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  1. loay

    guardian of hell how did you create it

    1. Xim


      It's a fraken-sprite of the Duke Nukem 3D overlord and a model rip from the guardian from Doom 3. It actually started off as a sprite edit I made of the Rancor for my Star Wars Doom mod, where I made the body.


      I recolored the Duke 3d overlord sprite with slade into one single color, then I edited out the armour pieces. I use Paint.NET which has a clone brush, and made adjustments as I went along.


      To make the head, hands and back, I took screenshots of a model of the guardian from each angle, and pasted it over, also recoloring the head in slade to the same shade of grey.

  2. loay

    Let's name Freedoom's levels!

    make wolfenstein3d sprites in freedoom style