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  1. MasterOFDeath

    Rest in peace Esa Repo

    This is sad on many levels. Espi was always a cool guy when I frequented here and I loved his maps. R.I.P., you will certainly be missed.
  2. MasterOFDeath

    Most kickass game titles ever

    Irritating Stick
  3. MasterOFDeath

    The End - What Will It Be?

    You were close, in a way. Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe, actually.
  4. MasterOFDeath

    The End - What Will It Be?

    It's made up mostly of nitrogen (a little below 80%, for the most part the rest is oxygen followed by argon, carbon dioxide, and trace amounts of other gases.) Plus considering how long ago that theory was you would have to be pretty crazy to still think something like that. Besides, I've yet to have a science class where we talked about how hydrogen can destroy "air particals". Or air particals in general.
  5. MasterOFDeath

    Computer Speakers?

    I'd go Creative simply because I've had awful experiences with Logitech speakers.
  6. MasterOFDeath

    The End - What Will It Be?

    Here, folks, is a physics expert. We should listen to him.
  7. MasterOFDeath

    I've tried to avoid it [MP3 service]

    That I have seen, sadly, no.
  8. MasterOFDeath

    The End - What Will It Be?

    Natural disaster, such as a meteor or Yellowstone going off. A month or so ago geologists reported seeing unusual activity coming from Yellowstone, and it's a known caldera with the potential to wipe out almost all land life just from worldwide ash coverage. Our generation is fine though as it shouldn't go off until a thousand years or so from now. (A "short time" on earth's timescale) And by then I'm sure we will have a fair amount of us living permanently in space, ensuring our survival against natural disasters unless something else happens at the same time. Nuclear war? Biological warfare? Eh, we can survive that. I don't see it being near as bad as all life being forced to breathe ash that cannot be filtered and rips your lungs apart from the inside. Or a massive ash cloud collapsing on everyone. And those that do survive being ones trapped in underground shelters buried under ash eventually starving to death. The ash would be so thick they would be permanently trapped and not even cannibalism could make them last. :D Zombies could be taken care of before they became a worldwide threat, though IRL Left 4 Dead could prove pretty exiting. Or maybe we discover space travel from buried ruins on Mars, meet up with several alien species with a political center on a mysterious space station, then discover a race of sentient super-machines living in deep space that systematically wipe all life from our galaxy for their own amusement - but fail to stop them. Or some other science fiction story. ;P
  9. MasterOFDeath

    Most underrated game AND overrated video games?

    One more from me- Overrated: Anything by Bethesda, particularly Oblivion. Underrated: UT3. Yeah it was a weaker UT title but it wasn't horrible.
  10. MasterOFDeath

    Which of these six old classic megawads is best?

    Hell Revealed.
  11. MasterOFDeath

    Most underrated game AND overrated video games?

    I hate how ignored XII is. I need to get some time set aside to finish that one. As for FFVI vs. FFVII, my preference should be a little obvious. FFVII wasn't a bad game really, but it did have a lot of things that put me off and I can't see how it gets the massive amount of praise and fanboyism it does. The biggest thing that put me off was the thing it's praised most for: it's story. It's just a rehashed, butchered FFVI with the generic anime art direction aimed at preteen girls with bishies like Cloud and Sephiroth. And 13 year old boys with Tifa. For the most part I found it difficult to follow with too much unexplained stuff, loose ends, holes, and annoying characters. (I hated Aeris.) In terms of gameplay I found it compitent but the difficulty tends to wander all over the place. And don't get me started on the ending. Could they have made that summon any more irritating? The ending sequence itself is really stupid, rushed, and not satisfying at all.[/rantover] Despite all the nasty things I just said I still think it's worth a play just to check it out. But definitely not worthy of the praise it gets. Really the whole game is just and average JRPG to me. Back more on-topic, and with less sarcasm this time- Overrated: Metal Gear Solid. On second thought, World of Warcraft. Ick. Underrated: Painkiller. Yeah it wasn't perfect. But it's still a good game, and the closest thing I've played to a modern Doom game.
  12. MasterOFDeath

    Looking for a modern alternative to DPaint

    He's looking for something similar to DPaint, which GIMP doesn't resemble at all last time I checked.
  13. MasterOFDeath

    Favorite cartoons?

    Hehe, I remember that Bugs Bunny episode. Kinda reminds me of that one episode of Edd, Ed, and Eddy that was surreal as hell. (Which one was it? Haven't watched the show in years)
  14. MasterOFDeath

    Most underrated game AND overrated video games?

    Underrated: Halo. Overrated: Nerf Arena Blast. I mean, what the fuck?
  15. MasterOFDeath

    RTS prequel to mediocre FPS trilogy golden.

    Yeah, the singleplayer in Halo 3 was very disappointing. The multiplayer is superb though.