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  1. Gregorio Franco

    Pina Colada - Now on idgames!

    These skyboxes are just *chefs kiss*
  2. Gregorio Franco

    AMALGOOM (OST) needs Composers

    Can this be a totally custom/.ogg music file? Does it need to be basic MIDI? I'm down to compose something for this.
  3. Gregorio Franco

    practice doom WAD

    Great first start to mapping. I enjoyed it! Many monsters in small spaces can get a bit claustrophobic at times, however. Make sure you can take advantage of the player's speed and maneuverability in high-intensity situations.
  4. Gregorio Franco

    THE IRON KEEP(3-map set for DOOM2 UDMF)

    Thank you, my favorite part of this was the environmental design. Thanks for playing!
  5. Gregorio Franco

    THE IRON KEEP(3-map set for DOOM2 UDMF)

    Thank you for playing <3
  6. THE IRON KEEP BECKONS YOU A new spooky mapset, my first time linking multiple maps into one wad. Traverse this atmospheric 3-map set, slaughter all in your path and uncover the ancient technological evil held within. Contains a few new custom enemies and an entirely new soundtrack composed by me. Made with UDB and SLADE, DOOM2 UDMF format. Tested in GZDoom. Freelook - Yes Jumping - Yes No specific compatibility settings, may not work properly with older sourceports. IWAD - Doom 2 Starts at E1M1 and ends at E1M3. The action is mostly run and gun with some small puzzles, nothing too crazy. Difficulty ranges from easy to medium(Not Too Rough/Hurt Me Plenty), not tested or implemented for anything above that beyond normal difficulty settings in-game. Constructive critique is highly welcome and appreciated! Download IRONKEEP.wad Download the free soundtrack here
  7. Gregorio Franco

    INDOMITUS.wad - First map - DOOM2 UDMF

    Thank you for the feedback!
  8. INDOMITUS is a quick, fun map built for running and gunning, a couple secrets and a whole lot of shotgun. Custom music created by me as well! A couple new textures and enemies, mostly vanilla Doom 2 assets. No difficulty implemented Oppressive, dark and gives off a bit of Doom 64 vibes. Uses DOOM2 UDMF format Tested in GZDoom Yes Freelook Yes Jump/Crouch No specific hardware or compatibility, but may not work in older engines (prBoom+, etc) Starts in MAP01 of DOOM 2. Please enjoy, and any and all critiques/feedback is highly welcome and appreciated! -Franco Indomitus.zip