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  1. Windowpain

    Antellier: a novel inspired by Doom

    I did, I was a game artist for years before moving into illustration and 3D renders in Aerospace a while back. Check out my Artstation if you like sci-fi/horror stuff!
  2. Shameless plug warning! I love the sci-fi/horror genre. I've been a Doomworld member for over 20 years. Doom, Quake, Resident Evil, Alien, Aliens, Starship Troopers, the Thing, Dead Space etc inspired me to be a game artist for over a decade, and it's literally what got me into the aerospace industry. I'd always wanted to write a novel with references, characters, and world-building from all of the old classics, and it took me about six years but now it's done! I genuinely read just about everything in the genre out there, and if you're like me you've chewed through most of it, because there's not a ton of quality offerings. There are a lot of good indy books that'll scratch that itch but the majority of them are written in episodes that are designed to string you along and keep you paying. I'm not against that and I support the indies a ton, but I wanted to offer a full novel that tells a complete story. So check out Voiders Vol 1: Antellier if you're interested. It's on Amazon in paperback and eReader versions, and KDP for free if you're signed up. If you like it, please leave a review on Amazon because that helps drag good books up from the depths of the Amazon machine. There are snippets and supplements at the Voider Publishing website to whet your appetite. Keep fragging -
  3. Windowpain

    Cacowards 2019 Mentionation Thread

    +1 Lunar Catastrophe Feels like Ultimate Doom, the Remix.
  4. Windowpain

    Did Doom OST influence your musical taste?

    I have an interesting take on this actually. When I started playing as an 8 year old in '94, I thought the music sounded very electronic and synthesized, because it was very electronic and synthesized, especially on older soundcards. I didn't even know it was supposed to be metal that I was listening to, I thought it was electronica! I've been into ambient electronica and synthpop ever since as a result.
  5. Windowpain

    Post your Doom picture! [post in Part 2 instead]

    durian, that's looking very atmospheric and your details are well done - the playing area appears to be open and free of obstructions yet the hallway doesn't look empty, I think this is something lots of mappers struggle to achieve. It looks spooky and inviting at the same time, great work.
  6. Windowpain

    Doom 4 Fan Art

    Carniverous Goat - first of all, amazing name. Second, I'm wondering if you're referring to the weapon the guy in the foreground is holding? If so, I was trying to draw the original BFG! Thanks schmerr and Clonehunter, also, I think dat ass has been getting the most praise of anything in this piece, I guess you can tell where I spent the most time rendering ;)
  7. Windowpain

    Doom 4 Fan Art

    Darkreaver - Thank you, I've always striven for realism in my style. Can I ask what you don't like about the Doom 4 piece? Mrs. Nesbitt - I've honestly always thought that Doom was one of the finest displays of pixel/sprite art of all time, especially compared to some of its contemporaries. Also, for the demons, they were built off of incredibly detailed clay/metal models that demonstrated impressive skill from Adrian Carmack.
  8. Windowpain

    Doom 4 Fan Art

    DoomGeek101 - awesome to hear! Making something inspiring and iconic is always the goal. Doom has always had that feeling to me, the atmosphere I felt playing it 20 years ago still influences my art today. Doomhuntress - From what I heard, and media on Doom 4 has been very sparse, Doom 4 is "neither a reboot nor a direct sequel", so go figure what that means. The best theory I heard is that Doom 4 will be a remake of Hell on Earth, but discarding Doom 3 as canon.
  9. Windowpain

    Doom 4 Fan Art

    Netherstorm - It's pretty much a guarantee that it'll be made, as they're handing out beta keys for it with a pre-order of Wolfenstein. Waffenak - I really did like the first Doom novel. The other three are basically unreadable, and I'm always baffled when I try to imagine what the writers were thinking.
  10. Windowpain

    Doom 4 Fan Art

    Thanks C30, and Waffenak, what's more awesome than chicks and guns? That was actually my nod to the Doom novels, I actually enjoyed the first one and like the idea of a female sidekick/coop partner. Jaxxoon, I definitely hope that the art leans back toward Adrian Carmack's original work, which I always found to be perfectly balanced between cartoony and realistic.
  11. Windowpain

    Doom 4 Fan Art

    http://ellorygm.deviantart.com/art/Doom4-Small-450582635 Just something I whipped up in between commissions and work. I'm kind of worried about how Doom 4 is going to turn out, and thought I'd give a shot at what I think a modern "Hell on Earth" could look like. Basically, I'd like to see the old monsters spruced up a little but still recognizable, fast-paced game play, and something resembling a story (controversial, I know). Thoughts and opinions welcome!
  12. Windowpain

    Post your Doom picture! [post in Part 2 instead]

    Dutch all of your recent stuff looks really good. When do you think we'll get a chance to play it?
  13. Windowpain

    E1M4 Ledge Jump....

    You can reach it, Romero himself mentioned it a long time ago. You bypass the blue key with this jump, although it's not the optimal route for most speedruns.
  14. Windowpain

    Doom modders who work in the game industry

    Being a pro game artist can be lucrative if you want to put the time in and are also willing to put up with the industry (which can suck at times). Case in point, my last Art Director was making upwards of $250k for managing a team of nearly 30 artists. But even senior artists make a very comfortable living, in my experience at least. However, slogging through the game industry can be a nightmare, more because of the people you end up dealing with than the work itself, which is possibly why people like NiuHaka and myself end up moving into design and illustration.
  15. Windowpain

    Doom modders who work in the game industry

    I did. Sorry you didn't get to play it. They pulled the plug just as it was becoming a decent game. We had built an entire expansion that was thrown away as well.