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  1. Shiny Metagross

    Samsara Reincarnation 2.0 / ReMixer 1.1

    Reincarnation and ReMixer 1.0 are now live! Time to be Reincarnated!
  2. A few words: It's taken me awhile to update these threads due to some factors. First of all, I've been very busy with my own personal life the last threeish months, and I have not done much Samsara development within that time frame, except for serious issues. Updating threads is not something I enjoy doing,atleast Doomworld text editor doesn't hurt my eyes, but I'd rather not do it with what little free time I have these days, but nonetheless, I'll update as much as I can. I do not give a shit if people join our server or not to download our mod. I'd rather people download our mod externally than hop in, download and leave. For future reference, all our wads (except the loader and soundtrack), can always be obtained through Euroboros and TSPG. If you look around archives you could also find older versions, we just take down our copies to encourage people to play the newer versions. Thirdly, I don't do my business here. I hardly ever check these threads. Especially not these days. If you're lucky I might see any new messages posted here within 3 months. You're just so much better off contacting me through Discord or in our server. If you're here, presumably you are familiar with Samsara. If you are not, then you may want to look here first. Otherwise, read-on. Samsara Reincarnation is a continuation of Samsara out of what used to be Extra Heroes. Samsara Reincarnation is a rebranding to signify a departure from the addon era, full of often broken, useless, or outdated code, and a step forward to making better use of what's available, and continuing the vision of giving new life and admiration to the games presented on this project. Character Roster: Download and Installation: Changelog: Credits: Our Discord Channel: