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  1. Doom-Child

    ARPG talk deluxe

    Sacred had some fun bits, but it was also pretty fucking janky. Titan Quest and its expansion are tits.
  2. Doom-Child

    Anna Nicole Smith dead, 39

    I can't wait to bid on her implants on eBay. DC
  3. Doom-Child

    Favorite programming language(s)

    Has anyone used D? I've been looking into other languages lately (since C++ has caused the growth of a large tumor on the side of my torso), and I came across it. It seems like a really great reworking of C/C++. DC
  4. Doom-Child

    Lawsuits over MMORPG in-game crime

    I think the basic reason we try to discourage old-thread-bumpage is that if a thread has ceased generating posts, it's probably reached a point where all the relevant points have been made, or it's degenerated to the point that nobody gives a flying rat's testicle about it anymore. Seeing an old thread bumped on the list, or getting an email about a thread I don't remember seeing in a month or two makes me wary that some assmonkey has decided to drool into a thread we stopped caring about ages ago. But at least you typed instead. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH**cough**cough**HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA**thud** DC
  5. Doom-Child

    Lawsuits over MMORPG in-game crime

    omgoldthreadbumpagewtfkthx DC
  6. Doom-Child

    Nintendo Gamecube games

    Paper Mario 2 kicks all kinds of ass. Incredible gameplay, a really awesome story, inventive combat...it just goes on and on. Beyond that, I really enjoyed Spider-Man 2, but mostly because I like swinging around Manhattan and popping little kids' balloons. DC
  7. I could push us further by bringing up manic depressives, if anybody wants. DC
  8. For some reason, all I can think of right now is Sparks' rant about animal testing from Sealab. "Why! Why does all the crap we consume have to be tested on animals first? A rabbit doesn't need lipstick! A rabbit doesn't use hair spray! A monkey doesn't need pills to get revved up for hot monkey sex! It's people man, we're miserable! So why SHOULDN'T we try it all first?" DC
  9. Welcome to America. Try not to get any on you. DC
  10. Doom-Child

    stupid STUPID flash player

    It runs fine. You can do really cool stuff with it. But this is just one of those things that makes me wonder if the team creating it just smoked pot on the day scheduled for audio options. DC
  11. Doom-Child

    stupid STUPID flash player

    Yeah, I see the same thing. What the fuck? Who designs a technology designed for multimedia and doesn't have the good sense God gave rotting mayonnaise to include options for audio settings? It's like we let a bunch of retarded ferrets start a company. They chose the name Macromedia, because in Ferret, "Macromedia" means "Fuck those mongooses". Rrrrgh. DC
  12. Doom-Child

    Lawsuits over MMORPG in-game crime

    Well, even if you were going to sell it on eBay, they didn't actually steal money, because it was still in potentia. I'm not going to get into intellectual property stuff on that. That's offtopic, and I have no idea to witness another holy war. DC
  13. Doom-Child

    stupid STUPID flash player

    Everything. It's like the volume for flash is ridiculously high. DC
  14. Doom-Child

    Lawsuits over MMORPG in-game crime

    I have a hard time making the idea of property in a game having actual monetary value stick in my head. You pay the same money whether you have the item or not. The only thing you've lost is the time involved in acquiring the item. In selling the item on eBay, or any other auction site, they haven't defrauded you of any actual money. I'm sure someone could try to make "time is money" work in a court, but I think people would be passing out popcorn for that one. If there's been a hack, then the person is responsible to the damages incurred on the servers of the game, like Blizzard, in the case of WoW. If Blizzard felt generous, it would be nice for them to give the player back an item, but I can't see how any monetary compensation would be justifiable. DC
  15. Doom-Child

    stupid STUPID flash player

    God. Does anybody know if it's possible to adjust the Flash Player volume? Everything else sounds fine, but Flash is eight hundred million times louder, so I wind up ripping my headphones off when I go to hear Magical Trevor. DC