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  1. DeePsea

    Free stuff -- is it good or bad?

    [quote]ME: An endless list of banalities. YOU: The point is, all this stuff is absolutely irrelevant to the discussion and adds nothing to it. Fraggle said that many programmers don't need money to code, and he's right. Whether other programmers do need money is irrelevant/quote]It's no more or no less relevant. It's a banality (look it up). Your own prejudice has nothing to do with this. He said "I should add that many programmers do not get motivation from money" and I just said that "Many programmers get motivation from money:) " NEITHER really added anything to the discussion - and that was the point. Why would one be more relevant than the other (besides your own opinion one way or the other)? I wrote the opposite and it's just as true as what he wrote. In fact, originally you thought I was contradicting (not realizing my point), yet you agreed that "both statements are true" and indeed they are:) So you already agreed that I also was RIGHT. Now which is it, we both are right or we both are wrong. So both are relevant or both are irrelevant:)
  2. DeePsea

    Free stuff -- is it good or bad?

    Who said there was a contradiction? Just showing the simplicity of those kind of statements. You can say just about anything and it will be true. So I made another sentence that was just as true as the first. Water is wet. What's there to argue about? Or what insight does a comment like that show? Another example: "Some" people lack a sense of humor. Or how about: "Many" people don't have a clue about the that simple statements. An endless list of banalities.
  3. DeePsea

    I need help with WinDEU...

    For starting out, nothing beats the shareware editors for beginner documentation on how to make a level. Download DoomCad, DeePsea or WadAuthor and review their help on how to create levels. Terminology, typical mistakes and "how to" get covered differently by each. So depending on your left or right brain, one should make sense. This will give you a good basic understanding or concepts to use in whatever editor you end with:)
  4. DeePsea

    texture extraction

    Yes there is an automated way to do this - use DeePsea's Import/Merge. Press F7 1. Select Import/Merge. 2. Select a target file (can be your existing level or a new name). 3. Select Add Lump Files (this is your texture wad). 4. Optionally, Delete anything you don't want from the list shown (if any) 5. Press Save and it's a done deal. ========================== Wintex and XWE also merge, but in a different way.
  5. Can you email me that level in the form where you have the problem (or post it somewhere). Just because an editors says they are ALL closed doesn't always mean they are. Too hard to explain:) "whats does DEAF mean?" The enemies are DEAF.
  6. DeePsea

    Installing DCK w/ Windows 98

    That makes sense. Different software, different load points, different footprint. Is that enough explanation?
  7. DeePsea


    Mmm, nobody reads the help. Both WA and DeePsea clearly explain this (probably DOOMCAD too), but here goes: The "tag" is not related to a sector number, nor any other object in the level. It's a number that is paired between a linedef and a sector. (I'm going to assume you know these terms.) So what you do is put a "tag" on the linedef and you put the SAME "tag" in the sector. It just has to be the same number. That connects the linedef to the sector in terms of telling the "action" on the linedef (called a special) where to lower, raise, squish, burn, a sector. Doors are made with "0" height. Look at existing levels to see how they are made and read the help. WA is a bit clumsy to use as a "detective" for learning since the feedback is only partial. It pays off to take some time to just browse the help stuff. Especially take the time to go through any sample levels that have explanations (hint). PS: A sector is NOT an area - it's just a height reference.
  8. DeePsea

    Maximum script of Wad Author

    It's not exactly the same thing .. that is to "figure out" each forum... I have slightly more interesting things to do with my time:) Generally, when one moderates in a forum, one moderates in a forum .. period. It's not "class" limited. Exploit that bug .. come'on where's your sense of adventure.
  9. DeePsea

    Maximum script of Wad Author

    HUH? Are you not the moderator? You just posted in the front page that you "All I can do is edit or delete posts". Umm, seems if you can do that, that indeed it's back to threat not advice.
  10. DeePsea

    Installing DCK w/ Windows 98

    Now that's a truly BAD suggestion. NOT running scandisk is a surefire way to totally roast a system. Maybe that explains why you have these odd problems. You do understand how the FAT system works right? Barring buying some other software (that does that same thing), what exactly do you think a person should do when a system crashes? NOTHING? Installing again? It's not a window (DOS really) problem. It works fine in 98 DOS mode.
  11. DeePsea

    Maximum script of Wad Author

    Come on. 'Else this thread is gonna turn up missing' is a ..? What do you want to call it .. advice:) You're not understanding. I said nothing about you doing anything per se. IF means IF. It's a way to operate. On the old threads .. yawn. Great .. keep it that way. See rhetorical.
  12. DeePsea

    Installing DCK w/ Windows 98

    Of course .. if it crashes. For one, the program "hooks" into the mouse driver. (I used exactly the same BC DPMI software). Secondly, if it overwrites the driver, goodbye mouse - and it does have overwriting problems -- that's why you crash:) I don't think deleting the directory will fix anything. If it fixed it for you that means you had a corrupted file structure and didn't know it. Be sure to run scandisk after a machine "locks up" in ANY mode (win or DOS).
  13. DeePsea

    Project name

    I doubt this is a problem. "DOOM" (as supposedly trademarked) and "FreeDOOM" is just not the same name. A trademark is very specific and doesn't include names with a "part of" the trademark in it too. The only times that becomes an issue if there is confusion to the end consumer. FreeDOOM and DOOM are not remotely similar. I can call something "DOOM whatever" with no problem. Here's some ideas to convince you. First, did you notice that ALL the variations were supposedly trademarked separately. Why would they bother to do that? Second, look around and you'll see lots of other "parts of" trademark names. Third: remember all those "DOOM level" on CRroms - WITHOUT permission. Why could they do that? PS: I'm not even sure they trademarked it .. just an observation. And last .. this is NOT a commercial venture
  14. DeePsea

    i need a new editor

    Xdoom gave a good list to check out for somebody just looking around. He'll immediately chuck Wintex (does next to nothing in that area), Windeu is err, Windeu. Doubt he'll like that one. The remaining have good help. Just depends on how far along he is in level editing. If he likes drawing and prefabs, plus get the total job done the quickest way possible - it sort of narrows it down:) Not everyone is happy wasting time shuffling prefabs around, rules or no rules. PS: You don't do very large levels though, since WA refuses to load those. Try the levels I mentioned:)
  15. DeePsea


    Cool - now exhale. Were you changing ceiling/floor heights with the switch?