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  1. id just love for u to tell me where im wrong in making this map 

    i cant seem to find any support hell id thank u be easy im a beginner at itimage.png.e8fbf82040951476875884b574de1962.png

    1. Jacek Bourne

      Jacek Bourne

      What about the map do you think is wrong?

  2. Excellent. I look forward to watching you all play fractured worlds.
  3. Jacek Bourne

    Worst map in The Plutonia Experiment

    Map 10 and map 25.
  4. Jacek Bourne

    When did Old School FPS fans turn around on Halo?

    Both Halo and Doom are Excellent. Anyone who says otherwise has the right to hold that opinion.
  5. It probably sees something like a bright center and a dark edges and then determines that this picture is interesting and chooses it.
  6. whats rc1? send me a clip of u playing it plz

  7. Jacek Bourne

    WAD Request

    Asking people to make stuff for you isn’t a good strategy to make things happen. Try making it yourself if you really want it done.
  8. Jacek Bourne

    Have you finished Doom with pistol starts only?

    While I haven’t done the Iwads pistol start, I have done Sunlust as such. So, close enough.
  9. Jacek Bourne

    Abandon - RC1 is here!

  10. Jacek Bourne

    Wormwood IV: The Final Chapter

  11. Jacek Bourne

    Sunder - Map20 Appears, finally.