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  1. LittleDuck

    Was the Pain Elemental a good idea?

    Even though I have always hated pain elementals, I gotta respect them. They add a level of challenge to a level that no other enemy can accomplish, as pain elementals eat your ammo and can be dangerous if they spawn too many lost souls. Doesn't stop me from hating them, but it was a unique idea that added a new challenge to the game. Imagine if imps shot out zombies instead of fireballs, except the zombie is a fast flying skull and the imp is a big beefy cacodemon with arms. I feel like some of the placements id did were a little off, as in map15, where pain elementals are often placed in small tight spaces, where they are almost useless since there is no room to spawn any lost souls. Fighting pain elementals are more entertaining than fighting big cushions.
  2. I'm glad you enjoyed it, and I enjoyed watching that too I laughed so hard when you killed yourself with the beserk
  3. I forgot to mention, the voodoo dolls are in there purely for decoration, as part of my story involves the other workers taken hostage, and it also kind of prompts you to be careful while shooting in that room from the window. Forgot to mention that, and thanks for the feedback!
  4. I've updated the file, mainly to fix the Hall of Mirrors but also to (maybe) make my secrets easier to find. They will still be kind of hard, but that's the point ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  5. I know what happened here, I had textured that part of the lift, but due to how the lift was made, the map analysis tool counted it as an unused texture, so I removed it as I did the other unused textures. I fixed one lift that was like that, but I never fixed that one for some reason.
  6. Whoops, I'm dumb Anyways here it is e1m1 (2).zip
  7. Hello. I decided to start working on a Doom 1 episode, and this is map 1. It takes place in a demon infested factory, and I'll save the rest of the storyline for the episode's release. As expected in a first level, it'll be short and easy map. I'd like some feedback so I know what to do for the other maps in this wad. This is by no means my first level, I've worked in a community project recently. I haven't released any of my own works outside of that and one crappy map back in November though, so this will be my first single person project. IWAD: Ultimate Doom Map: E1M1 Map Name: Demons Incoming Compatibility: Limit-Removing ports Custom Assets/Sounds: None DosBox: Crashes due to visplane overflow in certain spots of the first room, has slime trail in first room and tutti frutti effect throughout map Chocolate Doom: Crashes due to visplane overflow in certain spots of the first room, has slime trail in first room and tutti frutti effect throughout map Crispy Doom: Works normal Doom Unity: Works normal PrBoom+: Works normal GZDoom: Works normal Screenshots (Taken while playing nomo, for clarification)
  8. LittleDuck

    How to make good looking techbases??

    Thanks people! I had to go to sleep, and woke up to a bunch of notifications... I'm planning on building a 9 map episode in Doom 1 format, which is why I was asking.
  9. I wanna make an 8 level techbase episode for Ultimate Doom, I can get everything else right when making maps, but I feel like my maps don't look very good. I wanna make good looking techbases, not crap boxy ones. What tips do you have for making techbases look good?
  10. LittleDuck

    Adding custom textures is driving me crazy

    I figured it out, I was trying to edit a new wad with the custom textures as a resource instead of just building the maps in the wad with the textures. Thanks!
  11. I'm using slade, and following the tutorials. What happens is that everytime I get to the part where you add the graphics to the patch table and textures, when the names of the patch table and textures goes red, showing I did something wrong. I tried to do the TX_START TX_END method since I was already planning on using mapinfo, but it still wouldn't let me use the textures in Ultimate Doom Builder. I have the textures wad as a resource, and I converted all my textures to doom format. It may be because I'm using doom in doom ii format, and not something more custom. But I need an answer.
  12. LittleDuck

    First time mapping for DooM 2

    I've played your map in two different ports, vanilla and ZDoom. Considering that this vanilla gameplay, I don't know why the map breaks on the vanilla port that I played first. I switched to ZDoom and it was fine. I'm no expert mapper, so take everything I say with a grain of salt. I like the texturing of this map, reminds me of something you'd see in e1, and the outside area is pretty charming. My only real complaint is in the shotgun secret, because using the cracked yellow stone texture on the ceiling of the blue wall texture throws me off. In terms of gameplay, it was a pretty fun map, especially in the later half. I was not expecting to see an aranchtron (I know I spelt that wrong, I can't spell) in the final room. My only complaint with the gameplay is that it got bring in the first half, I felt a little more enemies could've done some good. Also, in the room with the yellow key I don't like how you have to open up a wall to get to the switch, just let me get the switch. The secrets I found could me more dynamic than opening doors. I didn't find the last secret, or the last two enemies. I hope to see more from you Cheers! quack
  13. LittleDuck

    how to make combat fun?

    thanks for the post! I learned a lot more than I expected and hopefully my combat can be much better!
  14. LittleDuck

    how to make combat fun?

    I've been mapping on and off for around 8 months, and I never really could get combat right knowing what made it fun. I'd assume there's already been a post about this topic, which if you find one, please link it. I just wanna save time and straight on ask. I don't understand how combat is made fun very well, besides that every enemy should have a way to dodge it's attack, hard or easy. I would like some tips on this, as I'm planning on making a 10 map wad. Thanks for any answers you give me!
  15. LittleDuck

    React to the Username above you

    oh no not the popups that happen when I'm the 5th billionth google search all the time