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  1. sefus

    I'm Glad Doom Eternal Is Hard

    I play on PS4, controller makes it a tad bit harder i imagine, i never played it on PC, but everyone says that keyboard is easier.
  2. sefus

    Your opinion on nuclear power?

    Without it, we wouldn't have the Fallout series.
  3. May sound kinda weird that i like using the PS4 controller to play doom, but it works flawlessly one time, then i unhooked it and tried to connect it again and completely messed it up, using DS4Windows seems to cause the right analog stick to do nothing but spin, it's not stick drift since i checked, and i'm pretty confused.
  4. Evolution can you give me Pattern seeking brain? To avoid predators? Yessss Actually develops a sugar addiction like a boss
  5. Tfw go through about 8 bottles of Gatorade a day...
  6. Just do what i do and fry onions, bell peppers, red meat, (or chicken) together, sometimes with rice, and drink lots of water, (or gatorade, if you need sugar)
  7. I didn't even know texture filtering was a thing in Gzdoom, since it's already set automatically, i never noticed it, i don't get what the whole appeal of making doom look like how it exactly looked like in the 90s is, maybe rose tinted nostalgia goggles? Sure, not having texture filtering does give doom its crispy charm, it all comes down to personal preference, I'm just saying, don't be elitist.
  8. Classic doom isn't that hard compared to a lot of other shooters out there, but that doesn't make it any less fun.
  9. sefus

    Your opinion on Brutal Doom

    Quick rundown on Mark's drama?
  10. sefus

    Your opinion on Brutal Doom

    Brutal doom is pretty much on par with modern doom games in my opinion, gameplay wise.
  11. sefus

    How are you playing DOOM?

    GZDoom, i'm a new age gamer, so using the old control layout is so alien, i imagine it would be hard to get used to it, and not using hardware acceleration just looks off.
  12. Maybe i just need to git gud, but for me, Final doom is probably my least favorite doom game, most of the maps are pretty difficult, even on the lowest difficulty setting, and not to mention the horrendous map design, with constant hitscanners, and it's overreliance on chaingunners. It's a miracle if i even manage to make it to the 5th map.
  13. In older ports of doom, steam, and even zdoom the mouse is automatically bound to controls. I've always wondered why this was the case? Is it merely a product of the time? Or is there another technical explanation for it?