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  1. Halfblind

    So...? then.. how did it get there?

    If you go to the website airplanehome.com it goes into detail about the place. It has a few links about the moving process and how to get there. I do think that the picture is a bit off though, like it has been edited somehow. There is a few things that you notice in the video that surround it that are not in the picture. It does seem like a labor of love to put the plane there though.
  2. Halfblind


    Moar scary skeletons, well okay.
  3. Halfblind

    Complete iwad list

    This is due to reading the selected IWAD in the GAMEINFO lump. It points to the Doom 2 IWAD so you do need it to run the mod. Are you referring to Rise of the Triad, because Return of the Triad is a TC requiring Zdoom/GZdoom to run it. I don't know about this but Chex Quest 3 featuring Chex 1, 2 and 3 contains it own IWAD and is completely standalone.
  4. Halfblind

    What is This Sci-Fi Shooter Called?

    The game sure wasn't PlanetSide nor was it Section 8. It might have been Planetside 2 or Section 8 Prejudice though. It is hard to tell, I still haven't found the right map though, so I don't know. I did play Section 8 a while ago so I know for a fact that it was not that game.
  5. Halfblind

    Complete iwad list

    If memory serves Shadow of the Wool Ball is not bundled with its own IWAD, it requires the Doom 2 IWAD. Return of the Triad though comes with its own IWAD called fakeiwad and is technically standalone but it is unlisted in zdoom/gzdoom's IWAD configuration file.
  6. Halfblind


  7. Last year I watched a gameplay video of a rather interesting sci-fi shooter based on a different planet but, unfortunately I forgot the name of the game. I don't remember if it was in first person or third person but it looked really fun to play. The video covered a multiplayer map that was rather large and had several bases. In the video the player was spawned in the sky above the map and fell to the ground. Once on the ground they proceeded to find a vehicle and ride it to a base that they were trying to take over. In the map there was multiple types of these bases and featured a few different kinds of vehicles. This game looked very fun to play, please help me find out what it is.
  8. Halfblind

    Photos that could be great Doom levels

    Actually most of that city would make a great open map for any number of great games. Here are some more examples from Noisy Le Grand, Paris France. Ahh yes, the famous Windows XP green hill. That grassy knoll inspires us all. Just look at all the cool variants below.
  9. Halfblind

    Random Image Thread

    I Love 80's music I wonder if any of these compilation albums have any good music on them. BTW I want that kind of guitar.
  10. Halfblind

    Random Image Thread

    I wish that I knew what characters these were based upon.
  11. Halfblind

    Photos that could be great Doom levels

    Oh you want real places huh. Here you go.
  12. Halfblind

    Random Image Thread

    I found these on flickr.