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  1. Barondante

    so i had this thought

    That's crazy. I vote someone runs prince of persia in Doom, or if that's too taxing, Morrowind! It's really a cool thing to see though.
  2. Barondante

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    How are the DLCs so far? Compared to the base game
  3. Barondante

    What are your plans for today?

    Today is nearly over, so actual work is done. Tonight I plan on doing a few levels of Nar Shadaa on Jedi Outcast, I just love replaying this game, it never gets boring for me, though it sure does get frustrating in parts. I really want to play some guitar too, so let's see how it goes...
  4. Barondante

    Cued BGM in Doom Maps and Wads

    Wow... so this is what it's like when Doom graphics and architecture exceeds Quake...
  5. Barondante

    Cued BGM in Doom Maps and Wads

    I never though of that it would need to come in with a change at the right point in the previous midi track, this is a pretty clever idea to compensate for that. Some of the mentions of other Wads by people here sound cool, Ill have to try these out to see the effect. Though if I was surprised by it like is mentioned in Dimensions that would be crazy. Like playing an PSONE Final Fantasy game and all of a sudden vocals come in to the music, that frightened the hell out of me in FF8 years ago. But yeah it's a cool idea if as people say kind of rare. Wasn't sure it is done sometimes or not.
  6. Barondante

    Cued BGM in Doom Maps and Wads

    Last night I was splaying through some of Inferno with the volume half way down, just in the background. I think it was Pandemonium, but in any case whatever map it was, I walked into a red room across a little bridge and because I wasn't really concentrating, when it hit a section of the midi and because the sound was low it kind of felt like the midi music changed as I went into that room. Now I know it obviously didn't, But I was thinking how cool and startling it would be if a WAD did that. Doom levels are kind of back-trackable and music has to loop, but if there was different sounds that played in an area, for instance when you enter a very strange part of a wad, and they take away you're ability to go back, so more scripting based like very light Half-Life vibes, it would be startling, where the BGM and tone just changes mid level. I imagine you kind of can't do this as you don't see it happen and it's probably to do with how levels are made. And it wouldn't be worth making a whole new modification to do it. OR alternatively it has been done and it's just on heavily modified games made with Doom engine. It's not something I really need or would look for in a Wad because I kind of prefer creativity within a limitation, and I love how midi tracks for levels have to work for an entire run and maybe twenty minutes play. Plus I know of course the tone changes between levels anyway. But it was just a thought I had. You guys ever find anything that does this in Doom?
  7. Barondante

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    I'd go with either the OG version or the Directors cut but not the dual shock edition initially as it has a new soundtrack which is legendary for it's controversey. It's got one or two awful tracks made by an infamous composer. So I actually would play it or check that out but definitely not first as it's not the original game in my opinion. It does have some interesting new bgms and one or two are better but nah, the new soundtrack was put in as a real botch just to have an excuse to sell it again. You can find out more about this here, it's pretty hilarious honestly: https://youtu.be/l9g-IQOB87s
  8. Barondante

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Jedi Outcast, it's one of my favourite Star Wars games, but I'm having a try of it on the original Xbox. I noticed a few changes, particularly they made a really obtuse section where you had to wait for a platform to come out of a wall below a ledge at a precise second, this is at the mining level on Artis Prime. Anyone who's played will know what I'm talking about. Well this time I got stuck because they made that part different on consoles, you just go into a room and find the shaft. It must have actually taken them some time to change that for the console port, but they probably guessed such nonsense hasn't been seen in a console game since the infamous Barrel section in Sonic 3. That said I love the game and the retro level design is part of the charm. It's still better than most modern games because you feel like you're overcoming something at every section of the game. You're almost always having to think in Jedi Outcast. Like a, well, jedi... Anyway it looks excellent on Xbox One for and OG Xbox game, but it has been running a little choppy. I recommend the Switch Port or the Patched version wrapper for Windows, get the GOG version and find the wrapper. Aside form that, the graphics and atmosphere are just perfectly done, just like Knights of the Old Republic, all of the Star Wars games were so authentic at getting that Star Wars feel. I was going to maybe buy Jedi Survivor today but I found out it wasn't out, so since I was in the mood I figured I would get Jedi Outcast for ten bucks and well, I kind of knew Jedi Outcast would be better anyway. It's never a waste of time to play Jedi Outcast. It's made with the Quake 3 engine, so it's obviously a must play.
  9. Barondante

    Should I beat Thy Flesh consumed on Hurt me Plenty?

    Did you mention if or how many saves you use? I think maybe playing levels without saves you could get quite a bit better by playing it on HMP. But if you are struggling on UV with saves I would drop it down because there'd be certain things you're struggling with. It all depends on what kind of runs you're doing honestly. But sooner or later with Doom I think everyone reaches the point where they need to start adjusting the as some said "arbitrary" sliders to suit their skill and everyone seems to do this in some way, there's no defined perfect run. I've been in the same boat with Plutonia wondering what the "accepted" way to play it is. But there is none. Except of course pistol start UV all secrets 100 per cent and under par! ha But seriously, Doom II and Final Doom just get harder, Thy Flesh Consumed acts as a sort of bridge to bring the skills up to speed I think. By the time Doom II came out players had gotten pretty good. Having played probably only one game for an entire year.
  10. Barondante

    First New Song In Almost a Year - "Pavane"

    This is so enjoyable and when the other elements start coming in at 1:00 it gets even more mysterious. I like the sounds you've used, I think it's kind of hard to have this sort of riff part run through the bones of a whole song and not get old, but it's not repetitive you've kind of featured it so well and kept the whole thing interesting. But yeah think it's darn cool. Nice to make something after a year I imagine. I remember soundcloud was such a cool place, but now you gotta love the constant comment of "DM on the gram to get clout" haha. I get sad on soundcloud nowadays I really do. I will follow the bandcamp for sure... Hope you keep going with the tracks!
  11. Barondante

    What are you playing now?

    I've been playing some of it (ALT) since last week after reading about it. It's truly one of my favourite WADS I've played, but its so weird. Stephen King had a film made of one of his stories called The Langoliers years ago. It was about a group of people boarding a plane who somehow get stuck a day behind the rest of the world. They're out of time, and no-one exists exist them, yet the airport and everything in it is still there. But theres weird things, going on. They notice the date hasn't changed. They and the airport are existing in a temporal space where these time cleaners are coming to eat up the day they're in. All that is to say the concept terrified me as a child and this WAD gave me the exact same weird feelings. Therefore, it is very good.
  12. Barondante

    What stresses you out about being a mapper?

    The internet has sometimes affected me in some ways before where there's so much amazing stuff coming out every day that it's like why bother doing anything? Why make a lego project, build something, learn a language or get into a hobby when hobbies are so professional and in some ways already monetised. You kind of can lose the joy in gaming when you were playing with friends at say a fighting game like Tekken, then seeing just how good the real Tekken gamers are. You see the passion, dedication and sacrifice of these people and it can put you into a real passive mode. And not just Doom but just to be real here, doing ANYTHING you lose drive when you begin comparing yourself with others. Now I think the way to counteract this is that you have to realise if you can't do something for it's own sake, then you're in big trouble. And most who do these things well, you will kind of see that even without the internet they would have done these things anyway. I saw Doomkid saying he used to draw maps mimicking the automap in copybooks before he ever got an editor to make levels with. That's genuine enthusiasm. The way the internet works it kind of encourages you to get into things, but there's only so much time and you can only do so much. I tend to vale those things I've been interested in and following on my own or would follow without it. When I play Doom it reminds me of being in college and getting it running, and kind of playing something no-one else I knew was really into, playing games like Sonic Robo Blast for instance, it just blew my mind there were these cool projects that were outside mainstream gaming. Although Doom is mainstream. It brought me back to first playing Doom as a kid and being mesmerised all over again, and something also about getting Doom to work, learning how to even run a wad etc etc, all these little things were a lot of fun and brought back some ownership to gaming for me. So I find the more I stay with Doom, the more I enjoy the challenge, and learning things and enjoying it; and it was originally something for me that was kind of just fun. And that's how I see it, fun. So I will in the spirit of fun make maps most likely, and keep engaging with it. But yeah if anything were to stop me it's this negative attitude. Once "why bother doing x as you are so behind" sets in", it is just a bad way to be.
  13. Check out my music at, maybe Doom music coming at some time in the future...


  14. Barondante

    Civvie 11 FINALLY Does TNT: Evilution

    Doom Players understand David Lynch but David Lynch doesn't understand Doom. Get real Dave... c'mon.