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  1. lokbustam257

    [Release] Outpost 13

    This was really good! By visual and the atmosphere, you nailed it excellently, with the map feeling more like a horror map, with lots of Doomcutes that I adore every single one (with honorable mention to the Icon of Sin part). The map itself is fun, although the combat feels a little too cramped for my liking, especially the part with the hell knights. But overall, this was really good for first time mapper, I like to see what you cooking up next.
  2. lokbustam257

    How To "Fix" The Spider Mastermind?

    I agree with the OP, SMM should have their hitbox reduced to allow more maneuverability in more cramped areas and also allows her to dodge more BFG trails. Set the health to about 5000 or 6000. The chaingun should just be replaced with a faster firing (compared to Arachnotron's) plasma rifle, the hitscan chaingun is just a bit too much, plus it looks cooler. I think the unimplemented magical attack from the beta can be implemented for more variety. Maybe it summons more demons, or spawns a projectile that paralyze you if you get hit? These are just ideas that appear in my head.
  3. lokbustam257

    Doom Pictures Thread 2023

    I feel somewhat subconscious while making this
  4. It would probably still be a good game, albeit with much more restricted themes. Another thing that makes Doom still alive today is the source code being open source. Considering this is a licensed game with not so simple agreements between companies, id's probably never considered making their engine open source. Heretic, Hexen and others may still happen though.
  5. lokbustam257

    Doom Pictures Thread 2023

    The source port goes wacky with the rendering, looks like a great lilith.pk3 successor
  6. lokbustam257

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Icon of Sin's monster spawner if Doom 2 is PG-13
  7. lokbustam257

    "GRAVED", Community Project (FREE SLOTS)

    is there any deadline for the project? Might want to include that in the OP.
  8. lokbustam257

    Game that everybody likes but you dislike

    Quake 2. It feels soooo boring to me no matter how many times I played it. To me, it always feels like a slower, clunkier, more hitscan hell, 3D version of Doom 2. The soundtrack's kicks ass though.
  9. You can avoid the HOM effects by making sectors on those sky walls and then lower the ceiling until it hit the ground, should be working on GZDoom also. Found out how this work while I was making my own modified entryway with like 500 barons and revenants. The music can also be renamed to D_RUNNIN to make it work on every source port, in case you haven't know that.
  10. nice map! Played it on LZDoom with software mode and overall it's not too difficult. The visual looks quite nice, almost looks a bit too brown to me, but at least these brown textures I'm looking aren't freaking BROWN96 all the time. The map could be use a bit of lighting though, some areas looks a bit too dark for me. The map looks like it has a consistent HOMs across all the outdoor areas. Here are some showcasing it. Also, is this map meant for ZDoom-family ports or just standard vanilla? Might want to make that a bit clearer.
  11. hey, thanks a lot for the feedback. Glad you enjoyed the level.
  12. ADCP_MAP30_v4.zip V4 of MAP30, with changes mostly around IDBEHOLD+A cleaning and some decorations/rework here and there. It's still the same map really. Also, @aRottenKomquat, I think the Doom 2 MIDI mashup by stewboy (included in this map) fits quite well. I have some other MIDI to use, but they sound a bit intense and short for the map. Changelog: -Tons of Automap cleaning (which is quite funny because the map didn't have an automap powerup) -Fix the door to the Megasphere goodies using CRATE texture -Some lifts now properly use SR Lift Lower Raise instead of WR -Some extra rework/decorations on all the letters -And some other things, I dunno can't remember.
  13. lokbustam257

    Random Image Thread

  14. lokbustam257

    What is the funniest thing you have read online?

    https://www.doomworld.com/forum/post/1984170 Bloodite's response to ZeroMaster, one of Doomworld's classics.
  15. unironically, I kinda wanna see a brutal version of GB Link's Awakening. With snappier gameplay and the two button restrictions being removed, if that's even possible.