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  1. DarkStorm

    Zombie Doom?

    wrong tc, he's talking abotu the one that wasn't completed, the better one
  2. *raises hand* I am one of those emailers responsible for bugging the hell out of Cory, heh
  3. DarkStorm

    Relapse -- Part One

    *unfs back* but yes, this story says to me 'Relapse just sat back up from a shotgun wound' heh...
  4. DarkStorm

    Relapse -- Part One

    love you too bud
  5. DarkStorm

    Relapse -- Part One

    doesn't mean I don't lurk Lüt ;)
  6. DarkStorm

    What you would like EDGE to have....

    DDF is still more powerful and easier to do then EDF
  7. DarkStorm


    your not alone on that, heh
  8. DarkStorm

    A Question

    *cough* Relapse *cough* damn cold...
  9. DarkStorm

    Favorite Ralphis Project?

    NESdoom, oldskool!
  10. DarkStorm


    I've always loved your work, and this is no exception.
  11. DarkStorm

    Looking for a Sprite Artist

    I've been looking for a sprite artist forever, hope you have better luck then I
  12. DarkStorm

    The Doom Beastiary

    I'd like to see full enemies be made out of some of these new monsters, like the cacodemon 2.0 and the medic but I'm sure it's not going to happen
  13. DarkStorm

    Hellstorm Question

    I really wanted to play that project Now I guess I'll just continue working on mine (Relapse)
  14. DarkStorm

    Immoral Conduct: Lizard Edition Beta Testers Wanted!

    Yaay *thinks and leans closer* Where was that again? ¬.¬ *email it?*