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  1. Evil has never looked so good:
  2. So I map in the Hexen format by default, it is the most familiar to me. In that format everything that you activate needs a tag so I got used to doing it that way. Mapping in Heretic or Doom without the Hexen format is so alien to me. In those formats you can select the door action and as long as the lindef is right next to the sector that you want to open it will work. No special tagging required but I am just not used to doing it that way. For monster teleportation I haven't figured out how to successfully pull that off. I got comfortable using monster spawners in the Hexen format but then they changed how to spawn monsters in the new Zdoom format in Doom Builder 2. The old way was much more comfortable to me. There was even a nice trick that spawned a monster when you broke a pot in Hexen that has since been changed in the new Zdoom format. @alowe I think that half the fun in making your own maps is figuring things out yourself. I feel that when you have the basics down, whether it be scripting or mapping, you can experiment with the more advanced stuff and see what you can do with them. I even get stuck on some of the basics myself and that's when I think something like a YouTube channel would come in very handy. Honestly I consider myself a detail whore, I love great architecture, atmosphere and choice in textures when it comes to finding a nicely designed map. I have seen a few maps that were very basic when it came to functionality but based upon their architecture alone they created a sense of astonishment and atmosphere that made me enjoy the map even more.
  3. I'm currently playing "1 Monster" and I am currently on like map 19 or 20 the one with all the revetments. Next up is the map with all the Cyberdemons. This is a rather interesting wad, you already know what kind of strategy that you need based upon the first enemy that you see in each map. I would have to say my favorite maps are the ones made by Dutch Devil. Up next on my playlist is HUMP.wad for Heretic.
  4. You can donate them if you wanted to. I don't have hours just lying around either. Thanks for your interest. That's where we need Dutch Devil, Tormentor667, Agent Spork, Krustus and others tell us what makes a good and bad map. That so made my day and that is so true. When I first started messing around in Doom Builder I had to reverse engineer what someone else did to learn how to do it myself. That is how I learned how to do half the stuff that I know now. I also find it difficult to read and understand text based tutorials that should be described visually. As a visual person I find videos a lot easier to understand and apply because I see the process on how to do something in real time. I learned how to do 3D floating platforms, 3D bridges and swimmable water the new way by learning how SGtMarkIV did it in "Knee Deep in the Jungle." and a simple door by opening up MAP01 in Hexen. I'll add your list to the list up top. I don't map in Boom so I don't know how to do conveyors. I know how to map out 3D Bridges in Doom Builder 2. I can modify the map name in Zdoom but not in Boom. I can do some different sectors such as a swimming pool, open-able pillar, damage floors, scrolling floors, and etc. Don't forget to about how to align upper, middle and lower textures. I don't know what you mean by self-referencing sectors, what is that?
  5. Ditto on that one, some of those maps took me over 2 hours to complete. You can also try: Deus Vult Deus Vult 2 The Ultimate Torment & Torture Austerity - A Simplicity Tribute MAP29: For We Are Many Decade OGRE Labs Good luck trying to get through any of these maps because some of them are freakin' huge. Some of them have hundreds to even upwards to a thousand plus enemies. Don't say I did not warn you. Edit: These are not mega wads sorry but they have huge levels anyways.
  6. I envision the Doom Editing Academy as a comprehensive video showcase on YouTube. It should cover a wide variety of topics that are listed below. Each video should be short and to the point, go over a single topic, and not exceed 5 minutes. Videos should be categorized under 3 levels of skill; basic editing, expert tips, and master tricks. Everything should be itemized, so no covering 2 or more topics in the video at once. Some Ideas Include: Where to download the games, source ports, and editors. How to set up Doom Builder to start building your maps. How to build a standard doom door. How to create damage sectors. How to insert sprites. Beginners guide to Slade3. How to use Slade3's color remap tool. How to use Slade3's colorize and tint tool. How to insert a custom monster into Slade3 How to insert a custom monster into Doom Builder How to use additional additional texture resources with Doom Builder. How to set up the file structure of a standard wad. How to set up the file structure of a PK3 file. How to use the #include tag. How to make swim-able water. Go over each ACS special individually. Go over each sprite scripting action individually. What the different game formats are. What differences there are between the boom, hexen and UDMF formats. How to set up Boom conveyers. How to make 3D bridges and 3D platforms. How to make a movable 3D platform. How to create a custom map name title for the automap. How to place and align upper, middle and lower textures. How to make scrollable floors. And anything else that you can think of. I envision it having hundreds of videos and having multiple video uploaders. Does anyone think this is a good idea? Is anyone willing to put some time into this kind of endeavor? What other topics would you like to see discussed in the Doom Editing Academy?
  7. @Gez Right, just don't put the .png file extension in your script.
  8. Just a quick question, Is there a tool that can convert a Doom, Heretic or Hexen map into a script usable by WadC? I build all my maps visually with Doom Builder and I want to know what they look like translated visually into WadC script language.
  9. Why don't you PM me with the wad in question and I'll see what I can do about it. If I can't I'll let you know.
  10. It depends on what your intention for the Coin.png is. If you intend on using it as a menu or HUD graphics I would put it in the graphics folder, if you are using it as a sprite i would put it into the sprite folder but if you want to use it as a texture I would put it in the texture folder. It is clear as day on that end especially when using Doom Builder 2 and Zdoom (or it's children) as your test engine. In your case I think you want to use it as an inventory icon. Is this correct? If so you need to rename the file to COINA0 so that the editor and the game recognizes it as a sprite and not as a simple graphic. Then in the line that says inventory.icon it needs to read Inventory.Icon "COINA0" and not "COIN.png". Let me know if this helps.
  11. Well there is this Doomworld Speedmapping Compilation #6 if I remember correctly.
  12. @Jon While I was over at the WadC website I found out that I could not download any of these wads. birds, church, don, fractal, garden, laby, square. I know that you can create them yourself with the editor but those links are dead.
  13. I know right. I think that he just wants mods for games that came out prior to 2000, even though I listed some games that came out afterwards because you can't have one without the others. I think that they want "of all time" because you will remember them for "all time." Just what I'm thinking. I guess that is why it is becoming increasingly more difficult to find more great mods for these older games. The sites that hosted them have since shut down or have been archived. Even finding stuff on Filefront or Fileplanet can be difficult now. Ravengames used to have a lot of mod content for ravens old games but it is only a review site now. I used to find wads for Heretic that were not found in the archive there a few years ago. I guess that you can look for mods at GameBanana or LoneBullet and see what is there.
  14. If this is a wad, like you said, did Slade 3 make a backup file as you saved it? You can open up a backup file from the file menu and try opening the wad from a previous save point. If you reinsert the monster back into the wad, don't forget to place the sprite frames between the S_Start and S_End markers. You can insert your script into the decorate file or use the #include tag to include a separate script file. Often Slade crashes when you don't insert the resources correctly or you do too much stuff at once.
  15. If your kill anything you die permanently and have to start the level over, but, if a monster kills you, you explode killing everything in the area and you get re-spawned instantly. Either the monsters will have to be placed in hoards or be able to inflict great amount of damage to the player in order for the player to die. Essentially the player becomes a voodoo doll.