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  1. I found this on YouTube today. You can download the TC here.
  2. Halfblind

    Why haven't there been more indie Doom clones?

    How about these games? Do these count?
  3. Halfblind

    Random Image Thread

    My favorite 30 minute shows part 2. This time around great shows that started in the 90's to 2000's. BTW I was never into all those black comedies that plagued UPN but my sister was.
  4. Halfblind

    Random Image Thread

    I may not be that old but I love these kind of shows. I was born in the 80's after all. These shows are like my butter when it comes to my television viewing diet.
  5. Halfblind

    Random Image Thread

    Here are some super rare yet super fun Original Xbox games:
  6. Halfblind

    Random Image Thread

  7. Halfblind

    Random Video Thread

    In the Random Image Thread we have images of Elvira so here I go.
  8. Halfblind

    Television Commercials You Hate to Love

    @scalliano There is no reason not to like that commercial except for the part where they say that you can record on them as much as you want without losing picture quality. That is a little misleading and a bit of false advertising. Why I Love it: The blond woman is rather beautiful and you know Christmas. Why I hate it: I have a friend who took the time to string a set of lights on their artificial tree. They wrapped it around every branch. It looks simple and beautiful and they can easily set up and take down the tree every year. Then you have those artificial trees with lights already on them. There is no need to add any extra lights just set up the tree and you are ready to go.
  9. Halfblind

    Random Video Thread

  10. Halfblind

    I'm new to Doomworld. Any helpful advice?

    If you are showing off your cool level, idea, project or whatever don't forget to show us screenshots. If you are testing someone else's work and you find issues, such as misaligned textures or things that break the level or mod, feel free to let them know of your feedback. It takes about 250 posts to get your member status. In the olden days that is when you used to be able to add your custom avatar picture. You can add a custom title, and change your user name in the future but I don't know how much posts you need to have in order to reach those goals. Feel free to ask about anything Boom, Zdoom and other classic source ports here too. In the Zdoom forums they seem more interested in talking about GZdoom and are less inclined to talk about anything older and discontinued like Zdoom.
  11. Halfblind

    Random Video Thread

  12. Halfblind

    The "stupid mod idea" thread

    Though that would make a great idea that is not exactly what I had in mind. I was thinking more on the line of a Wolf3D style maps but with a Heretic skin. Kind of like this but better:
  13. Halfblind

    The "stupid mod idea" thread

    Not exactly a Doom mod but close enough. Name: Heretic: Shadows of Wolfenstein Description: Basically what would it look like if Heretic were to look and play a lot more like Wolfenstein 3d. It would have all the limitations of gameplay and level design. Textures would have to be rebuilt to suit the mapping restrictions. Maps would have to be flattened out to look like wolf 3D. Movement would have to be restricted. Items like the wings of wraith would have to be re-thunk. Weapons would have to be re-balanced. Weapons and monsters would have to be scaled down. It can still use doom style skies. It can still use sector actions for doors and crushers. It can still use Heretic's lighting and special effects.