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  1. SwiftBlitz

    Gun mods with spells/abilities

    I do know of a mod called Beautiful doom, which, not only overhauls the looks of the game, but you can set the weapons to be either visually improved, overhauled, or modern. for example, the overhauled plasma rifle has a secondary railgun attack (which is overpowered btw), and the modern variant is green and has a cooling mechanic or something like that. link to the mod: https://www.moddb.com/mods/beautiful-doom-6100
  2. SwiftBlitz

    Best looking enemy?

    Oh yes. speaking of lost souls, i do miss the old pain elemental sprite, the floating deadflare cage is a bit lame IMO.
  3. SwiftBlitz

    Best looking enemy?

  4. SwiftBlitz

    Best looking enemy?

    just want some opinions on the best looking one. personal favorite is the necromancer (arch vile)
  5. SwiftBlitz

    How Many People Care About Maximum Doom?

    Yeah, Me Neither. Several people in the Doom community have said a majority of the levels are trash. after all, there are over 1K maps.
  6. If you don't know already, maximum doom is an expansion pack that came alongside The Master Levels for Doom 2 (which I rarely see people talk about nowadays), consisting over over 1,000 individual maps (i could be mistaken, there are 3,000 according to the box cover art). I'm curious to know how many people have actually played it, if anyone even cares about it, or if anyone out in the world has ever completed all of the maps.
  7. SwiftBlitz

    Custom Plutonia Experiment Music

    Oh, I see. Thank you!
  8. SwiftBlitz

    Custom Plutonia Experiment Music

    When i watch playthroughs of Plutonia (specifically Zero Master’s), i occasionaly hear a different, custom track instead of the songs that the plutonia experiment uses, take for exmample, MAP01 uses “The Imp’s Song” as it’s music, but when looking at a few playthroughs, i hear a different track called “Death Mask” I’m Looking to find out more about this soundtrack and how i can play it whenever I play Plutonia. (My Personal Port of choice is GZDoom) Here’s a link to a playlist i found on youtube: Custom Plutonia Music
  9. SwiftBlitz

    Spectres in Pits

    What's up with spectres in pits with damaging floors? everywhere i go i always see them. take for example, the end of MAP05 or MAP06 from doom 2. ya rarely see other enemies in such pits. it really confuses me.