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  1. Xouman

    Insanity Deathmatch version 1.21

    Hi,i post just to say a Big Thanks to the people that created the Insanity Deathmatch,it's the most fun,addictive and explosive Doom server that i have ever played : Explosive Gameplay We run fast Rocket Jump works A lot of memes explosions A lot of fun weapons Interesting Power-Ups and Armors Nice Sound Effects The rules that change sometimes And the fact that we can play Duke Nukem,Caleb,Sonic,Mario,Yoshi,Gardevoir,Link,Lo Wang,Luigi,Robocop,Terminator...and having their sounds and taunts is really nice. A lot of good/very good maps to play on and they're also beautiful in terms of level design with the modified Id Tech 1 and Doom,Hexen,Quake,System Shock,Blood,Star Wars...inspiration to them. It's a big shame that the server is empty or with bots,on rare times,few humans are there but 80-90% of the time,it's empty and i don't understand that,it's very sad,it deserves to be full of humans all days,all months and all year. My respects to all the people behind it,excellent work !
  2. Xouman

    Going Down

    Ok...so it was fun and frustrating at the same time and we are forced to have strategy to progress on some maps and i liked that,because a lot of time i was like "Damn Mouldy you like to see people suffering that's sadism haha",i even laughed hard on some traps or on some deaths,yes we die a lot,it's old school hard doom gameplay,it's not for everyone,you are warned. Nice concept of small/very small maps and going back to the elevator to finish the level,it reminds me Blake Stone. It's challenging on UV and with Brutal Doom.
  3. Xouman


    The Real Doom 2 Is Here :) I played it with Brutal Doom,it was fun ! Hellbound is better than the Original Doom 2 to me,big maps,excellent level design,varied gameplay and atmosphere maps after maps,i think that some levels went further than what the engine could display. Sometimes there is also a Doom 3 feeling about the enemy encounters,the rooms with less light or totally dark ones,i liked that mix of old school doom and sometimes more modern doom,so excellent work. Hellbound is a must play,one last thing,i couldn't play the last level,it was laggy as hell,even by changing things,it was still laggy and unplayable.