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  1. >I have no idea where I found the Halloween assets, since I downloaded it years ago. Years ago? lol Some of these assets are from this year. You're using an earlier version of Ad Mortem's HUD and other resources like the green exploding barrels, lamps and cacolaterns were made by myself. idk where you found them but If you're going to use these assets give credits to 4chan's /vr/ or me. Thank you
  2. Hope you guys had a nice Halloween day yesterday. Well... I did, I was wasted af and now dealing with a terrible hangover. lol Anyways, here's a new update! (New download link in the OP) Changelog v3:
  3. Nice, thanks for the file. I'll post them in the OP and maybe I'll work with those sprites once again to fix the correct palettes, Sometimes slade acts really weird when it comes to converting sprites for some reason. lol Also no worries man, I had the same exact problem with my two maps for this project but I went busy working on the graphics and other stuff. Since this is just a public beta release, you can still continue to finish your map and contact with me here or my e-mail anytime just if you want to (also i'm sorry if i didn't reply you back there, my message wasn't sent for some reason.. I hate gmail). I still wanna work out my own maps for this project too. Keep in mind i'll upload the wad on /idgames when it's fully Finished. Possibly it will be -finally- done in the next spooky month of the next year... I wanna ask /vr/ next time if they're interested to make more maps for it or not. Thanks! i'm very glad you're enjoying it so far. This is my first time managing a project like this and i'm so happy getting positive reception of it. I'd prefer give all the credit to /vr/ for helping me and making such very good maps. Honestly, a lot of stuff were planned for this project but didn't make it in this release for lots of reasons. I wanted to add my own reskinned sprites for some enemies and other stuff but I needed to release this project in two months especially for this special holiday. However I'll keep updating it, more new stuff will come so stay tuned! Hmm... Interesting find. I didn't noticed this before but it could something related with the DeHacked and the animation frames? @punch you in the face man , What do you think?
  4. Apologizes, the old version of this wad will cause some problems in DSDA-Doom. Here's quick update of the wad. it will be updated in the original post so you can download it from there. Changelog V2:
  5. From 4chan's Retro vidya board, we are pleased to announce the release of our latest community project. AD MORTEM: A /vr/y Spooky Halloween community project. INFO. ''Ad Mortem'' (It means "Forward to Death" in Latin) it's a MBF21 - Halloween-themed community project organized and made by anonymous users from 4chan's Retro Games board. This mapset contains 18 playable maps (15 "Single player" maps, 3 Secret maps and Deathmatch support [MAP05, MAP07, MAP08]) using a great variety of custom textures that matches the spooky environment (GothicTX, OTEX, and others.) New reskinned weapons, Graphics and 6 new custom enemies are included for this project. Grab your SMG and let's celebrate this spooky month slaughtering some skelli-bois and ghouls! IWAD: DOOM 2 Format: MBF21 Status: Public BETA. (New updates will come in the future.) Sourceport required: DSDA-Doom, Woof! (Software mode rendering´╗┐ recommended.) (Important note: Not recommended using GZDoom and PrBoom+UM. will cause lots of bugs and crashes.) Special Thanks to: Punch you in the face man, for the DeHacked enemies and other stuff. Chopblock223, for the reskinned guns. SynDoom, for the Midi track. 4chan /vr/'s anons for the collaborations, playtesting and supporting the project. Thanks to all those who submitted, playtested, and provided valuable feedback. More feedback here would also be appreciated! So please, report any bugs or softlocks you found while playing it. Screenshots: >>>Download Here<<< [21:12 - 01-11-21] Now updated to V3. Have a spooky good time!
  6. Vaeros

    Corn on pizza

    I've tasted it a bunch of time in the past, not my favorite thing but it's not so bad actually... I've seen worse than that. like, some people like Hawaiian pizza.
  7. Vaeros

    Is DOOM 3 Cannon in the Doom Universe?? D:

    I'm not -literally- saying that but whatever bro. Also, you need to calm down a bit. I was just sharing some of my thoughts and my reasons why it was not a sequel. whatever info you found to prove your point is okay so not big deal, you don't have to agree with me or otherwise. Anyway, i'm not going to say anything else so this discussion is over.
  8. Vaeros

    Is DOOM 3 Cannon in the Doom Universe?? D:

    You're quoting that from the manual but It could be just refering to the player (You) having experience with the original games maybe? Still makes no sense since it used to be an N64 exclusive port and artistically different from the originals, I don't think old ID Software or Midway even cared about the game having an actual backstory anyway.
  9. Vaeros

    Absurdly well known videogame trivia

    It wasn't Biohazard 3: The Last Escape?
  10. Vaeros

    Try to recreate Doom 2 from memory! (Finished)

    I'm so confused right now, but first of all why Project lead don't even update the Map list slots? Anyway, to make things easier I'll decline to make Map08. I made some mapping stuff there but isn't too much so not big deal... I was heavily drunk yesterday so I apologize for that. lol
  11. Vaeros

    Try to recreate Doom 2 from memory! (Finished)

    Oh I didn't noticed that, sorry.
  12. Vaeros

    Try to recreate Doom 2 from memory! (Finished)

    I wanna take Map08.. I'm frigging drunk so let's see if I can do it less than 12 hours lmao
  13. Vaeros

    moments that made you quit a wad

    City levels from Doom 2 The first time I tried to play Plutonia I guess. At least now I could beat it twice without saving.
  14. Vaeros

    Could doomguy survive throughout WW2?

    No. I don't think so, He can barely survive from chaingunners. lmao
  15. Vaeros

    Is DOOM 3 Cannon in the Doom Universe?? D:

    Ultimate Doom and Doom 2 are connected. Sigil and the new sequel could be some kind of Gaiden. Doom 64 was originally intended to be reboot or just a different interpretation from the originals. including the cancelled ''Absolution'' sequel. Doom 3 and Doom '16 same thing as D64, just separated universes and not connected with the originals at all. I just prefer ignore Eternal's lore, it's pure bethesda's fanfiction bullshit.