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  1. I really like the custom monsters, sadly the monster sprites all look really messed up with the vanilla color palette. Is there any way to get vanilla comp. files?
  2. Why are there so few lightly modded wads? The majority is vanilla (which got pretty stale for my taste) and if I find a modded wad it's almost never something simple like some few new monsters or weapons, but an entire indie game worth of extra code. Im not saying either is bad, I just wonder where the middle of these 2 extremes are.
  3. ChestedArmor

    Phantasm, a high effort, magical dreamworld

    If you mean the one in the right closet, that's normal and I haven't figure out how to stop that.
  4. ChestedArmor

    Phantasm, a high effort, magical dreamworld

    Awww thanks. Great to be still recognized even after a year without any activity. Thanks for the feedback <3
  5. A level I made for Decino, but also your enjoyment. It's quite hard, I recommend to quicksave. Playtime is 10 minutes if you don't get stuck in a puzzle. Screenshots: Was build with Boom and runs on Doom2 GZDoom. Drive Link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1XcooWVAaqhHG-CdrJDog5mfEJ3qV2etT?usp=sharing
  6. ChestedArmor

    I can't fix this texture bug

    @Gothic Slade seems to have a loose interpretation of "unused textures", because my level is an error plantage now
  7. ChestedArmor

    I can't fix this texture bug

    I just added the texture of the gate again and now it works lol.
  8. ChestedArmor

    I can't fix this texture bug

    In the preview of Ultimate Doom Builder the iron grid textures load properly, but when I start the game, it loads for some reason these textures One time it magically fixed itself, but after importanting some files into the wad it came back. I honestly don't know what causes it, it could be pretty much anything, because I imported 3 custom enemies, a truckload of custom textures and some levelspecific scripts into the wad and the magic fix happened when I deleted some unused textures(!?) It only shows this error message, maybe it has to do something with that: Patch "SW18_7", index 2314 is double defined in resource "DOOM2.WAD"
  9. ChestedArmor

    Unpopular Doom Opinions

    Doom, even with it's satisfying weapons and huge monster roster, can get samey and boring after a while
  10. If we included non-vanilla enemies, I'd say Supershotgun Zombies and Marauders are a pain in the ass to get right
  11. ChestedArmor

    I made a realistic face in Doom Builder

    @Rycuz Could you descripe how exactly you can execute this exploit? The head replacement is additional, you can find the download link in the "about me" section of my profile Also the quote is genius, I wish I would have thought of that.
  12. I made a realistic face in Doom Builder for art class and thought it was worth to put a little bit more time in it and make it playable. Once you've explored the whole level, open the map to see the whole face. It contains 2 secrets and is pretty short. Bear in mind that the face proportion didn't allow much freedom in texture and form so it feels a little bit wierd to play. But I definitly recommned getting a good look at it. It runs on GZDoom and was made with Boom settings Wad: https://wadhosting.com/Wad/CCF5834BD64B87FF71BC4F80372BABA537FEB6EA
  13. ChestedArmor

    Ever wondered why there was grass in hell?

    When I had to give it a serious answer, I say it's the paradies that humanity was banned from, because if you want it to become inaccessable and guarded by fire, where better then there?