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  1. Spunkman

    10 Years of Doom(world)

    Hey look, I know we at DoomHQ were douchebags, but we can't even get a mention?
  2. Spunkman

    Knee Deep in ZDoom released

    I don't see what the huge deal is here (granted I only read the first page of posts, since you're all drivelling idiots for the most part), but in my 11 years of playing doom i've played some MASSIVE ball of shit wads, and this really wasn't one of them. Fine, it's packed with detail, maybe too much in areas, but a lot of the outdoor effects i thought looked pretty good, albeit Quake2 inspired. I didn't really know anything about it, so I went into it with no expectations, other than seeing rehashed Episode 1 rooms, which oddly enough there weren't a lot of. My only problem would be that it's a remake, which they just shouldn't have bothered saying or doing since most of it resembles doom 1 in little to no way. And the custom monsters for the most part i could do without, but whatever. Anyway, you're all a bunch of assholes, but you already knew that.
  3. Spunkman


    the biggest lie in that last review is "The fright is real!"
  4. Spunkman

    This Just In, Doom Movie Is Terrible

    They did it with street fighter.
  5. Spunkman

    This Just In, Doom Movie Is Terrible

    Dave has it.
  6. Spunkman


    besides, it's the only port recommend, endorsed, and mapped for by me, Spunkman.
  7. Spunkman


    ...is garbage? i agree.
  8. Spunkman

    John Peel dead, aged 65

    as, i'm assuming, are the smiths.
  9. Spunkman

    Superman is dead

    What's black and sits at the top of the stairs? Christopher Reeve after a housefire.
  10. Spunkman

    My servers are unjoinable...

    sounds like you're on a firewall, and all the ports are closed.
  11. Spunkman

    Ambient sounds

  12. Spunkman

    More levels made by Romero?

    I heard something about that back in 1999. when it was released on tv, and called Futurama.
  13. Spunkman

    The /newstuff Chronicles #195

    it was originally going to be more, like 15 or so. all of the maps we started back then were lost, which is probably a good thing, as they weren't near as good as the ones i released now. i just happened upon the html files for the old site, and resurrected the idea. i haven't talked to kliqten in quite some time, so the levels were all done by me, started from scratch a couple weeks ago.
  14. Spunkman

    shareware box art scans please

    heh, amazingly, i have a copy of the doom shareware somewhere, unopened in the sleeve thing still. if i find it, i'll post a pic.
  15. Spunkman


    hello chaps. i've done yet another 5 level map set. duel levels, called fearDM. each level is themed around a different phobia (listed in the .txt file). if you care to take a gander at some screenshots, or get the download, visit my site; http://home.comcast.net/~spunkman/