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  1. Halfblind

    looking for compatible quake source port for my pc

    Wait, you have an Intel Core i7 running Windows 10 and have only 6GB of space? Your going to need more space than that if you are going to run any good Quake mods. If you have the slot and you cannot afford to buy a bigger SDD I would recommend buying a small SD card with at least 16GB of space. My entire Quake mod directory takes up more space than 6GB. This is my go-to as well, but if that is not your flavor you could try the Mark V engine. Some Quake mappers like DumptruckDS use that one also. If you want some Quake mod and map suggestions I can point you in the right direction too.
  2. Halfblind

    Classic Fps Universe

    I hope this works... After D’Sparil cursed Corvus with the “Curse of the Lost Gods,” Corvus travelled throughout the outer worlds before returning back to Pathoris. While on his journey he came to the world of Draken and met a woman named Rynn and her dragon Arokh. He travelled to another world and met an elf named Alvir and his beautiful human mage girlfriend Azara Zatch. He then stumbled upon the world of Midgard during the dark ages where he met Sam ‘Serious’ Stone and the hordes of Mental. Additionally he would travel to the world of Celenheim prior to the rift that would split that world between darkness and light and create a powerful “enclave.” He had all these wonderful adventures before returning to the world of Pathoris to spend the rest of his days with his beautiful elven wife. After the events when Sam Stone travelled through time, there were many other battles on Midgard then known as the Earth. An unknown marine later known as the Rifter travelled through the chasm known also as the rift and found himself in many time frames. He never met Sam Stone, nor did he meet Corvus, but he did see the remnants of their battles. Shortly after Sam’s departure from middle America there was a culling of xenomorphs by the powerful Yautja. They would eventually leave the earth, but without leaving a queen behind in Antarctica. While in ancient Egypt Sam Stone learned about an ancient human race that once lived there called the Sirians, but there was also another race known as the Nakhti who left ancient Egypt many centuries prior. Corvus had a descendant whose name was Canus who also travelled the outer worlds. Canus was also granted Corvus’s wand from his father. Canus found himself in Midgard at a war torn time. Midgard was in a full blown world war. Torn by the war machine known as the Nazi’s. It was the time of the Third Reich. Canus found himself battling on the side of the Allies where he met B.J. Blazkowicz while he was imprisoned in the castle Wolfenstein. B.J. nicknamed him Wolf Stone because of where they met. During the war Canus heard rumors of vampires who were allied with the Nazi’s and formed an evil triad. Canus would later meet a beautiful dhampir named Rayne when she was on a vendetta against her vampire father who allied himself with the Axis Powers. Later in the future slipgates were reverse engineered by technology left after the chasm. Rifter, who was much older at the time, showed Ranger how to use the slipgates before Ranger went on his mission throughout the many dimensions. Ranger went to many dimensions where he heard stories of Corvus, Sam Stone, the Slayer, the Strogg and the Skaarj. Years later Ranger would help train Bitterman before he would embark on his battle against the Strogg in great arenas of skill and might. Years later a prisoner answered the call of battle when the Skaarj attacked the Nali homeworld. Years after that the Liandri hosted their most prestigious tournament yet. This tournament would decide the fate of the Nakhti planet and its people. The final battle was to the death and was between Anubis and his betrothed Selket. Later Anubis would travel to earth to learn about what happened to Egypt after his people's departure thousands of years ago. Additional Notes: Alvir and Azara are characters I would have used in a Heretic mod if I ever had the chance to work on it. Damn you health issues. Naming Corvus’s descendant Canus was a reference to Wofenstein 3d. Canus (or Canis) means wolf and having B.J. nickname him Wolf Stone is clever because Wolfenstein literally means wolf stone. Wolfstone is also a name of a really cool band from Ireland. Edit: My chaos star can teleport me back to the beginning of the level too.
  3. Halfblind

    Help Me Find A Retro Browser First Person Shooter

    No. that isn't the game, but thanks for helping anyway. I still haven’t found the game that I'm looking for yet. I looked at everything on Flashpoint using the tag:”shooter” command, but I still haven’t found it. I have even started using archive.org to look at snapshots from websites that I remember going to from 2016 to 2018 and still nothing. I did however find these “interesting” games on Flashpoint though.
  4. Halfblind

    Obscure shooters thread

    I have been playing this game recently after finding it at myabandonware.com. Not to be confused with the mobile game with the same name. Released in 2006 by Digital Extremes 2 years after their work with Epic Games on Unreal Tournament 2k4 and 2 years prior to releasing Dark Sector. Two Games that were much better than this one. I think this is when they departed from Epic Games and started working on their own projects. This game is rather short with about 20-30 maps total. The maps rather boring, because they all look the same, down to using the same theme and mapping style. UT2K4 had way more variety than this. Weapons are bulky and slow and they don't feel like they have any real impact visually. The AI is extremely stupid. They will ignore you even if you are standing right in front of them with the flag. The bots in the UT99 on easy were 20 times more intelligent. The vehicles control very well, even better than the ones in UT2K4, but the maps are too small to make them useful. Overall I give the game 3 out of 5 stars, because there is nothing that breaks the game but it still doesn't impress me at all. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------> For more obscure first person shooter games I started this topic over 4 years ago.
  5. Halfblind

    Help Me Find A Retro Browser First Person Shooter

    It does sound a bit like Blake Stone but is is not unfortunately. Plus why would they make a browser version of Blake Stone when you have to buy it at sites like GOG and steam? Me neither, About 5 years ago I could find a bunch of interesting games, music and other content online. Now I cannot find much that is any good anymore. Many sites that I used to visit to download mods for other old school games have also been taken down too. It makes me sad that I can't access any of those old school games and content anymore. I only played the game a few times at my local library. I did not even get through the first level. I didn't play it enough to remember much about it. 1. All I remember is that the character started with a pistol that was futuristic I guess. The weapons were all 2D sprites. 2. I don't remember what the enemies looked like the most. All I remember is that they were 2D sprites too. 3. The overall art style used sci-fi pixelated textures which were low-res. Even though the art style was low-res it was still higher res than many of the low res games at itch.io such as Y.A.W. and what Pico-8 games like Poom can handle. 4. The player was fixed the ground, so there was no jumping. The player movement was pretty slow compared to newer games. If it supported the mouse you can only move left or right. There was no up and down movement of the camera. The default keys layout was to look left and right with the arrow keys. Additionally, the game site that I played it at also showed a short video clip of the gameplay which activated when you hovered over the thumbnail. Similar to what they do at crazygames and Y8.
  6. Halfblind

    Obscure shooters thread

    Not obscure, but extremely underrated and undersold. It was in development hell for over a year because the original publisher Acclaim Entertainment went bankrupt. Microsoft took the lead and helped them find Midway as their new publisher. I don't know why Epic Games nor Microsoft didn't publish it themselves. I guess so that Midway could put in Mortal Kombat characters? I guess they wanted to focus their hype towards Gears of War and promoting the new Xbox 360. This game was released on the original Xbox a year before the Xbox 360 was released and was overshadowed by Gears of War the following year. I put it on this list because it can only be played on the original Xbox and all backward compatibility has been terminated since half way through the Xbox 360s lifecycle. Minus Halo CE this was my favorite first person shooter for the Xbox. I was so excited when it was released. I put a preorder for it at GameStop. I never preorder games, ever. This is on my list of top 5 favorite arena shooters of all time. If I could go back in time I would spend a whole lot more time playing it. If I ever met a genie who grants game wishes only I would wish for this game to be ported to the PC. I loved it so much...
  7. Halfblind

    Help Me Find A Retro Browser First Person Shooter

    It's definitely not this game. The game that I am looking is more like Wolfenstein 3D and Intrude and less like Unreal and Quake. I did find this game on FlashPoint though.
  8. I need help finding a retro browser first person shooter. Over 4 years ago I stumbled upon a retro first person shooter that I though looked amazing. I discovered it around the time I learned about the Doom Triple Pack that was playable through Flash. This game was similar to Wolfenstein 3D due to its height restrictions but it was way more advanced. It was set in a lab or a space station that was taken over by enemies. I don't remember if the enemies were zombified humans, aliens or robots. I don't know if the game used Flash, an early version of Unity or if it was an HTML5 game. All I know is that it was way more advanced that what I have seen built in GameMaker. If it was a Flash game I do hope it can be played through FlashPoint. I don't even remember what site I played it on either. The game looked amazing because it featured a lot of environmental decoration sprites, see through doors and transparent windows. The pixelized textures were mostly blue, grey and white. Below I have listed a few games that have reminded me of it. 1. Exophobia - Reminded me because of its blue textures, rails and detail. 2. 90's FPS Prototype - This is a little bit closer due to its graphic style, detail, see through doors and transparent windows. It wasn't this game because it has floor and ceiling height variations. 3. LAB - It wasn't this game, but it does have cutouts in the doors and transparent windows. I did play this one back then too. Here are a few more games that are definitely not it either. 1. Deadlocked 2. HellHunt GB 3. Rexx Stone 4. G.O.R. Guns Of Rage I know it's a long shot, but I would really thank the one who finds the game. Thank you.
  9. Halfblind

    2021: Your Most Wanted Games?

    Oh boy! 2021 looks like it will have a crap load of very good video game releases. There is so much great games planned to be released this year that I don't know where to start. The excitement is just too much when I want to play them all but I have such limited time and money. I don't know what game I would buy and play first. What new 2021 game releases are you most excited to play this year? Please feel free to post the game trailer. I really like watching those. Here are just 6 games that I am excited to see this year just to get us started:
  10. With a great twist of Irony I found and enjoyed many flash games in 2019. By the beginning of 2020 I could no longer play them in Google chrome at my local library. Unity Web Player games also became discontinued at that time too. It is sad to see the end of this era, for it wasn't just a game or video technology it was an art form. I hope that Pico-8 doesn't suffer the same fate and I hope that will be around for many years to come. I will certainly try out FlashPoint in the future. To see my favorite flash games and share your own, please post in this thread.
  11. How do I know what executable file to use and why? I am using the game32.exe and game64.exe to compare them to the gameSDL.exe. I understand that you use the 32 and 64 versions depending on whether you are using a 32 or 64 bit operating system but I am unsure about when I should use the SDL version of the executable. For instance Wolf4SDL only comes with an SDL executable while Quakespasm and Darkplaces is packaged with both. Surprisingly Quakespasm Spiked only comes with a 64 bit executable. When should I use the SDL.exe to run the game? I understand that some mods might require the SDL code base and executable to run, but how do I know for sure if it does when they forget to include that info in the readme? Normally, in Windows, I run everything with the standard exe file and not worry about the SDL version.
  12. Halfblind

    What did you guys get for christmas?

    I still have a little left on my Steam account, should I get Deathmatch Classic or use that dollar to buy something else? I want to answer the OP question, but I want to buy a few more games during the Steam sale this year.
  13. It has been a very sad year for computer games and software. By the end of this week both Windows 7 and flash will be EOL and completely depreciated. Last year Unity Web Player games can no longer be played in any browser because they migrated to the newer WebGL. I just learned about a few of these great games a couple years ago and sadly I can no longer play them anymore. Heretic 2 - This game ran perfectly in Windows XP, but try installing it on any newer operating system and the game will crash when attempting any underwater segment. However, this was fixed with a fan made patch. Drakan: Order of the Flame - Again this game ran perfectly in Windows XP. When running the game on Windows Vista and newer the game will crash while receiving any new weapon for your dragon and when going under some of the large wooden doors. Again this was fixed after installing like 3 or 4 fan made patches. Star Trek: DS9 the Fallen - When installing this game on Windows ME it installed perfectly, but when installing it on Windows XP and newer one file can't be found on the disk at all. The only way to install it was to create an ISO image of the disk and run the installation through the mounted ISO. Switchball - Perhaps one of my favorite puzzle games, but unfortunately I cannot install it and run it on a 64 bit operating system. It seems to be dependent on the 32 bit operating system architecture. To this day I haven't found any patches or 64 bit versions of the game anywhere. I would really like to finish this game someday. I hope this is what you are looking for. Most of these I have found work arounds for, but many I have not. I haven't attempted to install them on Windows 10 yet, so that is still up in the air. Does anyone know if Freelancer can run in any newer operating system? Because that would be great to know. Unfortunately the games mentioned above have been abandoned by their developers too.
  14. Halfblind

    What game should be FPSed?

    Fracas - This could make a great third-person/first-person hybrid thing where it mixes elements from Rogue-Lites, dungeon crawlers and a multiplayer combat game. The co-op mode would be great. Abuse - What I remember Bungie published the Mac port, so Halo could be Abuse in disguise. Just don't release it at the same time as an AVP game. Touhou - It's probably been done before but they need an actual licensed Touhou first person shooter. I'm no good at these games but maybe in first person I can get further. Gauntlet - I know it's been mentioned above but Gauntlet would make a great action adventure first-person shooter. It should be complete with a hub level and skeleton piles and portals that continually spawn monsters. This would make a great Doom mod too. Typing games - Amongst defeating demons and exploring dungeons the player would have to type crap load of words to solve puzzles, open chests, pick locks and find secrets. It would be cool but it might drive a lot of people nuts.
  15. Halfblind

    I've got something very important to say

    Merry Quakemas! Quake Xmas Jams 2017-2020 And may all your Steam and GOG Christmas sale buying go smoothly this holiday season.