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  1. Captain POLAND

    What are your personal best DOOM achievements?

    Probably getting past the first room in Okuplok on UV without using saves.
  2. Captain POLAND

    Come up with the most clever troll design decisions

    In roughly ascending level of trollishness: - Color the key doors wrong (blue key door is colored yellow, yellow key door colored red, red key door colored blue, etc.) - Hide keys mandatory for progression in secret areas - After clearing a room of monsters, have a trigger halfway across the level that teleports in archviles to that room to resurrect them all without any hint it happened until you get back there - Create timed secrets that require SR50, wallrunning, or some other advanced trick to reach before they close - Create timed secrets that only open once, so if you miss them, they're gone forever - Same as above, except instead of a secret, it's a door mandatory for progression - Put a bunch of switches in a room, one of which opens the exit and the others which instantly kill you, and use a script to randomize which switch does what each time - Create a teleporter maze you need to get through to finish the level, except each teleporter has a 50% chance of sending you to a room with no exit, with a mocking message on the walls - Make it so the only way to progress is to use a rocket-assisted void glide, in a room with a 20 damaging floor and tons of crushers - Do all of the above, and if the player actually manages to reach the exit anyway, reward them with a Terry Trap that messes with their Doom settings.
  3. Captain POLAND

    do you use cheats in doom?

    I'm not from Bulgaria, and I'm probably not famous either
  4. Captain POLAND

    do you use cheats in doom?

    Once you see the fire, get out of their LoS.
  5. Captain POLAND

    do you use cheats in doom?

    When I can't figure out how to progress I sometimes use iddt and if that doesn't work, then idclip.
  6. Captain POLAND

    why people mostly play on ultra violence instead on nightmare?

    Because I like to empty a level of monsters.
  7. Captain POLAND

    What's in a Name?

    I always thought that "Technicolor Antichrist Box" was a fairly straightforward title. It's colorful (technicolor), it's full of demons (Antichrist), and it's mostly made of square shapes (boxes).
  8. Captain POLAND

    Best depictions of Hell in DOOM wads?

    Terry WADs.
  9. Captain POLAND

    What are you playing now?

    Just finished Community Chest and started Valiant.
  10. Captain POLAND

    Wad/Map Difficulty Scaling

    Think you're ready to tackle Community Chest 1, and Citadel at the Edge of Eternity? I'd really like to see how that one ranks.
  11. Captain POLAND

    Make Your Own Doom Cheat Code

    IDTERRY - Immediately triggers a Terry Trap
  12. Captain POLAND

    I am NOT "UAC labs"

    Either that, or they've never played an FPS in their life...
  13. Captain POLAND

    Randomizing switches

    Thank you
  14. Captain POLAND

    Randomizing switches

    Let's say that you have a room with 10 switches. One of them will open the exit to the room, while the other 9 will instantly kill the player. How would you make it so the one that opens the exit is random each time you play the level? (Or maybe random even in a single playthrough, like it changes every 10 seconds or so?) Using stuff like scripting is allowed.
  15. Captain POLAND

    What's your favorite WAD and why?

    Okuplok, because it's so well-built, huge, and there are so many different fun encounters. But I wouldn't recommend it for a beginner...