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  1. Klickach

    my first wad

    Freedoom 2 has some textures meant to replace final doom textures (who knows, maybe it has some unique textures of its own)
  2. Klickach

    How is the average Doomworld user?

  3. Klickach

    How is the average Doomworld user?

    Two ends of spectrum: 30 year old heterosexual christian man Or 15 year old *insert any sexuality here* atheist femboy
  4. Klickach

    How is the average Doomworld user?

    As a certified young kid (zoomer), I can say that this happened by accident. Maybe because for long time I had crappy pc and I got into "retro" somehow
  5. Klickach

    How is the average Doomworld user?

    So much fun!
  6. Klickach

    What do you call Doomguy?

    Normally I call him doomguy, but SOMETIMES I like to call him just space marine
  7. Klickach

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Eric, what are you watchin?
  8. Klickach

    What Is The Best, and most lightweight Doom Loader?

    I use DoomRunner because it works well and looks great
  9. I didn't see the date, lol
  10. Klickach

    Freedoom needs more attention

    Totally agree with you this OST is pretty good (It also sounds pretty awesome in ArachnoSoundfont)
  11. @Zulk RS GZDoom on Earth sounds menacing
  12. This is already a thing. It is called Knee Deep in KDiZD
  13. I played nuts.wad so yeeeeeeeeeeeeeah
  14. Klickach

    Freedoom needs more attention

    I totally agree with you. Several years ago, when I was just getting into Doom, I decided to install FreeDoom. It was kinda nice but GODDAMN I WAS HORRIFIED OF THIS MONSTERS and they still make me feel a bit dizzy