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  1. Halfblind

    Runners or Regular Shoes?

    Personally, I prefer runner shoes over normal sneakers because they are more comfortable and versatile. Converse AKA deck shoes are just too flat and are a little harder to walk in and get up to speed. I also have a genetic disorder that give me loose joints and boney ankles, so any amount of support and comfort goes a long way. Pictured below is my personal favorite, in recent years, when it comes to ease, comfort and ones that keeps me up and moving. Edit: The Converse would be cheaper than the Nike's unless you are buying them from Ross or something like that. Thamas the Tank Engine says wheels.
  2. Give my brother a break, things like this happen to most people from time to time. Plus, he is the one who had to teach me how to use a smartphone. When it comes to PC's, music, science and video games I know more than anyone else in my family. For me it does help to watch Austin Evans and Linus Tech Tips to keep up with current trends. I also possess a more 'sensitive' gut instinct than both my brothers. I also don't just act before I think either. I wish that they would remember to come to me before purchase anything tech related too. That being said I need some help. What do I do with the scam drive? I really want him to get his money back, but I am afraid of what will happen to the drive if we send it back. Does Amazon reimburse you if you don't send it back? I feel that if the seller is smart enough to hack the firmware on the drive wouldn't they be smart enough to retrieve my data even after the drive has been formatted? Please help, what is your advice?
  3. I'll just place this here :) Welcome to the 2023 Cacoawards My House Edition hosted by Doomworld. This year's trophy has been redesigned and specially crafted to feature a cacodemon descending upon a house. Let's get cozy and visit My House to celebrate the awards this year.
  4. @Edward850 @Murdoch Rumor has it that Microsoft does indeed want to kill off support for HDDs as boot drives in favor of SSD's though. https://www.techradar.com/news/is-microsoft-about-to-kill-off-the-hdd-once-and-for-all https://www.techspot.com/news/94882-microsoft-calls-oems-kill-off-hdd-boot-drives.html Also, another Windows 10 update in 2021 BSOD'd both the non-profit PC and my home PC with the same update. I was able to get both back up, thank God. Most people ended up getting the patched update that didn't get BSOD'd hot-fixed just in time. The non-profit PC updates automatically without me able to do anything about it, but I stupidly updated my home PC as soon as I got that update, so my bad. Because of that I wait at least a day before I hit that update button.
  5. An 8TB Samsung internal SSD is like $400+ on Amazon while an Inland NVMe is like over $800. This also sounds like a plot for a Linus Tech Tips video.
  6. Just a reminder, my brother bought the flash drive not me. If I would have bought the drive, I would have chosen a brand that I know and trust. I wish that he would have bought a SanDisk. That is currently the drive that I have installed on my laptop right now. Other 'reputable' brands include, Samsung, Kingston, Lexar and PNY.
  7. In 2021 I was using a PC at a non-profit that had an HDD installed and it was running rather well. Microsoft released an update that year and afterwards the PC ran like trash. After that update Microsoft expects you to move away from using mechanical drives. After replacing the old drive with a newer SSD, the laptop ran as good as it did before the update. True that you can still run windows 10/11 on an old HDD but it will run like trash. I still have an old offline laptop that has an HDD that I keep running because it still has a DVD drive, and it is able to run windows 10. One of the reasons why it can't go online is because it still uses an old HDD and not a newer SSD.
  8. Also, Windows 10 no longer supports the older platter HDDs anymore. You can only install it on any number of non-mechanical flash or SSDs. If you even, try to have Windows 10 installed on an older mechanical drive it will run slower than molasses.
  9. Thanks for the heads up. By habit I am used to copying and pasting the share link and not the actual link. Please also read the updated text at the bottom of the OP.
  10. Halfblind

    What is ur favorite show

    Not my favorite TV show, but I did finish The Cosby Show spinoff A Different World today on my Amazon firestick. Tomorrow, I think I want to start watching The Mary Tyler Moore Show next, then maybe I will start a random Sci-Fi show after I finish that one.
  11. I think that I found a fake flash drive buyer beware. My brother bought the flash drive linked below from Amazon. I was thinking, "sweet I have more storage for my Steam/GOG games." Unfortunately, I was dead wrong. Upon installing a few larger games from both Steam and GOG the drive is unable to install anything more after around 60GB. When installing a game from GOG the files were corrupt resulting in the game not working properly. When installing another game from Steam the game appeared to install correctly but there was no data on the drive. After installing the game directly to my SDD and then moving it to the flash drive in question the files became corrupted. Today I was able to install the Steam game to another flash drive without issues. Does anyone else have this issue with these drives? I think the truth is in the pudding, my brother bought a scam drive. If you have ever bought a fake flash drive from Amazon or eBay can you please post the link to the fake drive. I am fully aware of these scams, but many like my brother are not. If we can save just 1 person together, we have done enough. Please, I warn you, do not buy these drives thank you. The Amazon link doesn't let me paste the actual link which is a red flag. Below is what the link pastes for your information. I also still posted the share link just in case anyone wanted to see the product in question. "Amazon.com: USB C Memory Stick 1TB Phone External Storage, USB 3.1 Flash Drive with USB C/Micro USB Compatible MacBook iPad pro(2019/2020) iPad mini6 and PC (Black 1000GB) : Electronics" https://a.co/d/fw1VfBZ
  12. Halfblind

    Steam stops supporting Windows 7 and Windows 8

    I read about that, but in my honest opinion I think that it's about control. The big tech companies like Apple, Microsoft and Google are trying to control internet usage and what you can view and download online. The did it with ending flash support and when Google introduced the webp image format. Also, if you market a game through Steam as a NFT product, Steam will recognize that as a red flag and might issue a cease-and-desist order. Did you also know that Steam is being sued by the makers of Humble Bundle to where people might be entitled to compensation if they bought games through their service? I wouldn't sign the petition though, because I don't want my account terminated.
  13. Halfblind

    Star Trek discussions

    I might be overexaggerating a bit but I'm just giving them a bad time, because to them Star Trek is a religion. Plus, they make fun of me for my weird quirks, I'm just getting a little revenge. Thats the biggest reason he is very annoying. After Kes left the show, he actually became a better character. He also was willing to pull his own weight when it came to his duties abord the ship. Just his relationship with Kes was a bit cringey. She is actually quite attractive too. While playing Elite Force holomatch she was my go-to character skin. Better to play as the hottest skin in the game than the main character. Here are 12 more personal facts, quotes and questions about Star Trek. 1. My older brother cried during Star Trek: Nemesis when the Enterprize rammed into Shinzon's ship. He also became angry, because that shouldn't happen to the Enterprise or even in Star Trek. 2. My older brother, who is a bigger Trekkie than I am, gets very angry and upset when I correct him on character info, story lines and the science of Star Trek. 3. My brother and I do agree that they should have made a miniseries based upon the "Star Trek: New Frontier" book series by Peter David. If you read ST books, you should read those, they are actually really good. 4. I think Star Trek: Enterprise was a good show. The Rod Stewart theme song was a little cringy, but otherwise it had some great production value. If it continued to have 7 seasons, I think it would have been great to see the introduction of the Romulan war. 5. What do you think about the fan film "Star Trek: Renegade"? I think that the story was great, but the acting was a little cringy at times. Especially the main villain and the students/grandchildren of Chekov's character. 6. Will the fan series "Star Trek: Axenar" ever get completed? CBS surely messed that up for everyone. 7. What do you think about "Squadron: A Star Trek Fan Production"? I don't speak Czech but if I did, I would think that the acting would be well done for a fan production. I am also partial about the actresses in the film too. 8. Did you know the movie "Galaxy Quest" was voted on by fans as an honorary Star Trek film and it is considered canon in the Star Trek extended universe. 9. My heart gets really heavy when I hear that talented women pass away too young. I was saddened when I heard that Marie Fredriksson from Roxette and Dolores O'Riordan from The Cranberries had passed away. I also was sad to hear that Stephanie Niznik who played Perim from Star Trek: Insurrection had also passed away. 10. What are your favorite space/star ships from Star Trek? I'll post some of mine later. 11. Remember that when there is a will there is a Weyoun. 12. Finally, when I watch other people lists on YouTube of whom the hottest ladies on Star Trek are they always leave out Kira Nerys, my favorite. If I were to make a list here are some ladies who I would add (In no particular order). A. Kira B. Lexxa C. Ensign Ro D. K'ehleyr
  14. Halfblind

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    I know I haven't been able to beat one yet. This screenshot comes from a total conversion called Legend of Ahssun and these buildings are located a short distance south of the fortress city. The south gate leads to the poor part of town and the harbor while the north gate leads to the two farms and monastery. The mod however, said that the north has the harder enemies, while the south is the easier area of the two. In all actuality the north area has easier enemies closer to town, and it is easier to level up quicker there too. My least favorite part of the mod, so far, is the mines because they are boring and dull. If anyone gets into Gothic 2 mods, I recommend downloading Spine and using that instead of the Gothic 2 Starter that come bundled with the GOG and Steam. It's easier to find and manage the games and mods. I also like the GOG version of Gothic 2 because it is more portable and wouldn't give you permission errors like the steam version.
  15. Halfblind

    Star Trek discussions

    Ten personal facts about Star Trek here we boldly go. 1. I have some diehard Star Trek verts in my extended family. They think about Trek like a man thinks about sex. 2. My favorite ST movie with the original series cast is Star Trek 6: The Undiscovered Country. 3. Star Trek: Insurrection isn't that bad of a movie. The Son'a ships are awesome. 4. My favorite ST series is Star Trek DS9 then Voyager. 5. I wish that someone would make a ST:DS9 Action RPG based upon DS9: The Fallen video game. 6. If I was a character from a Star Trek series, I would be half Romulan and half Human and marry a Bajoran woman. I would also be an impartial ambassador who would not be assigned to any given starship. 7. We would always watch Reading Rainbow as a child because it had the guy who played Geordi from TNG. 8. Star Trek: Elite Force 2 could have been a great game, but it fell short by a lot. 9. I think Wesley Crusher isn't that bad of a character. He is much less annoying than Neelix. 10. Hands down I think that the hottest lady on all of Star Trek is Kira Nerys.