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  1. CoolerDoomeR

    What do you want id to do next after Eternal?

    I really want a quake 4 remaster, also Doom 3 Remake would be cool too!
  2. Doom Live-action? NBC? This gonna suck, just like most of the movies or series rn.
  3. The biggest difference is Quake is newer and it is 3D but Doom/Other build engine are older and are kinda 2.5D. But another difference I can feel in Build Engine games is they feel clunky but Doom engine is kinda choppy. But I still love Redneck Rampage, It is still one of my favorite games from 90s era.
  4. CoolerDoomeR

    Doom 3 alpha/pre-alpha build

    Is there anyway to play that build(2006, alpha/pre alpha build)? I know it was leaked in 2015 but I can't find anything working(I only found this one but the link is not working at all). Thanks!!!!
  5. CoolerDoomeR

    Good Multiplayer mods?

    Try Insanity DM.
  6. CoolerDoomeR

    what is the best mod you have played?

    High Noon Drifter, War Rooster and Zero Tolerance
  7. CoolerDoomeR

    What Did Yall Think About The New Predator Movie?

    I think it sucks, i like the REAL predator, not a child acting as a predator...
  8. CoolerDoomeR

    My First Doom Was On Console

    My first Doom was Doom 3 on Windows 7, and then Doom 2 and Doom 2016, i havent played Doom Eternal yet.
  9. CoolerDoomeR

    World War 2 GI Re-Release worth playing?

    So, i will not buy it. Do you know some good build engine games for playing it right now?(I already played Duke Nukem 3D, Redneck Rampage and Blood)
  10. I want to buy it, it worth playing?
  11. CoolerDoomeR

    My First Map

    Nice map, Good work dude!
  12. CoolerDoomeR

    Redneck Rampage Remaster

    They can remaster it just like Duke Nukem 3D remaster...
  13. CoolerDoomeR

    Best Sites To Waste Time

    Popcat, of course.
  14. CoolerDoomeR

    Stray in Doom

    Author said it will be released in 27 July, but i can't find it on any forums or in youtube.
  15. CoolerDoomeR

    Megalyth Brendt Pantley R.I.P

    Rest in Peace, buddy <3