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  1. lokbustam257

    Angry Quilt 3 - Big Game Hunter (for Doom 2)

    I don't have much time nowadays, but let's see if I can take a look at it in 4 pm at my timezone
  2. lokbustam257

    How do I make a special door?

    I'm not an UDMF expert, but I'm pretty sure something like door generic should do it, and applied it to door A to go up, while lift action is applied to B go down. it should be easy considering how much crazy things you can pull off in UDMF
  3. oh fuck i done it again, i accidentally clicked the wrong button to change profile banner

  4. lokbustam257

    Post your discord server

    Nanowadmo server is pretty good if you wanna share some progress on your map https://discord.gg/ZmvYCwRd Also, yeah Clippy server is great too
  5. lokbustam257

    Random Image Thread

  6. lokbustam257

    Doom 2: The Way We Remember It (Release v8)

    I have decided to redo all of the demos to make it consistent that Doom guy is die in all of them. Oh and also because DEMO1 last for a fucking hour D2TWWRI_demos_v2.zip Please tell me if the demos last longer than it should be
  7. lokbustam257


    TLDR: It's basically people pay things to make it as their own, so you basically buying a certificate that says "This thing is MINE and NOT yours!", so you can exposed people that claimed your NFT as their own
  8. lokbustam257

    Random Image Thread

    (i still don't know how this guy still can manage to buy Poker Night at the Inventory through steam even after it get delisted lol)
  9. lokbustam257


    Guys, I just realized that this whole NFT bullshit is just free goddamn money, I mean really, if you can selling a screenshot as an NFT, then surely anything can be sold right? wait a minute
  10. lokbustam257

    Angry Quilt 3 - Big Game Hunter (for Doom 2)

    Hey guys some story suggestions: Since some of these textures featured "quarantine" and "park", I suggest that Doomguy here is just some guy looking for a job and then find out the place here are looking for some, but it get infested by Mancubus and has to kill all of them to get his job. I know this doesn't sound make sense but what do you guys think?
  11. lokbustam257

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Not scary, didn't jump off my chair
  12. lokbustam257

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    No I don't own you any money
  13. lokbustam257

    Should i buy sennheiser hd600?

    If you wanna just listen to some MP3s you got from youtube to mp3 websites or playing games, then there's no need to spend hundreds of bucks, just buy a cheaper one. My headphones is not even 40$ and it still sounds great! (to me) If you are a composer then go for it I guess idk
  14. lokbustam257

    Doomworld Maximum Project 2021 - Submissions closed!

    @Obsidian uhm sure, go for it