaser - By Map 30 by Kassman - Map 22 By Xaser & Pottus Solar Struggle - community project led by ViolentBeetle e2m6 by Bucket - e4m5 by MAN_WITH_GUN Doom The Way Id Did: The Lost Episodes - Various e4m6 by General Rainbow Bacon & Alfonzo & Marnetmar Back To Saturn X Episode 1 - esselfortium & Back To Saturn X Team Map 17 By Esselfortium - Map 19 By Esselfortium & Tarnsman - Map 31 By Skillsaw - Map 22 By Rottking and Skillsaw Back To Saturn X Episode 2 - esselfortium & Back To Saturn X Team Map 20 By Esselfortium & Tarnsman - Map 22 By Rottking - Map 24 by Tarnsman This is what came in mind at the time
  14. I also like the pump shotgun more, not by much but yeah for that I play doom 1 wads but in doom 2 I don't see any reason not to use super shotgun to be honest. it's a really good weapon and really balanced for the doom 2 enemies
  15. YOOO I'm really satisfied with this set of maps really good, hard to pick a favorite. and the soundtrack was really good too, I have had a question I wanted to ask are these screenshots for the maps was a screen per map, or there were several screens per one map ? Edited:Nevermind I knew the answer