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  1. Worriedidiot

    '95 Never Dies CP [Full]

    I'm fine with that. I made that map when I was still a beginner so it's not something I'm proud of. Anyways, knowing my schedule I definitely won't be making another map so it'd be best to free that spot up.
  2. Worriedidiot

    '95 Never Dies CP [Full]

    I don't wanna admit this but I haven't even really properly started a new map... so uhhh I guess you could keep the old one I made :p
  3. I could try actually making something playable this year so sign me up :P
  4. Worriedidiot

    '95 Never Dies CP [Full]

    Well uhh I'd be down to whip up something new if it needs to be done. Also I kinda just forgot I even made something for this 'cause I submitted my map 2 years ago :P
  5. Worriedidiot

    MEGASPIRAL RC2 - A Goofy 11 Map Set I Made

    Yeah the framerate issues on GZDoom are related to a core mechanic of the map where you're constantly given ammo to make it seem like you have "infinite ammo". To be completely honest I don't know how I'd fix it. I already removed a big chunk of the ammo you're given and it seems like that hasn't changed anything. I might just edit my DW post to give a warning about this :/
  6. Worriedidiot

    MEGASPIRAL RC2 - A Goofy 11 Map Set I Made

    You're the first person I've seen that actually found that non-secret secret lol. The computer map's there just to reveal a neat lil' sector art thing-y I drew out of bounds.
  7. Worriedidiot

    MEGASPIRAL RC2 - A Goofy 11 Map Set I Made

    @thelamp I can't thank you enough for all these vids man. I'm glad you had fun. Always motivating to see other people enjoying the dumb stuff you make y'know :)
  8. @thelamp Thanks for the vids as usual! Just wanted to mention that MAP08 and MAP10 aren't made by me but guest mapper @azerty instead. Probably should've said that before huh :p
  9. @thelamp Thank you for the 2 vids! It seems like you're enjoying both the maps and their titles which is awesome. Btw you're doing god's work with all this playtesting stuff man :)
  10. I finished this thing recently. Would be really really cool if you gave at least a couple of the maps a go :) Thanks in advance! P.S. MAP11 is kinda broken currently
  11. Worriedidiot

    MEGASPIRAL RC2 - A Goofy 11 Map Set I Made

    Yikes how did I miss that o_o I might just need to rework the map entirely then. That level really was one big fumble on my part huh Fair enough. I just wanted the maps to feel more diverse tbh. I'm glad you still enjoyed the first couple of maps though :)
  12. Worriedidiot

    MEGASPIRAL RC2 - A Goofy 11 Map Set I Made

    Oh yikes. The cell and backpack thing is intentional. It's basically a room out of bounds that feeds a player voodoo doll a seemingly infinite amount of cells. The issue probably comes from how many cell packs I placed there. I'll tinker with it ASAP. Thanks for the tip :)
  13. I bring forth MEGASPIRAL. A very "epic" limit-removing Doom 2 mapset containing 11 small and quirky maps. I used Jimmytex but added a couple of textures made by yours truly on top. I've been working on this monstrosity for WAAAY too long and I'm glad I can finally get this out in a semi-playable form. Massive thanks to the legend @azerty for being a guest mapper and making the entirety of MAP08 and MAP10 and thanks to @LadyMistDragon and @Ludi for giving some of the maps a spin to see if they function and all the other stuff that playtesters do. AGAIN, I HAVE TO EMPHASIZE THE FACT I DID NOT MAKE MAP08 AND MAP10. GENERAL INFO Map slots: MAP01 - MAP011 (and MAP12 but that's just a monsterless credits map of sorts) Format: Doom 2 (limit-removing, cl2) Texture pack: Jimmytex Known issues: Check the paragraph below :( Coop starts: none Quality control: none Monsters: yes. !!!VERY IMPORTANT!!! MAP11 IS SUPER ULTRA MEGA BROKEN. GZDOOM (AND PROBABLY OTHER ZDOOM BASED PORTS) GET A REALLY BAD FRAMERATE. ALSO CHANGE YOUR COMPLEVEL TO BOOM-COMPATIBLE (9) 'CAUSE OTHERWISE YOU'LL EXPERIENCE THE "ALL-GHOSTS" BUG. THAT'S ALL. Screeny weenies Used midis: -->>DOWNLOAD<<-- I haven't posted a solo project in almost 2 years so let me know if I messed something up :)
  14. Worriedidiot

    The DWIronman league dies to: Malevolence

    Cat 1 Dead on MAP01 Kills: 62/117 dwironman_malevolence_worriedidiot.zip
  15. I'm 100% down for this. Sign me up :)