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  1. Good-Old

    Do you ever play Doom on I'm too young to die?

    Thanks a ton! It'll help a lot cause I'm slow at typing :P
  2. Good-Old

    Do you ever play Doom on I'm too young to die?

    I play on HMP on first run and UV later on. If I am playing a slaughter map, I just use sv_fastweapons 1 and sv_infiniteammo 1. Thanks to whoever suggested that. :D
  3. Good-Old

    Oversensitivity to "Bullshit" In Vidya Games

    Count me too!
  4. Good-Old

    unlucky moments

    Accidentally saving instead of loading. And/or the other way round. Especially if I'm depending on one save. I use 3 saves now in fear of that happening again XD
  5. Good-Old

    Scary thing about "The Sky May Be" jokewad

    @Loomis I used a pk3 conversion of the original SMB, found here.
  6. Good-Old

    Scary thing about "The Sky May Be" jokewad

    Also I forgot to mention the door was in E2M1. I do think it's a feature; considering the fact that it's a jokewad and that it read "DO NOT OPEN". I guess I should start listening to warnings in jokewads. :D
  7. After hours of killing demons I got tired and decided to have a laugh, so I downloaded and ran The Sky May Be, a jokewad I've heard of many times but never played. I really enjoyed it had a good laugh while playing, but then I noticed a "DO NOT OPEN" door which I thought would be the way to a room full of monsters. But that is entirely different from what happened. After opening the door,(it didn't open lol) I got the message "I TOLD YOU SO" and my PC froze. Yes, my PC froze, nothing worked. No sound, no response from the PC after pressing Alt + F4. No escape key, nothing. Just the message and the staus bar on screen. I had to force restart my PC to get it back working. Did this happen to you? If yes, how did you react to it? Also, I will say it, the jokewad is pure gold and it is sad that there is no The Sky May Be 2 or any jokewad inspired from it. How is this from 1997?
  8. Good-Old

    What are you playing now?

    Eviternity, completed 4 episodes, and it is one of the best wads I have played, no doubt.
  9. Thanks for correcting me. I forgot that the map I was making was in ZDoom Hexen format. Apologies.
  10. IIRC, dormant monsters are immortal statues. They won't harm you or die.
  11. Good-Old

    New COVID-19 Poll

    The real thing I'm scared of now is the vaccine. There's a high chance of it being an injection and injections are fucking scary!
  12. Good-Old

    Questions regarding a resource wad I'm making

    Sorry for bumping, but while editing the wads I realized that there was a CREDITS lump in every wad I opened. Do I still need to make a a text file?
  13. Good-Old

    Questions regarding a resource wad I'm making

    I know. I just did it cause I wanted to make some box rooms and put monsters in them for infighting. Infighting is fun as hell. So if anybody who wants to do the same or load all the monsters at the same time for whatever reason, they can use this. Thank you Doomenator and TheNoob_Gamer for the suggestion. I guess a huge text file is a whole lot better, it will save time.
  14. Good-Old

    Questions regarding a resource wad I'm making

    Yes, I know I have to do the overall .txt file but I'm talking about making individual .txts for indiviual files.
  15. I would like to apologize for my shit quality English first. So well, I suck at mapping and don't have too much imagination, but I wanted to contribute something - I'm not sure if anyone will find it helpful cause I am mostly doing it for myself, but I am also planning to release it - A wad with Realm667 resources. I won't judge anything - I'll just put as many resources as I can into different wads. Here's what I'm planning to do - Arrange all the resources into different wads based on their category - monsters go to beastiary, weapons to armory, etc. Use Decorate instead of ZScript so no one will have to change the MapInfo file. So the questions are - Do I have to make a .txt file for the resources? They usually don't come with .txt files, that's why I am asking. Do I have to take permission from the authors?