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  1. Good-Old

    should i beat wolfnestein 3d?

    Episode 2: Operation Eisenfaust wants to know your location
  2. Good-Old

    Basic titles in Doomworld Forums

    According to Ichor, Gez's title is not custom,so I guess you should correct the last one to 7000-20000 and make the "Seriously?! What do I have to do to get a custom title around here?" as 20000-infinity. Although he's the only guy to reach that so we can't exactly verify. Sorry for the bump.
  3. Plutonia is a good mapset. It was pretty good for its time. But the chaingunner traps were something that are impossible to like.
  4. Ight, I'm finally a member. Long way to go for the next title though.

  5. That story is very relatable, I rage quit on some things quite often, but it is hard to stop before completing it.
  6. All they care about is money, so I doubt they will walk the extra mile to purify the comments, it won't be worth it, for them.
  7. Good-Old

    Your favorite "trend game"?

    I'm not the only person in the entire world to be annoyed by that. Also, memes don't go THAT far. I'm not always offended by simple memes. I think I already listed the reasons earlier. Also, I guess I can change that to "repetitive" and it would apply better because the tasks are the same.
  8. Good-Old

    Your favorite "trend game"?

    dude, I didn't say it doesn't deserve attention at all. It's just too much to see everything in life as one of its characters and calling random things sus despite nothing even remotely causing that.
  9. Good-Old

    Your favorite "trend game"?

  10. Good-Old

    Your favorite "trend game"?

    Why do things need "permission" to be popular lmfao
  11. Good-Old

    Your favorite "trend game"?

    I do agree with that, I worship boomer shooters in general. But the thing about people who worship AU is that they used to worship Fall Guys a few days ago, but since it's not the most popular anymore, people went "Fall Guys sucks lol". They would do the same with AU, just wait for its death.
  12. Good-Old

    Your favorite "trend game"?

    In a multiplayer game, the community is important. The fact that private lobbies are better than public ones applies to all games, not just among us. Although I'll bar the numerous community issues this time. Being a crewmate in Among Us is incredibly boring. Being a ghost is even more. And the main reason Among Us is popular, because it was played by some popular streamers. That's all it takes to turn an underdog game into a mainstream one. Among Us is not the first ever game with the concept, it's not original. And by "I don't understand" it's pretty damn obvious that its not only me, copy pasting what the other guy said to get away with a kill is obviously nothing skilful. ffs at least try to get what I say
  13. Good-Old

    Your favorite "trend game"?

    Popular compared to other "trendy" games. Most others have a lot more content, minecraft for example. I don't hate a game JUST because of popularity, people just fucking worship it. "Sucking a Dick" is worshipping a game to the extent you see everything in life as the game's characters that doesn't even remotely look like its characters or attaching an AU character to every existing thing in life, not the same as a game being really popular. "Logical reason" Read my earlier posts lmfao When did I say it does?
  14. Good-Old

    Your favorite "trend game"?

    Nah, Fortnite is one of the numerous crappy games still in popularity. I don't see what you mean by dumbing down, you can literally copy what the other guy said and still have a high chance of getting through. I don't hate it just because it is popular. I don't hate it in the first place. It's just the goddamn community. Too much popularity also almost always guarantees people who suck the game's dick. And it sucks to be one of those people. Among Us deserves to be popular but not THAT popular, it is a good game, but sucking its dick and seeing everything in life that is an oval within a bigger shape as an Among Us character is fucking dumb. And did I ever say I am the authority?