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  1. Jacek Bourne

    [RC5] EVITERNITY II - RC5 Released!

    I’m surprised I didn’t see this sooner. Although this is a pleasant surprise.
  2. Jacek Bourne

    Unpopular Doom Opinions

    Having UVMaxed all three of those wads, I disagree. While I found sunlust map20 to be one of the deadliest in sunlust, map06 of 20x6 and map03 of swtw were much more difficult for me. In sunlust I found maps 28 and 29 to be more difficult. This is based off attempt count on single segment runs.
  3. Jacek Bourne


  4. Jacek Bourne

    Mappers you wish to see make a comeback

    Death Destiny Erik Alm Huy Pham BPRD
  5. Jacek Bourne

    Favorite level theme?

  6. Jacek Bourne

    Thinking Through Encounters

    Is it possible to disable running using dehacked or mbf21?
  7. Here's what's probably the final version of my map: Walking The Abyss The visuals have now been implemented. Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/a9097zeqr936gri/Walking_The_Abyss.zip/file
  8. Jacek Bourne

    Best Megawad Soundtrack

    Of 32 level mapsets I'd say Scythe 2 and Sunlust With Scythe 2 there is a very clear coherence between the songs picked out for each episodes. The music for all of the gothic levels all fit together in the same way the music for all jungle maps fit together. The Scythe 2 episodes aren't just visual themes. The music is also part of the theme. In Sunlust, the mood and atmosphere between the tracks transitions very smoothly throughout the entire wad. Every track feels appropriate in its map, its place in the megawad, and in its relation to other songs.
  9. I think it's on your end. I just tested it and it was fine for me. I'm working on a v3 of the map though so if you wait a day or so I'll have a new link.
  10. @tonytheparrot Would you be interested in swapping slots so I can have 32 and you 29?
  11. I’d consider Run From It to be a more niche concept for a map than platforming exclusive levels. I can name far more platforming maps than speedrun style levels. Though I could just be missing them.
  12. Yes, but my map has no brown, marble, iron, or blood textures in it.
  13. False. I have playtested this map quite a bit and every jump is able to be done using strafe-running. Though I am curious what made you come to this conclusion. Please show me and I can explain how to do it. Regarding the pace, you can play this map quite quickly if you learn the map. My best in game time is about 5:30. 10 minutes real time. About the visuals, I can definitely do more. Creativity bankrupt? Just because I designed a map you didn’t enjoy does make it lacking in creativity. Zero room for error? I went out of my way to make this much more accessible with the ideas I had than most other things I make. There is no saving this map? I think that you might just not enjoy platforming maps. I respect your opinion but I think you should consider that others may not share it and it is not objective. I do think that I’d enjoy talking to you over a call about my map so if you’re interested then pm me. No hard feelings. I hope you understand my points.