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  1. Captain POLAND

    Most frustrating gameplay moment in Doom

    I went for the platforming one. During difficult platforming segments I tend to save scum after reaching every platform.
  2. Considering how powerful the chaingun was in Wolfenstein 3D, I'd make the chaingun/machine gun/gatling gun equivalent in Doom a lot stronger than it ended up being.
  3. Captain POLAND

    Gravity of Phobos and Deimos

    You can't get all of those on Phobos.
  4. Captain POLAND

    Raven IWADs (and Strife I guess) chat

    Are there any huge slaughter maps for Heretic or Hexen?
  5. No map has yet done that to me. But I play continuous with saves.
  6. Captain POLAND

    Gravity of Phobos and Deimos

    I'd just like to point out that the escape velocity of Phobos is around 11.4 m/s. You probably can't jump that fast, especially wearing a bunch of armor and carrying a bunch of guns and ammo. Although for Doomguy it could be possible.
  7. Captain POLAND

    Making slaughtermaps work

    For all the people complaining about BFG spam, what about the idea of a slaughter map with custom weapons included? They could be generally more powerful weapons, geared to taking on more enemies at once, and they would all work differently and have different applications, strengths, and weaknesses. That way you can take on huge hordes of enemies in many different ways without it feeling repetitive.
  8. Like the ones from Heretic and Hexen?
  9. Well I think the fact that you can get their sniper rifle makes up for it.
  10. How about a sniper zombie? It would have HP between a shotgunner and chaingunner, and it would fire a single, extremely powerful hitscan shot with a very low rate of fire. Its accuracy would depend on its distance - the closer it fires from, the less accurate it is. Also, when it dies you can grab its weapon.
  11. Captain POLAND

    Favorite doom map ?

  12. Captain POLAND

    Oldest game you've actually enjoyed.

    I remember when I was young I got into play fights with my siblings sometimes. I'm pretty sure that that's the oldest 'game' in the world, as great apes and other animals do it, and our hominid ancestors were probably doing it millions of years ago. If more primitive creatures like lizards and fish did it, it could even be hundreds of millions of years old.
  13. What if there was a way to make an AI download and analyze every single WAD in the idgames archive and make a map based on all of that data? I wonder what it would be like.
  14. Captain POLAND

    Guess the Map! (22nd Edition, the final hurrah?)

    I could try hosting one... I know a lot of really obscure maps.
  15. What if they started randomly including Terry WADs in every batch of WADs they designed?