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  1. Oh boy! 2021 looks like it will have a crap load of very good video game releases. There is so much great games planned to be released this year that I don't know where to start. The excitement is just too much when I want to play them all but I have such limited time and money. I don't know what game I would buy and play first. What new 2021 game releases are you most excited to play this year? Please feel free to post the game trailer. I really like watching those. Here are just 6 games that I am excited to see this year just to get us started:
  2. With a great twist of Irony I found and enjoyed many flash games in 2019. By the beginning of 2020 I could no longer play them in Google chrome at my local library. Unity Web Player games also became discontinued at that time too. It is sad to see the end of this era, for it wasn't just a game or video technology it was an art form. I hope that Pico-8 doesn't suffer the same fate and I hope that will be around for many years to come. I will certainly try out FlashPoint in the future. To see my favorite flash games and share your own, please post in this thread.
  3. How do I know what executable file to use and why? I am using the game32.exe and game64.exe to compare them to the gameSDL.exe. I understand that you use the 32 and 64 versions depending on whether you are using a 32 or 64 bit operating system but I am unsure about when I should use the SDL version of the executable. For instance Wolf4SDL only comes with an SDL executable while Quakespasm and Darkplaces is packaged with both. Surprisingly Quakespasm Spiked only comes with a 64 bit executable. When should I use the SDL.exe to run the game? I understand that some mods might require the SDL code base and executable to run, but how do I know for sure if it does when they forget to include that info in the readme? Normally, in Windows, I run everything with the standard exe file and not worry about the SDL version.
  4. Halfblind

    What did you guys get for christmas?

    I still have a little left on my Steam account, should I get Deathmatch Classic or use that dollar to buy something else? I want to answer the OP question, but I want to buy a few more games during the Steam sale this year.
  5. It has been a very sad year for computer games and software. By the end of this week both Windows 7 and flash will be EOL and completely depreciated. Last year Unity Web Player games can no longer be played in any browser because they migrated to the newer WebGL. I just learned about a few of these great games a couple years ago and sadly I can no longer play them anymore. Heretic 2 - This game ran perfectly in Windows XP, but try installing it on any newer operating system and the game will crash when attempting any underwater segment. However, this was fixed with a fan made patch. Drakan: Order of the Flame - Again this game ran perfectly in Windows XP. When running the game on Windows Vista and newer the game will crash while receiving any new weapon for your dragon and when going under some of the large wooden doors. Again this was fixed after installing like 3 or 4 fan made patches. Star Trek: DS9 the Fallen - When installing this game on Windows ME it installed perfectly, but when installing it on Windows XP and newer one file can't be found on the disk at all. The only way to install it was to create an ISO image of the disk and run the installation through the mounted ISO. Switchball - Perhaps one of my favorite puzzle games, but unfortunately I cannot install it and run it on a 64 bit operating system. It seems to be dependent on the 32 bit operating system architecture. To this day I haven't found any patches or 64 bit versions of the game anywhere. I would really like to finish this game someday. I hope this is what you are looking for. Most of these I have found work arounds for, but many I have not. I haven't attempted to install them on Windows 10 yet, so that is still up in the air. Does anyone know if Freelancer can run in any newer operating system? Because that would be great to know. Unfortunately the games mentioned above have been abandoned by their developers too.
  6. Halfblind

    What game should be FPSed?

    Fracas - This could make a great third-person/first-person hybrid thing where it mixes elements from Rogue-Lites, dungeon crawlers and a multiplayer combat game. The co-op mode would be great. Abuse - What I remember Bungie published the Mac port, so Halo could be Abuse in disguise. Just don't release it at the same time as an AVP game. Touhou - It's probably been done before but they need an actual licensed Touhou first person shooter. I'm no good at these games but maybe in first person I can get further. Gauntlet - I know it's been mentioned above but Gauntlet would make a great action adventure first-person shooter. It should be complete with a hub level and skeleton piles and portals that continually spawn monsters. This would make a great Doom mod too. Typing games - Amongst defeating demons and exploring dungeons the player would have to type crap load of words to solve puzzles, open chests, pick locks and find secrets. It would be cool but it might drive a lot of people nuts.
  7. Merry Quakemas! Quake Xmas Jams 2017-2020 And may all your Steam and GOG Christmas sale buying go smoothly this holiday season.
  8. Halfblind

    Modern gaming isn't fun

    @whybmonotacrab Your right modern games aren't for me. Last year I bought Star Wars: Jedi Knight - Jedi Academy, Project Warlock and Rogue Trooper Redux. This year I'm going to get Intrude, Neon Shadow, Scourge: Outbreak and maybe One More Dungeon or Moor to see if I like first person Rogue-lites. Next year I want to get HROT, Hell Hunt, Exophobia and Gibhard. This year I have been playing a lot of Quake mods and maps too. I feel that I can scratch the itch when it comes to FPS and racing games but I can't quite scratch it when it comes to a great quality third person or even first person action adventures. I love a great action adventure more than anything else.
  9. Halfblind

    Modern gaming isn't fun

    Playing games now feels more like a job than a hobby or pastime. Xbox, Playstation, Steam, mobile gaming and even browser games all award achievements. At first, this may seem like a healthy dopamine reward or a pat on the back, but this forces the player to work and play harder on the game to accomplish so little. We can no longer play the game like we want and we can no longer feel our own personal sense of accomplishment when we finish our own goals. Some games seem to never end or have a purpose. A game needs to have clear objectives and an established ending for us to feel happy when we finish them. For example we can have more fun playing CTF in an arena shooter than we can trying to be the last man standing in a battle royale. Free to play games are not free at all. Many force you to pay to win or grind your way through repetitive missions to not accomplish anything at all. Those who actually payed for stuff get all the perks while you get nothing. It makes the playing field unfair for everyone. Micro transactions, loot boxes, card pack to unlock characters and items, daily gameplay limits, daily missions, random useless drops, pay to enter events, short levels, rubber banding and 20 million ads. Do I have to say more. I loved Halo 3 and Halo 3: ODST. Dispute the achievements I think they are really good games. It's a shame what 343 Industries has done to the series. Bungie didn't fair better when they signed their agreement with Activision either. AAA game companies were once indie developers, but now they are focused more on prophet than making a really enjoyable game. I too miss the good days from when I got into games (1999) to the end of the Xbox 360 era. I had more fun playing them than I do playing the "better" games of today.
  10. Halfblind

    Newest Video Game Waifu Crush

    Crazy Taxi: City Rush is no longer available for download anymore, but I still play it sometimes. Here's my favorite character in the game though.
  11. Halfblind

    Ask random questions, and they will be answered.

    Does Quakespasm support demo converting to .avi like FitzQuake does? If so how do I do it? I use the "capturedemo" command and nothing happens. I also have the most updated version of Google's video codex like it asks for.
  12. Halfblind

    Get It Off Your Chest

    First I am so sorry and heartbroken for all of you who suffer from a chronic physical or mental illness. It saddens me to the deepest reaches of my soul. I too suffer from an invisible illness. Doctors won't give me answers, won't tell me what's wrong nor give me a diagnosis outside of a mental illness. COVID has made it even harder for doctors to listen to my concerns. In a nutshell, I suffer from chronic fatigue, pain, blood sugar issues, seizures and stomach problems. I was diagnosed with an infection of an evil bacteria called H. Pylori which can make you very sick. After eradicating the infection I now feel so much worse. I also have a silver amalgam filling which contains 50% mercury, which is a known neurotoxin and immunosuppressant. Removal and replacement is not covered through insurance in the states and I don't know how to get the money to cover the cost. I was born rather flexible to where it is causing a few other health issues. I believe I have Ehlers-Danlos syndrome or another hyper-mobility disorder. I won't be able to get assesed for this unless doctors start listening to me. I also have depression an anxiety disorder and I might have Asperger's syndrome. I am waiting for testing for that too. It took me a long time to get the doctors to believe me about that too. I can't take medications for most of my health issues because they make me violently I'll. I found out through GeneSight that I am genetically unable to take most antidepressants, beta blockers, acid reducing meds, opiates, and dopamine targeting medications. I am frustrated, because now I don't know what to do to help me feel better. The worst thing about all this isn't dealing with the physical nor mental health issues but dealing with how people treat me and how no one is willing to listen. Many people with chronic physical/mental health issues and autism are treated horribly by many who don't. I wish doctors would listen and people would treat us better.
  13. Halfblind

    Get It Off Your Chest

    I am getting very very tired of seeing these 4 things in video games. Plus 1 bonus at the end. 1. Roblox, Roblox, Roblox. Quit making games inspired by Roblox. Children never play them like the game is designed, because they play it to do stupid crap. My library internet is always bogged down with all the computers taken by children playing it. If you like this game I am sorry I'm just getting tired of seeing it all the time. 2. Solid colored textured polygons in many video games these days. It only looks nice because they put many different colors in the maps and spruce them up with engine hacks like lighting and gloss. I'm beginning to miss the old hand crafted detailed textured that people created before ultra minimalism became rampant. I actually like minimalism if it's done right just look at Intrude. 3. Minecraft clones and environments made of "voxels". Minecraft is a great game and a great idea. It is a masterpiece of programming which allows children and adults alike to use their creativity. It is far better than the two concepts mentioned above. There is a few great games that use the concept, but what I hate is how saturated the market is with similar games of much lesser quality. Many of them don't even use voxels. 4. Remade games and maps that are worse than the original. I thought the Pico-8 Doom game Poom was a great piece of programming genius but the game inspired by Chasm: The Rift, Perilous Warp looks really bad to me. When making a map or game inspired by another I think it is best to keep enough of the original to create nostalgia but deviate enough to make it fresh, new and exciting. I would prefer spending my time exploring a new map or environment than revisiting an existing place that I've already been if it's worse than the original. To me It is more exciting to play a level I've never seen before or to find a secret in an old map that I've never found before. I just hate finding games that rip off another. Bonus. When playing a new map I always play on easy. If the map sucks it would make me feel bad if I died on a harder difficulty. If I liked the map I would play it another day on a harder difficulty to keep it fresh and new. Sometimes if I die on a map that I like I might find a secret that I didn't notice before which makes it so much better.
  14. Halfblind

    I Need Help With an Old Laptop

    @Marn Most of the time it takes less than a minute after it's turned on before it crashes. Sometimes it's completely random and could crash immediately or after about 10 minutes. I did try reseating the RAM, HDD, Battery and even checked the connection to the monitor to no avail.
  15. The laptop in question is a Toshiba Satellite L305-S5919. I know that laptop is over a decade old, but it's been in my life for quite a while, so I'll be very sad to see it go. The issue is that every time that I turn it on the screen goes completely blue, red, black, yellow or white depending on what background color the open application uses. It's mostly blue because of the background color of my desktop. The only way to fix this sometimes is to powercycle it, but turning it back on could cause the issue to happen again. I want to backup my files, but in the middle of doing so the computer crashes again. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, I would really hate to lose all my projects and all my hard work.