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  1. hey is it still available? if yes I'll pick the last one edit: question, how "large" the map can get?
  2. lokbustam257

    WAD Difficulty

    I don't really see them pop up too much often, at least in modern days. And they're also the kind of WADs that most people can play and completed. So, in my opinion these will attract some players, both casual and those that can do SR70 blindfolded.
  3. lokbustam257

    Looking to buy sealed Doom Mailorder for $15,000

    them USA monies
  4. lokbustam257

    '95 Never Dies CP [Full!]

    @magicsofa oh, got tagged. E3M9 was basically done, but I just want to remaster it with a better visual, same applies to E2M9 since that map was made in like what 3 hours? So yeah, feel free to put asterisk on that map too. I'll probably supply the remaster version in the next few months And if you're interested, here's the old E2M9 and E3M9, I believe this is the latest one yet. E2M9wesaw95.rar UpdatedE3M9.zip
  5. lokbustam257


    SpidersCorporation_v2.zip The map now can be finished without IDCLIP or IDSPISPOPD! (i think?) Changelog: -Added SR instead of WR on the elevator in the red key room -Difficulty balancing (kinda, that is if you count toggling monsters' difficulty options a "Difficulty balancing") -Some more enemy and ammo added on the blue key room, nothing big -Expose more cover in the yellow key room -Soulsphere secret is now marked
  6. lokbustam257


    this was a pretty stupid oversight, sorry, I was kinda tired while working on the map (and btw, SR and WR thing happened for 4 times) Arachnotron was quite a big size, and fire rapid projectiles that wouldn't stop until you take cover, having like 4 of those guys in an indoor room was bit too much for me to imagine, so I doubled the size of the rooms. I might put that horde of monsters teleport at the end of the level in the future version of the map, that sounds interesting. uhh, yeah, that one, uhm... I'm quite bad writing stuff on automap, the "S" letter REALLY get me. I don't really put too much effort making these look pretty beacuse they're just fun hahas easter eggs to look when you go IDDT, and I'm pretty sure 98% of people playing wouldn't really care. You put textures inside, you see the textures through, and you put textures outside it covers up the wall, so I really don't know what to do. If there are some solution to this, then please tell me. Anyway, appreciated for the feedback!
  7. lokbustam257

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    wow it's that character from sega master system
  8. lokbustam257


    THIS VERSION OF THE MAP IS UNBEATABLE AND OUTDATED. LOOK FOR THE NEWER VERSION BELOW, PLUS, THIS VERSION IS ALSO UNAVAILABLE TO DOWNLOAD (attachment removed) The map's done finally, thank god. The map was a bit rushed so tell me about something you don't like, particularly on monster balancing. I haven't included difficulty balancing yet, so maybe in the future (not tomorrow or sunday, just "in the future" (tm). ) Info: Screenshots:
  9. lokbustam257

    Doomworld has been compromised.

    according to the twitter thread they only leak usernames, email address, IP address, passwords and dates of birth, not the end of the world for me since I always use fake names, and date births. And even if they get my passwords and account, what would they got from that? Hope this issue get fixed soon.
  10. lokbustam257


    @Thatonespymain, mind extend the deadline another week? overall layout of the map was partially completed, only need to focus on detail and monster balancing now
  11. While I'm not gonna join you guys in any way shape or form, I wish you all luck, and I hope you guys too doesn't stuck on treadmill for a decade.
  12. lokbustam257

    What is your favorite texture from classic doom?

    CEIL5_1 and FLOOR4_8
  13. lokbustam257


    hey everyone sorry for not giving updates in like *cheeck calendar* oh yeah 4 months. Btw, the map is coming, hopefully I can finish this by the end of september, if I can't, uhh, idk beg OP to extend the deadline? Here's how it looks on the builder currently (warning, your eyes might be on fire by how unfinished this thing looks):
  14. lokbustam257

    GTA 6 Just Got Leaked

    it looks pretty decent honestly, the game looks like a remastered GTA 5 to me for some reason. From what I've heard, this build is from 2019, and if that's true, well I guess can't die until 2045. it's not like I'm gonna play it, since my specs still stuck on mid 2000s, lol. in the meantime, I'll go back to my cave and try to open Doom Builder for more than 15 minutes.
  15. hi aliens wanna be friends?