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  1. ChopBlock223

    How come the monsters don't run out of ammo?

    The simple answer is that Doom would be a very different game if the monsters had limited ammo like you do. Also if every enemy with a gun dropped a full combat loadout, that would complicate the map designer trying to starve the player for ammunition. There are some mods, such as Immoral Conduct, where not only must the player reload his guns, so must the zombies, having a random number of rounds detracted from their magazines on spawn so that sometimes they must stop to reload sooner. If you pay attention you can catch them with their pants down, so to say. They can reload an infinite amount of times though, so you can't wait for them to run all dry. As to why you only seem to be able to recover a little bit of ammo from zombies (in vanilla Doom or such mods as previously mentioned), the contrived explanation is that they happen to just have the exact amount of ammo they end up expending in total, plus the little they drop on death. I figure that the Arachnos just carry big ammunition reserves onboard their walker platforms, could probably fit the charge for a lot of plasma in there, and they shoot slow. Spidermind and Cybie are a bit of a different question. The rocket launcher looks big enough to hold one rocket (there's no magazine or other feed device visible), and that 'super chaingun' looks like it'd hold only so much ammunition at once, so maybe they have micro teleport devices which feeds their weapons with ammunition from a remote connected stockpile. Perpetual motion chainsaw.
  2. ChopBlock223

    What was the reception of Final Doom back in 1996?

    I thought they were cool because Doom was cool and it was more Doom with even more cool levels and music.
  3. 32gb RAM is a good start. Graphics card can be replaced with something better later. If you're on Windows 10, make sure to strip out bloatware like Windows One Drive and what not.
  4. ChopBlock223

    Why wasn't the 4th episode based on DOOM II?

    I always assumed that was intentional by iD
  5. ChopBlock223

    dsda-doom source port [v0.24.3]

    Actually, looking at the Wiki page for UMAPINFO, it seems that there's no mention of the setting for the MAP30 special to allow or disallow for monsters to be able to telefrag, is this an error on the page, or do some ports with UMAPINFO not support that feature? Oh yeah, and another thing; a forced pistol start option for levels would be useful.
  6. ChopBlock223

    dsda-doom source port [v0.24.3]

    Well, if you're open for feature suggestions, could truecolor .PNGs ever be supported some day?
  7. ChopBlock223

    Share Your Sprites!

    Nice, angled sprites too! If I may suggest a detail, at least as an optional (as I know it's not present on the original zombieman rifle), then a raised sight tower by the front of the gun to line up with the rear sight in the carry handle. (I love those rifle sprites Mike12 once did, and which are now everywhere, but that one detail always bugged me). Alternatively, a front-sight which sits in the front of the carry handle (which is a thing that has been done IRL).
  8. ChopBlock223

    Why wasn't the 4th episode based on DOOM II?

    I did not enjoy PerdGate a lot, about half the maps felt like samey and unimaginative filler, much of the visuals were dull, and it really didn't challenge me at all. Yeah I played on HMP, but that was because the ReadMe claimed I would probably need cheats to play on UV. There's some really cool ideas in the .wad, but they're so very underdeveloped and underutilized. Remember that part in Map 15 where you visit some little hellish flesh asteroid/planetoid out in space somewhere, and some cave made out of cuboid crystal formations? Wasn't that really cool? Weren't you really disappointed that you only got to see something like that one brief time and that most of the levels following were the same uninspired brown brick/metal levels you already saw a lot before? I was. I really hope the Perdition's Gate 2 project has a lot more imagination and uses those visuals much more extensively, there's a lot more potential left.
  9. How long have I missed this handy feature? Silly question, but will it just write the MIDI to WAV for the data that it contains, or will it record for as long as you're playing? I recall using one years ago, but it wasn't flawless. Maybe I'll try this one.
  10. ChopBlock223

    Why wasn't the 4th episode based on DOOM II?

    But I want MORE
  11. ChopBlock223

    Happy 30th Birthday Wolf3D!

    Those would be fun. One set in Russia after the war and featuring a Joseph Stalin final boss would also be cool.
  12. ChopBlock223

    Happy 30th Birthday Wolf3D!

    I remember first being exposed to it through Doom 2 as a kid, being mystified by those murky brick dungeons with their ominous music themes. I emulated the SNES version and found it fairly fun, actually beating Hans Grosse was a real thrill because he usually killed me and I got by by the skin of my teeth there. Couldn't get much farther though. Then I found it on another computer we had, when I was like, maybe 9 or 10 or something, and I was like "Sweet, it's the actual real game itself, and it's not slow!" I wasn't very good at it, just like I wasn't good at Doom, but I enjoyed it still, the mouse and good framerate made it easier than the SNES port. Finding Laz Rojas' WolfenDoom site was another revelation, I was too stupid at that age to get the mods running, but at least I could listen to the looping 'Wondering About My Loved Ones' while looking at the cool pictures and reading the flavor text, letting my imagination take me places. Loved the cartoony aesthetic of oldschool Wolfenstein, it didn't seem goofy at all to me at the time, it even seemed gritty and serious to me at the time, what with the Nazi fighting and all. But the giant four-armed mutant man with a huge Gatling gun in his chest, the other big bad boss men with big armors and big guns, the Spear Of Destiny stuff, Evil Mecha-Hitler, I took it seriously, I found it all cool as hell. Still find it pretty cool, just appreciating some of the goofier aspects for what they are now. I was born about a week after Wolfenstein 3D was released, so soon I'll have my 30th anniversay too. What a long ride. Return To Castle Wolfenstein was also a huge deal to me as a kid, but its anniversary is for another day.
  13. ChopBlock223

    Melissa Lucio Will Not Be Executed!

    Great to hear. Wasn't it by a damn hair, too? I think the execution was scheduled very soon.