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  1. Lorcav

    OTEX Categorisation in Doom Builder

    Perfect, thank you, that's exactly what I was after.
  2. I'll take care of these fixes and the episode split over the next few days and also sort out preserving all the animations as mentioned in a previous comment using MAP24
  3. I recently had to switch machines and one thing that got left behind was my Ultimate Doom Builder setup. In it, one of the configurations I had was for Doom 2 with Otex 1.1 as an additional resource and it was setup with the Otex textures categorised in a similar way to the standard WAD setup. I very vaguely recall having to do something early on to achieve this in a fairly automatic way, but I am pulling up blanks trying to find the process I used to do it again. Does anybody know what I'm actually talking about?
  4. OK, beta wad has been updated with a MAP24 credits map. Same link as in the OP
  5. As they're still killable and doesn't prevent you getting 100% kills, I wouldn't say it's essential to fix, but up to you if you want to add some monster blocking lines there to prevent it happening
  6. I've just noticed one of the level names was wrong in the graphics. Fixed that. Two more maps to add into the credits map so should have a first version of that tomorrow, hoping there won't be too many tweaks or adds for that one. There's no exit so it should overcome the remaining maps being accesible. Also sorted out the level credits and music listing:
  7. Awesome, I've added that int the beta wad.
  8. Two other notes on this map from testing again...
  9. I'm about 65% of the way through a MAP 24 credits map and should have that done start of next week. If there are other updates to maps would be good to get those by the end of the weekend if possible.
  10. Compiling the outstanding feedback from @Ar_e_en I'll do my edits for 12 and 32 today, also fixed the typo in the ma 20 storytext Will alsso make the fixes in the feedback from @signaturereverie Markers: --- Issues that I found ??? Things that I'm not quite sure about Map 04 "Multiversal" @Eon Toad --- Map 05 "Turtles Nearby" @RiviTheWarlock --- Map 10 "Tyrant Time Traveler" @JacaCaca Map 12 "Power Crowd" Map 14 "Watch Your Step" @RED77 Map 32 "Splatterpunk Junction"
  11. I've added this to the beta link
  12. This has been updated in the beta link
  13. Awesome, thank you! This would definitely be worth trying, get together some footage, a script and some talent to really give it the full-on ad treatment. One of the other things I have on my list prior to idgames submission is to get the filesize down a bit, 90mb ATM but should really be under 50mb. In the past, every time I've used Slade to remove unused OTEX graphics it ends up breaking some of the animated textures so need to find a more subtle solution.
  14. This is what I manaed to put together for a trailer...
  15. This is excellent. I've taken care of Map07/08 Notes on the other maps for @Eon Toad, @RiviTheWarlock and @JacaCaca